[3.7] Storm Burst on a 4-link - starter friendly

Edit: skill trees updates for 3.7.0. Some gear added. Heralds for even more survivability.

I had a try with Storm Burst and Scion. This is because the Scion got early access to Duration nodes, and later on can add Faster Cast nodes. What you get is a character with low tooltip damage what forces you to move (a L2P-build so to speak). This is my second character to complete the Endgame Labyrinth.

The setup is cheap: a 4-link is enough. Scions ascend with quircks, so some extra Orbs of Regret help to reroute the skill tree after doing the Endgame Labyrinth.

Storm Burst levels easy because it starts out with half its damage being physical. This is a great help against early bosses. Don't go full lightning conversion until you got curses and penetration.

Dexterity may be an issue. But the skill tree gives access to 2 nodes with 30 dex.

Survivability comes with 2 totems, 2 golems and a bunch of unnamed minions procced by Heralds. I use the link Herald of Thunder - Herald of Purity - Phantasm Support for my never ending swarm of distracting gnats.

Skill Links
This build ends full lightning:
- Storm Burst - Physical To Lightning - Lightning Penetration - Extra Duration
- Spell Totem - Lightning Tendrils - Lightning Penetration
- Herald of Thunder - Herald of Purity - Phantasm Support
Yes that's a 4-link and a 3-link to complete the game.

Witch Elementalist - No elemental reflect, 2 Earth Golems for survivability.
Templar Hierophant - Extra totem tanks and shoots while you run.

Skill Tree - Baby steps
The first thing to do are: grabbing the Duration nodes, head for dual curse, add some AoE nodes to flavour.


Skill Tree - Finalising
Add Cast Speed, more life nodes, reroute as you please.
My build includes minion damage to spell damage, what opens up versatility to boost spellpower. Plenty of life nodes around to grow yourself a beefy bum.


Some suggestions if you want to spend more than 10 Orbs of Fusing on this build :D.

- Malachai's Artifice + Flame Golem - 50 extra penetration against bosses

- Shaper Hat rolled for Storm Burst

- Shaper Weapon and Shield rolled for Lightning Totems

But where does this end?
Level 90 about! Atziri is on farm. Uberlab is on farm. My first time deathless Poorjoy Asylum.
I'm happy and not caring about deaths. Doing the risky stuff now and I'm having fun.

25 orbs x 35k x 2.9 penetration = 2.5Mdps
not counting totems.

Ascend with precision!
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The passive tree in poeplanner seems to be missing nodes as it is set to 3.6.0
Thank you for noticing the old links. I've updates them.

Also added some spoils I'm currently using. This build went beyond my expectations and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
video of build in action would be nice.

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