[3.7] The 100M DPS Berserker


This is not a build guide but a question. Right now I'm leveling my jugernaut and amassing currency while waiting to change to berserker.

The build that I want to try is the following : https://pastebin.com/PsiT4gfp

As the title sugests this is a 100.000.000+ DPS (50.000.000+ shaper DPS) glass cannon berserker build. You have 75% resistances, 3.5k life or close to that, 65% phys reduction and a few more defensive measures but nothing special.

To be honest the build is not that expensive (except the jewelery) so I was wondering if something like this might work. This is basically a glasscannon that can pretty much one-shot anything in the game. Obviously this is not Hardcore viable but in softcore it seems plausible.

Waiting for opinions.

Have a good day everyone!

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It depends on your main skill. Melee? Won't work. Sorry. If you really look at the majority of end game content, even a fraction of this supposed dps will one shot everything. If not one shot it, it will phase it. However, there are many abilities that can easily hit you before you hit them as melee, even tornado shot. So unless you have a tanky aurabot running with you, you're gonna die regardless of how hard you hit or how fast you leap slam. Honestly, 100mill is not needed. You need to worry about other QoL priorities like movement speed, not dying all the time, and (if you can afford it) item quantity.
killed shaper with this build without deaths, just for fun. dmg is cosmic, but defence is realy what needed, if dont be careful.
it would be good, if sacrifice part of damage to defensive mechanics, then original idea was be even better.
3.5k life

i checked your pob and i do not understand
Why you checked boxes : your enemy is intimidated /shocked
Your enemy shock threadshoot is 800.000 life if you uncheck "your enemy is shocked box"
you have power frenzy endurance charges ?
What's the uptime of your adrenaline to check the box ?
the life degen , after regen is calculated is -450 /second
while the max leech is 700 so , yet the build do not have any life flask
On any of the mods, cannot regen /cannot leech , less recovery you would die without getting hit more than once
While the phys reduction is more like 30-35% , so any ranged mob can 1 shot you off screen
Do you have any anti bleed anti freeze anti shock flask ?
Edit* the aoe of cyclone is 20 at max stages
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