[3.7] Adaptive Clone/Flick zerking Scion version included!

This build focusses on the overlapping AOE of melee splash combined with nodes in the tree and carcass jack. Ancestrall call makes the build 3/4x slower melee splash is king it's enitrely build around this splash mechanic

Oh and it is possible making this a cold based herald of ice hatred version (haven't gotten so far) but in theory this could be a nice autobombing flicker strike if done properly. hopefully someone is ahead of me with that already :)

Check out my scion groundslam 14APS adaptive build!

Short gameplay gif action


Build status in 3.7

Currently this build performs well up to t16
I choose to take a bit of more dps since i run some t10's sustaining. You can drop a few nodes to get more life. read below!

you can also play this as a champion or scion slayer/berserker

This build is a cyclone and flickerstrike build in 1 you can use the same tree and the same gear to swap out flicker strike for cyclone in your chestplate.
if you're bored of flickering you can swap for cyclone.

Best of luck!


Please Read


YouTube.com/nightcodex Old channel

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmAncOhaRpPcwwpO3rHNJzw New one

1. My builds:

Note: Refer to the Path of Building link to see which gear/gems you should use .
2. Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/z8NzdaE.

3. This build is focussed on variety playstyle with different classes and skills a cheap, simple and effective legion farmer and lab farmer

4. My Path of Building link includes the trees & the ability of the characters gear in the items section.


Berserker version (MAIN)
POB: https://pastebin.com/uzpi4Lid
Now just read on ahead!

Scion version
POB: https://pastebin.com/uPKdqq8X
Few changes than the berserker one are:
- ascendancy slayer > berserker > duelist (uber lab) in order
- start with the phys nodes to life when you've done uber lab refun those and take the phys nodes from duelist as shown in the pob

You can now close this spoiler and follow the excact gear ahead!

Champion version

POB: https://pastebin.com/7Z1tvjYn

Few changes:
- fortify in main setup | Cyclone - fortify - pulverise - rage - brutality (6th) Melee physical damage

- flicker strike | Flicker strike - melee splash - multistrike - rage - fortify - (6th link) Melee phys

- Ascendancy order conqueror - worthy foe - unstoppable hero - Master of metal

you can now close this spoiler and read on!




- Berserker has good damage balanced with survivability and a really nice boost in speed zoom zoom and balanced

- Scion has a nice leech variant to it with culling strike which feels great aswell safe build and reliable

- Champion has alot to offer that let us drop dps support gems for a offensive gem that syncs with our ascendancy #fortify defensive and balanced


- Expensive first week of a new league

- Legion rares are though! this can result in flick locking too much in the same spot dying by some random placed DOT or anything that targets you since you are in the same spot for too long

- Some people don't enjoy flicker strike therefor you can use the same excact character just with the cyclone setup :) Or swap around if you want to play either of them.

Gem Setup

Flicker strike setup Berserker and scion

Flicker strike setup Champion

Note: For mapping I suggest swapping melee phys for ancestrall call on berserker / scion for extreme zoom zoom and blow up packs (just not on t16 not really safe feels clunky)

And for champion brutality for ancestrall call I highly reccommend doing these swaps only if you have a 6 link otherwise you will lose either defense or a great offense. trust me legion mobs hit hard you dont wanna drop your fortify for this or your dps brutality untill you have a 6 link

Cyclone setup Berserker and scion in order

Cyclone setup Champion in order

Mobility and curse setup

(For champion this is power charge on crit or you can 4 link both for power charge)

- Blasphemy reserver too much mana. I've come up with a nice free curse on those nasty bosses and high rares

Feel free to add any curse you want other than vulnerability. anything to your playstyle!


Put this somewere unlinked alone

You only need to link flesh and stone with maim it stacks!


Can use portal gem unlinked alone

Precion skill on amu mandatory! only reserves like 90 mana

Optional, defensive setup

- Vengeance, Knockback, Life Gain on Hit & Blind. (can use this if you hate the curse on hit setup)


Skill-trees, Ascendancy & Pantheon

Berserker Ascendancy Class:
Ascendancy Points, in priority: Flawless savagery --> Crave the slaughter --> Rite of ruin --> Aspect of carnage. (blitz charges are thrash we get so much more dps from carnage) (it also lowers crit chance yikes terminus est)

Scion Ascendancy:
Ascendancy Points, in priority:
Go to slayer first --> Berserker --> Finish with duelist tree start

Champion Ascendancy:
Ascendancy Points, in priority:
conqueror --> worthy foe --> unstoppable hero --> master of metal

skill-tree can be found at the top in the spoilers!

Note: That if you at any point need more intelligence to level your gems then simply pick up the 30+ notables in the skill-tree

Pantheon powers

- Upgraded shakari poison immune (messes with the leech alot if you get too much stacks)

- Soul of lunaris (nice defensive option must upgrade!)


Leveling Tips

1. You can follow any of the skill tree from level 1 as it doesn't matter which way you go , melee is super strong

This weapon is a must use from lvl 22 till endgame! it's super strong and levels with you!

Use any skill untill 12 pickup Sweep untill 28 where you use cyclone untill 51 terminus with the same gem setup as shown above. Down below you can check leveling items.

Bandit quest:

- Help alira (Crit multi , all res, Mana regen!)

Unique items for leveling (OPTIONAL):


- Wanderlust
- Goldrim


- Edge of madness
- Limpsplit
- Wideswing
- Reaper’s Pursuit
- Rigwald’s Charge

Note: These items will be expensive during the very start of the league and will then rapidly drop in price a few days in. It is completely fine to just stick to rare items during the leveling process.

Threshold “guidelines”

Kitava, Act 5:

- 1000-1400+ Life
- 35%+ to all elemental resistances
- First lab
Act 7:

- 1900-2300+ Life
- 40%+ to all elemental resistances
- 4 or 5-link
- Second lab

Kitava & Maps, Act 10:

- 4000+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- All labs
- 5-link +

Uber Lab Farming:

- 5000-6000+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- 5-link +
- 35.000+ DPS On cyclone (flicker strike is a bit weird)
- Avoid Essence + Conduits if the lab has those buffs that day. You can deal with 1, but not both at the same time. At least not without too much risk.

The Shaper/Elder:

- 6700+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- All Ascendancy's
- Almost max rolled terminus or starforge / rare equisite blade here is an example of an exquisite blade i crafted the first week of synthesis flashback

(you might need a 6-link)
- 90.000+ DPS on cyclone
- The Shaper/Elder fight are very mechanical fights. Don't expect to kill him in your first try. It takes practice.

Note: these are all per definition "guidelines" try and aim for these numbers, but don't get discouraged if you are a bit off.



Look for these stats on your rare gear (in priority):


1. Life
2. Elemental Resistances
3. Crit multiplier

Not very important:

3. Stats unless you miss those take +30 in tree
4. Intelligence (only if you need it to progress gem leveling)

My Current Gear:


don't mind the gem links just check the pob or the gem section!

- Refer to the PoB Pastebin link to see both the budget and expensive version gear choices.


- Maximum life
- Physical/Melee/Sword/Area Damage
- Attack Speed
- Resistances

Note: until you get more accustomed to the labyrinth traps, I recommend using at least 2 health flasks


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How do you keep your frenzy charges up?
Flicker is a very end game thing. Leveling with flicker is like playing RNG with your life.
Without a charge you die. If you run out of a charge randomly mid fight you die...

But this build leaves me wondering how and where do you keep charges endlessly.
Seems like Perseverance belt will be amazing addition to this and will free up alot of skill points
Fortify on cyclone+Perseverance=Permanent Onslaught :)
And if you feel super rich freeing armour slot from cyclone and getting a off hand starforge with cyclone will result in a huge dps increase
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