Standard stash transfert bug

Hey, i want to play standard because i took a wrong league start and want to test something but there lot bugs :
All my synthesis stashs took the space of my standard stashs (without remove only thing) (just my fragments stash worked like intended to remove only)
Rest transfered to my standard stash so all my standard stashs are full
My only quad stash is full because of this, and all my others stashs too

hmmm ... i verified and even some stashs from synthetis transfered to not prenium standard ones, its completly bugged ...

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Hi. Have you purchased tabs recently?
When you buy a tab and you have a remove only tab it becomes a permanent tab with all the items in it.
This is intended behaviour and happens on PC and Console.
No no, i bought all my stash at release, before synt end, i know how system work because i play on pc too, but my problem is :
ALL my stash from synthesis just replaced my standard stash, they are not remove only they just replaced all my standard stash so all my standard stash are full and i cant even play if i dont want to vendor / organize my stuff ...
If I'm reading this correctly, what you had in your Current stash tabs was just enough to fill your Standard stash tabs without going into overflow (the situation that creates the remove-only tabs). In this case, it looks like the system basically Stash Tetrised your Standard stash with the items from the current tabs and ended up not needing remove only tabs, thus, you've got full stash tabs that need to be reorganized again.

Diablo 3 has a similar situation, only in reverse at the end of each season.

Best advice that can be given is to pre-emptively organize your latest league stash and vendor unwanted items from that stash before you transfer that stash back to the Standard league.
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Ok nice ... i just needed to throw some random scrolls of wisdom in every stash to avoid being fucked by this system ? thats what i understand, i'm salty now, ill just vendor all my trash and never buy a single stash again
I know it's frustrating, but the system did exactly what it was designed to do. In fact, it did it so well that it made it look bugged out because there weren't the usual remove-only tabs after the transfer. You hit one of those really weird "edge cases" where your two stashes melded together so well that it just didn't "feel" right.

Wish I had that happen to me more often. ;)

But the advice I gave is good advice: do some housecleaning before you send an entire batch of characters over to Standard from your current league. It'll save a lot of headaches. Or at the very least avoid the edge case you just went through.

If you can't realistically vendor "unwanted" items because you need them in the Standard stash first in order to help "sim" the item on a particular character, just be aware that you could run into this situation again in the future, though it's incredibly unlikely as it requires some pretty precise item sizes and numbers.

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