[3.7] Slayer Tornado Shot / Barrage MF Windripper [Uber Atziri with MF gear down] Cheap

This is my first time making a build guide. So heres quick guide overview.

+ Good clear speed and single target
+ MF
+ Satisfying explosion
+ Good for the league mechanics
+ Pretty cheap to start with
+ high damage

- Only 3.5k HP if MF
- Enchantments can be expensive
- Need some lvling uniques to start
- Cant do ele reflect mapmod

Passive Tree (updated) and Bandits
Headsman----Bane of Legends----Endless Hunger----Overwhelm


If you have gear kill all if you just started out take alira for the elemental res


Major God: Soul of Lunaris
Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul

Gem Setups

Main Skill: Tornado Shot (GGGGBR)
Tornado Shot + GMP + Added Cold + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Ice Bite + Inceased Critical Strike Damage

Single Target Skill : Barrage (GGGRBB)
Barrage + Added Cold + Slower Projectiles + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Elemental Focus + Increased Critical Strike Damage

Aura: Wrath or Hatred and Herald of Ice

Herald of Ice seupt:(GGBB)
Herald of Ice + Onslaught + Curse on Hit + Assasins Mark

Movement Skill: Blink Arrow and Dash

Blink Arrow + Faster attacks

Utility: Blood Rage and Summon Ice Golem

My Gear


To start out you need to get Deaths Harp and later use Voltaxic Rift before you get enough currency for a Windripper. Also use Thiefs Torment for budget.
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would you be able to use an infractem bow as a starter until you can get a windripper?
Yeah you could use Infractem but i would use a Voltaxic Rift
how does this compare to ranger TS? more DPS / clearspeed?
also any recommended atlas strat for this kind of build?
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Its is stronger then Deadeye/Raider ts. I killed uber atziri with MF gear. Ranger is a little bit faster because of tailwind, but the damage of Slayer ts/barrage outweights it.

Atlas strat: Buy Glacier maps and only do the Monolith at the beginning and open a new map.

I guarante you that youll get enough currency :)
This is the loot of 50 glacial maps alched

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Do you mean just normal white glacier maps? I dont know if Legion is affected by map quantity/rarity and running them alched seems like a waste of the rest of the map.
Also, thanks for the help so far :D planning to swap to this soon
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Im not sure if it is affected by map quant/rarity but i just alch them because the monsters before the monolith can drop some juicy stuff aswell :D
This is the loot of 50 glacial maps alched.
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what jewels do you use? searing eye dmg was nerfed...
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