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So I was living in a lie. From what I read and understand it's not good to have ANY elemental damage while using Impale in order to benefit the most from it?

Edit: I just got informed that it scales from the phys only, but ele dmg doesn't prevent it to work. So i understood wrong :P
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I've played many impale builds ever since it became a thing back in 3.7. Bow, melee, "pseudo melee", champion and non-champion ascendancies alike. Got them all into endgame, including uber elder, sirus 8 and so on. Right now I'm playing lvl 97 earthshatter champion.

Impale support is overpowered.
It's a 100% must-have link for any non-bleed build that scales purely physical damage, including some minions. This support is simply insane on its own, and further investment into impale mechanic scales too well with it.

Here's my current PoB:
Deselect impale support and check how much damage it provides. +84% more total dps in my current setup. +74% without +2 impale watcher's eye. +73% with +2 watcher's eye but without master of metal. No matter what, it boosts my dps much higher than even 5/20 awakened gems.

"But this is only theoretical! You would need to apply X impales first, at which point the enemy is already dead!" - This argument is weak, because what really matters in PoE is boss dps. For many other builds you'll have let's say 5M trash dps and 2M boss dps - but for impale it's the opposite. It's trivial to reach max impale stacks with some skills (barrage, rain of arrows, earthshatter, cyclone, bladestorm, steel skills, vaal EQ, vaal DS). For a very slow hitting skill (like sweep or sunder) you can just get the impaler keystone.

It simply gives too many powerful modifiers. The amount of bonus impale effect is ridiculous compared to all other sources of this stat.

21/20 gem:
Supported Attacks have 40% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit
Supported Attacks have 61% Impale Effect (gem levels + quality)
Supported Skills deal 16% more Physical Damage
Impale Damage dealt to Enemies Impaled by Supported Skills Overwhelms 30% Physical Damage Reduction

Suggestion: either remove "more physical damage" or cut the impale effect by half.

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