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Last bumped on Sep 2, 2019, 3:48:06 PM
When supporting zombies, the slam has barely a noticeable increment in area, if any. I don't know if this is a visual bug, or the gem is not supporting the slam
Pulverise slows attack speed only on skills it doesn't quite support properly. I presume this is so with the zombie bros.
According to Path of Building 1.4.146, Pulverize support does increase the AoE of Minion Instability explosions. Is this really correct, and is this intended?
This gem should also boost the damage of ailments (or at least bleeding) from melee area hits, with the same increase as the one for the hits themselves.
One of the best support gems ever added to the game for melee builds. Finally i don't have to bother with conc effect/increase aoe anymore on my melee builds and always getting 111 intelligence for those. And the gem swapping was a pain too. No longer!

Pulverise support gem does not have the AoE tag despite 3 of its 4 modifiers(with quality) have a relation to area.

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