Cospri's Malice doesn't trigger from Shield Charge

The mod on Cospri's Malice "Trigger a Socketed Cold Spell on Melee Critical Strike" can no longer be triggered from Shield Charge, but still works with other melee skills.

Here's a short video replicating it with the character pane open, showing Shield Charge having 24-44% critical strike chance and not triggering. Also showing that it works with Cyclone, triggering normally at 46% critical strike chance.
Last bumped on Jun 29, 2019, 7:31:56 AM

As you're striking with your shield, and not your weapon (per the 3.7.0 update, it's now differentiated), it will not trigger weapon effects like Cospri's Malice.
Okay thanks for the quick answer!

I assumed it was a bug since Shield Charge still has the "melee" tag (=melee critical strikes should trigger) and that it just was a special case that was overlooked with the change to Shield Charge dealing off-hand damage.

Would be cool if it could be fixed to work again because using Cospri's with Shield charge is a really fun (and fast) playstyle but is still overshadowed by so many other builds.
You really should change the wording on cospris to "melee hits with this weapon".
Ultrabum wrote:
You really should change the wording on cospris to "melee hits with this weapon".

That is literally what it already says. Mods that can be local are local by default.
just do it with Leap slam
As mentioned above, since Shield Charge is tagged as melee, the Cospri Malice should trigger every skill there.

I do not understand why to change it since it is not OP nor lots of people using it.

I am using cyclone COC within my Armor Body and it is triggering the Cospri Malice cold skill gems. So in that case am I breast hitting mobs to trigger Cospri Malice or what? It does not make sense.
I really hate this change, this basically kills a lot of the Discharge shenanigans... And those Discharge shenanigans are my favorite kinds of build. Please revert this change GGG T_T

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