Beastfang Submitted as Grandmaster

For those of you who remember this earlier thread eHLD - Beastfang the Slow Facebreaker Gladiator Build

Today it was submitted as a Grandmaster.

Final Stats
7k Life
21 Movespeed
Max Block w/ The Surrender
-60 Chaos resistance
Pure Physical Damage
52k - 118k Dominating Blow (supported with Block Chance Reduction)
23k - 53k Commandment of Force
78k - 137k Reckoning
141k - 249k Riposte

I went with my big guy monk MTX instead of the bear MTX, maybe he'll be more sneaky this way.

He is by no means min-maxed, but is now retired, have fun using scorching ray, blight, essence drain, any other chaos damage, etc.

Last bumped on Jun 9, 2019, 12:00:05 PM
they still don t use flask?
Poe Pvp experience
Cool, I always liked that character concept. If you were to ever min-max it with more speed and chaos resist with today's movement options etc.. it might be less niche.
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