Trivial's PoE Crafting Service (Metamorph SC Crafting Service 3.9)

Amazing service, I will come back for sure.
He is also very nice. :)

Haven't used a crafting service before, but he just rerolled the crafted mod on here first try (prev 9%). Super nice guy :)
Really appreciate this guy's crafts. Have trusted him 100% in both Legion and Blight now. There is a reason he has 75+ pages of vouches. A+ 10/10 would recommend.
Nice service, thx!
Crafted the crit mod that i missed.

Totally free of fees, this crafting service is really awesome.
10/10 would ask for his services again.
crafted this for me:)
fast and easy,0 problems
second time i do it with this guy, you can trust him :) fast and easy.
Friendly, fast, no problem at all, recommended

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fast & friendly, no problems, i'll come again.

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