[3.7] Tryhard Frostblades Zerker | The perfect mix of insane dps, speed and survivablity

Heya guys, I would like to introduce my Frostblades Zerker. We finally got the rework and well.... it's insane. I started this league with this build and enjoying every second. Since it is my starter I am continuously improving my gear and keep you guys on track. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and have a nice hunt, Exiles.

- insane dps (easily 3m+ with medium gear)
- insane clear speed
- 180% life (without jewels)
- 40% dodge attacks (without flask)
- 45% dodge spells (without flask)

- melee
- leeching can be neckbreaking
- cannot do no leech maps
- no regen maps are tough but doable

I am not sure about the 6th socket yet, might take rage instead of ruthless to make sure you get those 50 rage faster at bossfights. Also keep in mind PoB is not calculating multistrike correctly, the true dps is much higher than shown.

replace herald of ice for herald of purity for bossfights
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