[3.7] DW Lacerate/Double Strike Gladiator - Budget League Starter

Hello, this is my first build guide.

Since the Legion League hasn´t started yet, I have no footage to show for now.

Build Idea
Lacerate has been reworked in 3.7 to work with the new Blood and Storm (Stance) Skill. This build will primarily focus on the bleed stance. For mapping we can easily change to sand stance, if needed. The reason why I decided to opt for blood stance is, because I want to do a lot of bossing with this char, while also being able to normally map.

Pros & Cons
+ probably all content viable
+ budget/league starter
+ no uniques required / can run on rares only
+ high survivability (59% block chance/80%+ phys. dmg. reduction/166% inc.
life/inc. max resistances)
+ decently fast mapper

- PoB can´t show our true dps, since there´s no way to reliably calculate bleed
and it also doesn´t support the 8 times blood stacking from Crimson Dance
- not amongst the top clear speed builds, since we focus on blood stance

Tree & PoB
The PoB provides a level 100 skilltree with some gear and configurations, it´s probably not fully fledged out:

Gear / What to look for

1 & 2: flat phys. and %physical dmg.
3: attacks speed (aka. AS)
4 & 5: increased damage with bleeding and increased bleed duration

choices for uniques are:
Belly of the Beast, Carcass Jack (no armour tho)and Atziris Splendour (Armour version)
for a rare chest, we want these mods:
1 & 2: resistance and life (if you can´t get the chest to roll armour, use
essence of greed)
3 & 4: flat and %armour
5: socketed gems are supported by level # Maim (you need to spam serrated
Fossils to get this mod, but it´s a huge dmg boost, so worth farming it in

unique option:
rare mods:
1: attributes that you need (probably dex/int)
2: life
3: flat phys. dmg.
4: resistance (if needed)

unique option:
Belt of the Deceiver (I will go with it)
rare (stygian vise for an additional abyss socket):
life, res, flat phys.

when you have some currency steel rings are BiS
1 & 2: life and resistances
3: attributes that you need (dex/int)
4: flat phys. dmg.

unique option:
Haemophilia (I will take those for the bleed explosions, instead of the ascendancy node Gratuitous Violence, so we can go for block)
life, resistances, flat phy. dmg., attributes, flat and %armour

life, resistances, flat phy. dmg., attributes, flat and %armour

unique option:
Death´s Door (good if you farm uber lab, prevents bleeding from traps)
life, resistances, attributes, flat and %armour, movement speed is optional (we leap slam most of the time anyways)

1 or 2 life flasks, basalt flask, rumi´s concoction, sulphur flask, silver flask
get a "Bubbling Divine Flask of Staunching", this applies 50% of the flask instantly and bleed immunity
on your other non-unique flasks get following Suffixes: of Iron Skin (increased armour), of Warding (curse immunity) and of Heat (freeze immunity)
for prefix I would get "Experimenter´s" (increased duration) everywhere

mod priority:
1. %life (flat life for abyss jewels)
2.resistances (if needed)
3. damage (area dmg, phys. dmg, flat phys. dmg. for abyss jewels), bleed dmg, damage over time

My gear (will be added once the league has started)


1. Arena Challenger
2. Blood in the Eyes
3. Painforged
4. Versatile Combatant

If you are on HC, you may want to take Blood in the Eyes last.

Gems & Link

Links are in order of importance
6 Link
Lacerate- Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Ruthless - Brutality - Fortify
Can´t use Herald of Ash, if using Brutality :(
Vaal Double Strike - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Ruthless - Fortify
you can try rage support instead of brutality and then use Herald of Ash
other Links
Ancestrall Protector - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Bloodlust

Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity - Blood Rage

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Vulnerability - Blasphemy - Blood and Sand


to be made


As most of the other 3.7 build guides, this is work in progress.
might have lost myself in all this formatting :D

GL & HF in 3.7!
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I am trying this build, but am confused about when to use lacerate and when to use double strike. Is one for AOE and the other for single target?
You can use lacerate for everything. Double strike is just a alternativ for it.
Your gem link section has sand and storm listed on a 3 link with vulnerability and blasphemy, I'm assuming it's supposed to be a stance gem, so my question is are you trying to run blood and sand, or flesh and stone?

Edit: I'm personally replacing herald of ash with maim now that i am using brutalities in my link setups and maim is linked to flesh and stone for blood stance. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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By sand and storm I meant blood and sand (it gives lacerate more dmg in blood stance and more area in sand stance). Haven´t been able to play that much since my client crashes all the time, hope GGG fixes this soon :/.
What a wonderfully terrible, pointless "guide". Not updated, no information, nothing of any use. I had to comment just because I wasted my time clicking on it.

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