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I open to discussion but I will wait for the promised but not delivered Poison Rework.


- Upon reaching the maps i reached a conclusion of the fears was i having a little befofe on the chaper 9 and 10. ViperStrike is like making a bad version of <insert single target skill gem>.
- Its is viable to continue though if you dont care feeling gimped by the game.

Main Points of Inviability:
- While Lacerate have +88% More Bleed on Gem, VS does not.
- Increasing poison damage does not matter, nodes that solely increase it seem nice, but actualy are 1/5 worth because of how poison works.
- So its becomes a worse version of any skill even with higher base DMG on gem and free unholy might, also every map its a FeelsBadMan moment when you cant activate enough legion because you need to stack DoT.
- A 100% Poison Chance with <insert AoE target skill gem> is better than VS because you waste DMG with Ancestral Call, and yet its just like a worth version of the skill.

Poison and Math

To make poison viable without it becoming a meme build you need to keep up all aspects of a good build: Survivability, DPS and Clear Speed.

Trying to min/max every of this aspect before was impossible before, now the passives nodes are more cramped together and Zerker is revamped, so we can focus on "double dipping" Viper Strike WAY MORE, even the new support gems (Ex.Fortify) helps now with more Melee Damage and Ailment Damage.


Evasion got nerfed in 3.7 (on patch notes: Its easier to hit and BE hit), Viper Strike requires you to be on face with the mobs, So IRON REFLEXES is the key here, to be able to reach huge amounts of Armour, also we want a lot of life, this is the reason to not pick any character of the right side of the tree.


"Double Dipping" is the key

Nodes with both Damage and Ailment damage are now plenty available; and Zerker have tons of Attack Speed plus a very nice More Global Damage.

Clear Speed

The weakest part of the build, to offset it a little we use the extra speed from Triple Rage and the new Onslaught Passive.


Main Skill:
Viper Strike -> Fortify Support -> Vile Toxins -> Ancestral Call -> Rage Support -> Multistrike


- Berserk
- Grace
- Determination
- CWDT + Rallying Cry
- Vaal Molten Shell


Dual Wield Rare Claws with Life on Hit, Local AS and added phys.

The rest is the best rares you can find, there's no need to use garbage uniques like Dendobrate.

Lvl 80 Passive Tree

Pastebin Skill Tree


Final tree will depend on the performance of the build, I will update as i play.
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Hi, looking forward to this. I've played viper strike in the past and cleared elder, but not on uber elder. I played Slayer Viper Strike I believe and even with a full set of gear, I was only pushing around ~5K HP with HP on every item, (Cherrubim chest). One of my earlier characters so not super min/maxed but to the best of my abilities.

If its possible to make a build thats a bit more tankier, would love to try it. Thanks in advance!

Huge fan of chaos/poison builds.
how can i see the skill tree for this build? i'm a noob.
VENØM79 wrote:
how can i see the skill tree for this build? i'm a noob.

Install the Path of Building (Third party app) , google to find it, its pretty ease and everyones uses.

Then copy the pastebin link and import on the app.
How is the build progressing sofar? Do things go better or worse than expected?
SwitchBL8 wrote:
How is the build progressing sofar? Do things go better or worse than expected?

I play on consoles, so Jun 10.

I will post my first impressions then.
So I am actually making this exact same build.

I am using wasp nest and a binos kitchen knife (binos for the poison proliferation effect) and I'm using damage auras not defencive ones so you will be a little more tanky.

I'm on a phone so I cannot see your passive tree. Sadly.

I'm also putting fortify in a movement skill still, cause more damage (as well as to remind me to keep using whirling blades to get 15% increased attack speed if you've used a movement skill recently from the new claw node).

I'm also not using ancestral call. Poison prolif with melee splash should be enough???? I hope.

Cherrubims maleficemce is the chest I wanna use.

Auras are aspect of the spider (fennumous gloves) HoA and the malevolence.

According to PoB (which I can link when I'm home) 3mill dps should be almost effortless (almost) with full 50 rage.

Here's my tree though (again not PoB with gear cause I'm not home)


If I get two good rare claws better than wasp nests, I will weapon swap, wasp nest+binos for clear and my two rare claws for single target.
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Oh, the tree Ascendancy I linked is incorrect, I will be dropping war bringer and blitz and I will go to rite of ruin instead. Much easier sustain of attack speed, while not losing a little bit of poison damage for attack speed.

I will also be using the chaos impresence, and I will be running with a free blasphemy despair.

On my gear I will be going for flat phys, life and resists.

On the tree I might have to get iron reflexes but I won't Know till endgame.

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