[3.7] Advice for my Cyclone CwC Ice Nova Crit Inquisitor

I'm using cyclone to trigger an ice nova with ~53 Area, so I went with CwC instead of CoC so i can avoid accuracy and don't have to hit mobs. Not sure if any of my gear is too crazy to get or if I'll get stun locked to death. I should be freezing almost anything and do enough damage to chill Shaper with ice nova, took vortex for extra chill and to proc arcane surge. Want to take a cwdt, will probably take the steelskin one as I don't have enough armor for molten shell. Thought about taking the avoid stun while channeling nodes, not 100% sure if they are worth it though. Any optimizations/constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

I should be able to get a few Exalts of currency pretty quickly if the build is somewhat viable, but if anything looks like it will cost more than an exalt or two please let me know (Staff Maybe?)

Here is the PoB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/YZZLiKir
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Ill try similar build, just as an occultist and cwdt with frost bolt and some curses.
Why dont you use mjolner with arc for example? Im working on a trickster mjolner cyclone cwc shock nova. The leveling been really hard and i dont know if it will pay off really

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