[3.7] 1H-Impale Cyclone Champion/Slayer - 16M+ Shaper DPS Fullbuffed / 158%-220% Movspeed Speedy Boy

> > Not much to update at this point, damage and aoe went down, but we still have more then enough damage I'd say. Soul Tether variant isn't practicable for the start, but will be as soon as Domain is grinded more, so I'll keep the build as it is for now < <

> > Uberelder down + Videoguide up! < <

> > Why I use Glorious Vanity + Soul Tether now < <

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Hey guys, so I've been working on a Impale Cyclone Champion which I'll start with in Legion league. I just loved the (pls don't kill me) WW-Barb from D3 and wanted to play it here for ages. Main idea was to have big damage in combination with solid movementspeed. We're currently looking at 158% movementspeed unbuffed - 207 with Phaserun/222 Vaal Haste, with up to 16.4 Million Shaper DPS on Slayer and 11.1 Million Shaper DPS on Champion if my math holds up with the new gems and impale calculations. This excludes frenzy charges but counts in phaserun and all buffs we have - since phaserun is a bigger multiplier then frenzy and its up more reliable in fight.

This is my first ever buildguide that I make public, I usually just work on builds for myself but thought I wanna share some of my builds if they happen to please some people.

First off so you don't have to waste your time:

Runs fast
Has insane amounts of damage
Clears bosses like its nothing
Abuses OP mechanic
Almost no Uniques
Really versatile
Spinny boy
Vacuum Cleaner with Vaal Cyclone
Slayer version so you can tank even more damage in maps
Upgradable over a whole league
Slayerversion can do all maps except for no Leech (Insanely rare)
Utilizing new Timeless Jewels

Not 100% certain the champion version is HC friendly (added Tanky versions tho)
Lab doable but not a "I run into everything and don't die"-build
Not many Uniques, so things can get pricy to max out

Why Impale kind stranger?
Well cause it has been buffed beyond the sky.
With current increased effect, hitchance, attackspeed and impale chance, we get to a whopping 145% more Physical Damage in a 5s fight. Which is just completely ridiculous!

Why champion tho? I thought it's Slayer and Zerk league!
Well yea those are without a doubt good classes, but A I hate being a metaclass slave and B champion has more utility to offer. I'm looking at you taunt and impale!

Alright then, I guess this should tell you a lot about the build itself (obviously this is aimed for pre leaguestart, something like 2-3weeks in)

Damage unbuffed

Damage fullbuffed

HP and Leech

Defense Layers (unbuffed)

Defense Layers (fullbuffed)

That's cool and all, can you give us a breakdown of how we achieve this tho?

Sure thing, there's videoguide up, otherwise skip ahead :)

> > Videoguide < <

DISCLAIMER: We don't have full support for new gems in Path of Building yet, so I had to manually add stats that we'll get. You'll notice those by the names of items in the item-overview!

ALSO: If you happen to use a Soul Tether version, we're using a Glorious Vanity Jewel in the Jewel Socket which I've named accordingly!

Path of Building:

All tanky versions have some more life and defense, while they sacrifice roughly 15-20% of their damage. Pick a "Tanky" Version, if you wanna play safely and make your levels. Pick DPS to just stomp content but sometimes die to big hits.

DPS Slayer Version:

Tanky Slayer Version:

DPS Champion Version

Tanky Champion Version

If you don't like the Soul Tether + Glorious Vanity version, just pick one under the "Old Versions" spoiler, those are all without it!

(Updated 19.06.2019 - Added Soul Tether + Glorious Vanity setup, changed the skilltree a bit and replaced weapons with craftable ones. Damage went down roughly 15%, so yea .. quite the hit for survivability)

You can go through the different passives trees while leveling on the bottom left in Path of Building

Old Versions

DPS Champion:

Tanky Champion Version:
6.7k Life, 11.5 Mil Shaper DPS, 90% Phys Reduction, 26k Armour

Slayer Versions:

Old slayer versions with Soul Tether
Impact -> Headsman -> Bane of Legends -> Overwhelm

DPS Version (if you just wanna stomp rares and bosses, but don't care about dying):

Tanky Slayer Version (if you wanna level really safely):

Slayer without Soul Tether:
Impact -> Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Headsman

A bit more damage and a lot more aoe, less tankiness then champ tho.

DPS version:

Tanky version:

Champ Versions

Champ DPS

Champ Tanky

Ridiculous non-achievable mirrorversion with 62.6 Million Shaper DPS:

DISCLAIMER: Heavily outdated skilltree. You can check out my skilltree on my profile to see where to spec. I will make multiple trees for leveling at some point, but it will be generalizid for both variants and then finished with their own unique touch for the final trees.


(Ordered by priority left to right)
"+" means linked, "-" means unlinked
Body Armour: Cyclone + Brutality Support + Melee Physical Damage Support + Impale Support + Close Combat + Infused Channelling Support

Other options:
Pulverise Support if you want more area, less damage tho
Fortify Support slightly less damage but adds defensive utility.
Rage Support Adds overall lots of damage for maps, mostly useless for bosses tho

Blood Rage + Flesh and Stone + Maim Support

Dread Banner - Pride - Blood and Sand

Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Phase Run + Increased Duration + Vaal Haste

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify Support + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Gloves (Vorici-Craft 4link 4R):
Immortal Call(11) + Cast when Damage Taken Support(9) + Summon Lightning Golem(11) + Punishment(12)


1h Swords (370+ DPS each) - Preferably Jewelled Foils:
Increased Physical Damage > Adds # to # Physical Damage > Attack Speed > Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Multiplier

Helmet (40% Cyclone Damage, 15% Cyclone Attackspeed or 12% Attack Speed with Blood Rage):

if you don't want the extra defense you can also go with

if you wanna go full ham but lose quite a bit of def, you can also go

if you go abyssus you should focus on getting armour gear to increase physical damage reduction, maybe drop acrobatics if you feel confident enough.

Body Armour:

For slighty more movementspeed but roughly 10-15% less damage you can also go

or for more life overall

Maximum Life 70+ > Resistances > Attack Speed > Evasion/Armour

Maximum Life 70+ > Resistances > Movement Speed 20%+ > Evasion/Armour

With Glorious Vanity + a keystone-node skilled we take

otherwise we go

or for more defense but slightly less damage
Stygian Vise Belt: Max Life 80+ > Resistances

Murderous Eye Abyss Jewel:
Max Life 27+ > Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks / Adds # to # Physical Damage to Sword Attacks

Get 1 ring with -7 or -8 total Cost of Mana Skills!!
Diamond or Steelrings: Maximum Life 50+ > Resistances > Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks
1 or 2 Rings with Intelligence (30+), depending on your amulet

Anything that fixes your attributes (prbly Lapis Amulet for int): Maximum Life 60+ > Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks > Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Multiplier


Cheap for the start, exchange it later to fix int problems


and if you go the QoTF route

Basically you want Freeze Immunity, Bleed Immunity, Curse Immunity and increased duration. 1 Movementspeed roll is also mandatory, don't get multiple tho, they don't stack!

BiS: Watcher's Eye with Prides mod: Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits while using Pride
Increased Life % > Critical Strike Multiplier > Physical Damage > Crit Chance
also an option is to put a Tempered Flesh in the jewel slot on the left side of the tree (Marauder Area)
Also to consider for jewel:
with Soul Tether
Why Soul Tether + Glorious Vanity is so strong
The Glorious Vanity Jewel with the Name of Doryani gives us 20% of our Life as extra ES, which is pretty big defensively. Bad part of this is that they also alter all Nodes around it randomly base on the number on the jewel itself. So I can't tell you 1 number to look out for, since there's maybe 1-2 of each number around, if at all. On the upside however, we can respec out ascendancy and have more damage too, in the long run.

If you go with the Timeless Jewel, also pick up
. This essentially removes the need to take Brutal Fervour, so we can spec into Bane of Legends.

My current Gear if anyone is interested:

Master of Metal -> Conqueror -> Worthy Foe -> Inspirational

Impact -> Headsman -> Bane of Legends -> Overwhelm

I prefer 2 points since we can get a lot of value out of it, but Alira is also fine.


Major Gods: Soul of Solaris if you do many bosses, Soul of Lunaris if your main goal is to map a lot.
Minor Gods: Soul of Gruthkul


BiS Item for Leveling is a Praxis Ring who will completely remove cyclone cost with 6 links for the entirety of leveling! Just look out for the "-to Total Mana Cost of Skills" roll, this should be 7 or higher

For Leveling we'll start of with Cleave and grab Chance to Bleed on level 1.
At Level 4 we take Ruthless and swap out Chance to Bleed for it.

At Level 8 We take Maim Support or Added Fire Support for our 3link. Depending on if you prefer leveling the gems that you need later on or want to be a bit smoother earlygame with the fire damage.

At Level 10 we grab Leap Slam and later Support it with Faster Attacks Support

At Level 16 we pick up Flesh and Stone and support it with Maim Support. Now you can grab another Maim Support for our DPS if you felt like attack speed was okay, otherwise we take Faster Attack Support for our 3-link dps so we're a bit faster.

At Level 18 we pick up Close Combat Support and throw it in our weapon swap.

At Level 24 we pick up Pride and Dread Banner. I suggest not using Pride right away tho, cause cleave will cost you some mana, once you swapped to cyclone and got the mana leech node, you'll be fine tho(level 28)

At Level 28 we can transition to Cyclone with
Melee Physical Damage Support + Close Combat

If you're running into Mana issues, take Spirit Void until you got enough damage to sustain mana without it.

At Level 31 we pick up Impale Support use it as 4th link.

If we got a 5link at 35+ we'll throw in Brutality Support aswell.

Now leveling should be a breeze. After 3rd lab we throw in Infused Channelling Support.

Leveling uniques (Ignore Gems + Colors):

other Weapons:
Level 43 Daressos Passion
Level 53 Prismatic Eclipse
Level 60 (and beyond) Scaeva

T4 Channel Earlyleague 400k DPS
T15 Acid Caverns Slayer Run 3.2 Million DPS
Uberelder Clear (not deathless)

Soul Tether + Glorious Vanity Synergy
PoB used to clear Uberelder: https://pastebin.com/BN1wzv4W (5.9Mil PoB-DPS)

If you got any questions, feel free to ask here in the forum. I'll update as the league will progress, tho I have exams 1 week into the league so don't expect too much in the first week of the league.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Where can I calculate my impale chance?

Can I leaguestart with this?

Very much so, just start of leveling with cleave or sunder and use the support gems that are described in the build early on. Swap to cyclone at level 28.

Why 1h Swords and not Claws or 2h?

I wanted to go for max damage to plow through the masses, also I don't like 2-h that much, since they usually mean you have less attack speed and I wanna go fast.

Why do you link Maim with Flesh and Stone?

The Flesh part of Flesh and Stone applies maim with a "Enemies Maimed by this skill take #% increased Physical Damage" modifier - We use this together with Maim - Which has been changed to support anything that applies maim, to get an even bigger bonus.

Can you make a 2h version?

Sadly no, I have little to no knowledge of 2h Skilltrees, I tried coming up with one, but I always ended up with too low crit chance and too low attack speed for my taste. Also I don't want to / can't really support a skilltree in the long run, if I don't even play it myself :p

Do you actually place the banner or is it just there for the buff?

Personally I never place the banner, since we're already using Phase Run, Ancestral Warchief + Vaal Haste whenever we clear massive groups of monsters. You can't really be bothered to place another buff that barely does anything (we already stacked so much impale effect, the increase from the banner placement is barely noticable in DPS) and most people tend to forget to reactivate the banner afterwards, which results in a big damage loss overall.
So simply activate it and then replace it in your skillbar with something useful :)

Why do we use Phase Run, isnt the duration too short?

Yes and no, Phase Run with Frenzy Charges gives us a 9s movemenspeed buff whenever we're not attacking, while we have over 1s more melee damage when we engage a pack, which is mostly enough to 1shot them. On bosses we spam it for a short dpsboost (impale saves the last few hits and applies its damage for the following hits, so it does add up rather quick). I get where ppl come from tho, if they think it is too minor.

Why did you swap to Slayer?

Mainly because Slayer has more utility in mapping. He has more AOE and survives a bit better against anything that is not a 1shot. So its better for mapping/leveling. For bosses on the other hand, champion is superior because of increased tankiness.

Why do you use 3R 3G?

Because attributefix is expensive at the start of the league and I have other priorities.

How do I get my Intelligence together?

Amulet does a large portion with up to 85 intelligence on it (Lapis), other then that we got rings and the remaining gear that is not rare to roll int aswell. You should gotta replace the Res you lose by this somewhere else.

I have below 20 Mana, how should I play this?

We're using 2 rings with -# to Total Cost of Mana Skills = Our skills are basically free.

You could use X and Y to get more damage, why dont you do it?

Because this is not the insanely op 300Million I maxed everything version. You got a solid build that clears everything with ease, if you want more, that's up to you. I just provide the solid base that gets you through the game rather easy.

Why no Timeless Jewel support?

I could only support the Name of the Jewel and the faction it's from, the seed is different with every number, so there's no way for me to advertise it in a useful and understandable manner

Why do we have Haste? I dont have that much mana!

We only use the Vaal Haste portion of the gem :)

My DPS in PoB is so low, what am I missing?

Pride's Range multiplier, Slayers Impact, Close Combat and Impale are not calculated in PoB yet, so you have to manually add them:
Bane of Legends 20% more Damage
Pride 20% more Damage
Impact 15% more Damage
Close Combat 59% more Damage
Impale: here

Why only Jewelled Foils?

Long story shirt, high range and highest basedps of all Thrusting Swords.

Can we do 5-army fights with this?

Yea definitely, I've done 5-armies with 3 ppl alrdy and carried those. So yea, it's quite chill!

I have a 5link Bronns and a 6link Tabula, what should I wear?

That's mostly up to you, Bronn gives you some defense + mobility + 20% more damage. While the 6link can potentially give you 50%, depending on what you're missing.

How do you do lab with vaal pact?

I'm usually fine if I take 3 lifeflasks and keep the Lion's Roar + Basalt with me. That should do the trick.

How do you craft those foils?

So I go with alteration spam for this one.

You basically want to have either
-T1 Adds # to # Physical Damage
-T1 increased Physical Damage
-T1 increased Physical Damage/Accuracy Rating
or 2 of those

then you want to craft "Can have Multiple Crafted Modifiers" on your weapon.
After that you just fill in with:
-Attack Speed + Quality (you can only have 1 quality roll, so just pick what you wanna sacrifice, either some atkspeed or crit, dpsdifference isn't big)
-Crit Chance + Quality (Crit Multi if you go the Soul Tether route!)
-the remaining Phys Damage roll, so if you had Adds # to # Physical Damage, you craft increased Physical Damage on it.

Best case: You got T1 increased Physical Damage/Accuracy rating. Now you can craft both phys rolls on it.

Best best case: You get any of the crafted modifiers T1 or T2 on your weapon yourself with the alteration/augmentation/regal. This is where DPS-numbers go crazy.

Im being 1shot all the time, what am I doing wrong?

So this is been asked a lot and almost 95% of all cases are solved this way.
Reasons you die is mostly because:
-You did not take the Flasks I advised you to
-You did not check the Gemlevels and your Immortal Call + CwDT-Setup is too high
-You did not use Fortify anywhere thus removing 20% reduced damage taken from hits
-You do not have Endurance Charges on Stun linked with Leap Slam
-You don't Leapslam ever so you don't get Endurance Charges + Fortify
-You specced full damage and didn't care about life
-You went Acrobatics and have neither enough Evasion nor Armour

Patch 3.7.0 - 06.06.2019
-Created Build
-Added FAQ
-Added Slayer Version
-Added Fullbuffed DPS
-Added Pros/Cons
-Added Ascendancy + Banditchoices

Patch 3.7.0 - 07.06.2019
-Fundamentally changed Gems + Skilltree to almost double damage
-We're mainly using Bronn's Lithe now instead of QoTF
-Changed wrong values which were actually lower then intended
-Leveling trees added
-Added small leveling section

Patch 3.7.0b - 08.06.2019
-Changed the last 2 Ascendancy Points
-Updated Levelingtrees
-Brought level 95 tree up to par with the level 100 tree
-Added an Aura, removed Adrenaline setup
-Recalculated all values based on 20% increased Aura effect we got now
-Slayer tree updated
-Added max Gemlevels for CwDT-Setups

Patch 3.7.0b - 09.06.2019
-PoB finally updated, values have been entered, Pride and Close Combat still not fully supported, Impale not supported at all

Patch 3.7.0b - 10.06.2019
-Made some minor changes on Slayer + Champion tree
-Gem-Setups slightly changed
-Slayer tree updated, now more damage then champion <_<

Patch 3.7.0b - 11.06.2019
-Changed Vulnerability to Punishment
-Doubled the FAQ section to reduce repeating questions
-Overhauled Spoilers to look cleaner

Patch 3.7.0f - 12.06.2019
-Tanky versions for both slayer + champion added

Patch 3.7.0f - 13.06.2019
-Had Flesh & Stone on level 20, replaced it with 6
-Uberelder down, Video added
-Videoguide done, Link added
-Added a few leveling Uniques

Patch 3.7.1 - 14.06.2019
-Alternative Lab Enchants added
-Small mistakes corrected in the guide

Patch 3.7.1 - 17.06.2019
-Massively increased the FAQ
-Added Soul Tether/Timeless Jewel under Gear alternatives

Patch 3.7.1 - 18.06.2019
-Glorious Vanity/Timeless Jewel Video added

Patch 3.7.1 - 19.06.2019
-Major Overhaul of the Slayer + Champion Trees - Soul Tether-Variant added to all trees
-Minor fixes on Skilltrees for additional 10 intelligence and some more accuracy
-Added Soul Tether + Glorious Vanity as base gear to get
-Changed ~60 Lines in the Guide
-Changed the text on the top to respresent this build being 50/50 Champ/Slayer

Patch 3.7.1 - 20.06.2019
-Fixed a Mistake in the Slayer Tanky version where the Ascendancy while leveling was incorrect

Streamlink: https://www.twitch.tv/szynima
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChwoAYZn8wbwAwE1260cMdw

My Builds
1H-Impale Cyclone Champion/Slayer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2514647
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Last bumped on Jun 12, 2020, 6:08:08 AM
Ive heard they are buffing 2h items, so maybe it will be better than one handed?
Getting that queen of the forest colored with most red is gonna be a pain i imaging.
Tecken1407 wrote:
Ive heard they are buffing 2h items, so maybe it will be better than one handed?

I really tried, but couldn't get a solid critchance going with 2h and the attack rate was too low for my taste. But there are prbly some ppl that go for it :p

asolar wrote:
Getting that queen of the forest colored with most red is gonna be a pain i imaging.

Ah it's alright, at least it's only 4 offcolors. For wanderer I usually had 5 offcolors which is a real pain :D

Averagecost of this one is 450 Chromatics with 1R craft. Will add to the faq tho, ty for the headsup
Streamlink: https://www.twitch.tv/szynima
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChwoAYZn8wbwAwE1260cMdw

My Builds
1H-Impale Cyclone Champion/Slayer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2514647
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can u make a slayer version of ur build?
I like the guide, i dont like the looooong travel up to shadow for the crit, maybe using those points on getting acc?! I also wonder what must be changed for this to work with, lets say Cyclone CwC Bladefall?
Maybe it's a stupid question but i hope you can answer it.

How would you rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10 for this build?

- Clearspeed (maps)
- delving
- bosses
- survivability
seeeether wrote:
can u make a slayer version of ur build?

Added :) Not really much changing tho, you can simply swap out the ascendancy and have to check if the 88% hitchance is enough for you. If it's not, go for either "Hit cannot be evaded" on weapons or grab some accuracy instead of life or damage.

Skräcken wrote:
I like the guide, i dont like the looooong travel up to shadow for the crit, maybe using those points on getting acc?! I also wonder what must be changed for this to work with, lets say Cyclone CwC Bladefall?

I tried to move more to the Marauder side of the tree, but the shadow offered more utility overall. Acrobatics comes in really handy and life was almost exactly the same.

Here's a tree for that tho https://pastebin.com/5fZgGtXB

Banks2337 wrote:
Maybe it's a stupid question but i hope you can answer it.

How would you rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10 for this build?

- Clearspeed (maps)
- delving
- bosses
- survivability

tough one, I used to play a lot of speedy builds which are hard to beat. I want to push this as close as possible tho.

Clearspeed should be somewhere between 7-8

Delving 7-8 until t16, 5-6 after that (you might run into being 1shot if the mods get too crazy). If that's the case I'll make changes to the build tho.

Bosses 8-9 Just don't eat every skill, you should be fine then

Survivability 7-8 We have 71% Evade, 42% phys damage reduction + 30% attack dodge chance with a lot of less damage received due to taunt + infused channelling
Streamlink: https://www.twitch.tv/szynima
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChwoAYZn8wbwAwE1260cMdw

My Builds
1H-Impale Cyclone Champion/Slayer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2514647
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Thank you for the time and effort I will be playing this build bro

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