[3.7] Lightning Popcorn - Storm burst and OoS Trickster

This is a Storm Burst and Orb of Storms combo build that carried me through flashback clearing all content quite easily. It is gets very strong with little investment. Your 6 link chest should be the most expensive item for the build. I was able to reach over 2 million Shaper dps with out what i would call high end gear.

Updated: Currently over 3 mil shaper dps between SB and OoS. And have cleared all content. Uber elder a few times but they have not been totally clean. One or 2 deaths.

This is a life based build that uses Eldritch Battery and Mind over Matter for more survivability.
The goal is to utilize Orb of Storms to clear trash and recover life. Sprint though the map dropping orbs while stopping only to channel Storm Burst on strong rares and bosses

Path of Building Link:

Pros and Cons:
High Single target with storm burst
Drop and go AOE from Orb
Hit enemies from safe distance
Budget Friendly
Can be clunky at lower gear/Level with channeling Storm Burst
Can not do Ele Reflect
With Mind over matter you must have Bleed and Ignite Flasks

Current Gear:

Gem Links:
Storm Burst:

Orb of Storms:

With 4th gem link As one of the following:
- Survivability
More damage with Conversion

Auras and golem:

I added Onslaught to give some extra damage if you happen to kill something when flame dashing out of packs

Required Gear and Optional
The only items i would said should be required are the rings:

Having 2 gives a good amount of conversion which increases damage greatly when using other items with non-chaos or Elemental damage as extra chaos mods.

When buying gear look for items with:
Non-chaos as extra chaos
Elemental as extra chaos
Cast Speed
Spell damage

I highly Recommend these for gloves. They give Survivability in the Temp chains/blind and damage in the Corpse explosions

Optional Gear/ Alternates:
Any 6link Chest will do but I recommend one of the following

More Storm Burst Less Orb Damage
As a third option for boss killing power you can run


Fort tripple Aura and about 20% more damage

Let me know what you think, It was a very fun build last league and expect it to preform quite well in upcoming content. I will try to add some Game play videos later on.
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Reserved for Future stuffs...
i played uberdan occultist in the event Occultist has littel nerfed.

i check for League start this as thrickster..
Are you playing this now? How is it going?
Sounds fun af, i love orb of storms. Ima lvl this build :)

I hope next league we get some stuff which give + additional orbs or so
Is it viable in Hardcore league?
I do not think this is hardcore viable. Its more of glass cannon Build tbh.
So...whats your pantheon atm?

My current gear:
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Current panth's change based on what I am doing, but I'll usually have Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Ralakesh if I'm feeling to lazy to switch.
Maikurosofuto wrote:
So...whats your pantheon atm?

My current gear:

you should maximize the eternity shroud for more damage get shaper items

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