Welcome to this Juggernaut guide for special snowflakes!

Were you upset when instant leech got removed? Do you hate how slow some melee builds feel compared to casters? Do you want to flex your snowflake muscles and tell people that the way you scale damage is through ACCURACY?! Then you have come to the right place!

This build was heavily inspired by TheSaddestSong's Hummingbird Build way back in patch 2.3 which you can find here

The Basic Premise
Step 1: Stack flat accuracy!
Step 2: Stack percentage accuracy!
Step 3: Convert accuracy into attack speed, projectile damage and critical strike chance!
Step 4: Stack more attack speed!
Step 5: Stack more critical strike chance!
Step 6? Profit $$$!

Pros & Cons
- Snowflake
- Comparable to Flicker Strike in terms of playstyle
- Easy to build (80% of items are uniques)
- Life Gain on Hit = Oldschool Vaal Pact
- Relatively cheap with easy substitutes for most core items

- Can be TOO fast resulting in movement skills triggering twice per press
- Little bit squishy with 5k-ish HP.
- As crunchy as the meatball may be, 3500 meatballs per second going off will make you want to turn the sound effects off.
- You might also want to turn screen shake off if you haven't already... You have been warned.

Core Items
Grelwood Shank + Beltimber Blade for more meatballs, Point Blank and Far Shot.
Obscurantis to convert accuracy to projectile damage.
Oskarm to convert accuracy to critical strike chance and for free Assassin's Mark on Hit.
Hinekora's Sight for the +1000 accuracy.
Wildfire Jewel and Dying Sun Flask for even more meatballs.

Kinda Core?
Thief's Torment or Elder Ring with +10-20 life gain on hit. You can of course just use a Life Gain on Hit support gem or Poacher's Mark + Blasphemy until then or get by with health flasks.

Core Gem Setups
Molten Strike + Multistrike + GMP + Conc Effect + Increased Critical Strikes + Ancestral Call/Life Gain on Hit >
Pretty simple! More attack speed, more balls, more crit... What more do you need?

Summon Ice Golem + CWDT + setup of your choice (Immortal Call + Increased Duration for me) >
Ice Golem is all three elemental golems in one for this build! Great value!

Ancestral Protector
Primarily for the more attack speed but adds a tiny amount of extra DPS... Looks hilarious though!

Herald of Ice + Onslaught >
Destroys corpses to prevent Detonate Dead deaths, aesthetically pleasing with critical strikes and can trigger onslaught for the speed steroid.

Blood Rage + Vaal Haste + Increased Duration >
Again, more attack speed and damage through Frenzy Charges.

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Faster Attacks>
Leap Slam feels amazing at this attack speed and has the added benefit of crossing over gaps but Whirling Blades is faster and has that extra special "zippy" feeling... Also there's no excuse not to keep fortify up with this attack speed.

Precision + War Banner >
War Banner was a recently released aura that reserves a tiny amount of mana for 59% increased accuracy which is quite significant in this build. Precision is an upcoming aura with patch 3.7 that'll provide us with +1100 flat accuracy and 85% increased critical strike chance... I mean c'mon, this is a no-brainer!

Path of Building
Feel free to check out my setup to get some ideas on what stats to look for and how to path through the tree. I highly encourage trying to optimize this concept further if you can and please comment with any suggestions/tips!

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/cqEJfm2G

Thanks for checking out my first build guide! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and i'll be sure to check them out! Good luck in 3.7 exiles!
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Care to elaborate on:

- Comparable to Flicker Strike in terms of playstyle

Looks interesting
Very good on theory.But like -60% at least chaos resistance and like no other defences except fortify... max delve depth 150 at best, 200 if you don't care about experience.
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
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The playstyle is insanely fast especially with Whirling Blades and as such our ability to clear maps is crazy for a "name-lock" skill however we struggle with defenses and are prone to the occasional one-shot like many Flicker Strike builds. Definitely isn't hardcore viable BUT it's a proof of concept and i wanted to throw the idea out for people to iterate on.

Which leads me to address the next question...


I would agree that this build could definitely afford to sacrifice some offence for some defensive layers especially if someone wanted to take it into Hardcore BUT it's a proof of concept and i would hope that people can tailor it to their liking as they see fit~ This build is designed moreso for mapping than delving as CI characters especially Trickster Winter Orb are better suited for the task BUT if someone manages to tweak the build for deep delving then please let me know in the replies~
Did not have fun with this build; it pops like balloon on Tier 2.

I respecced my 90 juggy marauder, bought the items described I could, and this guy can't even do a Barrows Superior map _if_ he gets hit. One shot from an orange homing fireball.

The attack speed & Ancestral Call are pretty dope to set everything on fire.

So many uniques doesn't leave a lot of room for other rares, which is good & bad, you have to have ultra-specific rares to get your resistances up.

Too late for me, I read in the posts this is a proof of concept?, it hasn't even been tried? _After_ I respecced & bought everything. FML.

Interesting theory.

I didn't spec it 100% exact, but got as close as I could. Bottom line is this build is not fun for me.

Your results may vary.

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