[3.6][CI-MF] #1 Solo Delve Deadeye

Hi there,

Thank you for taking your time into reading about my CI Magic finder in Standard League. In this post i will be going over the character into detail on why i use different switches, items and flasks. I hope you enjoy the character showcase and if you do so, make sure to check me out live on twitch at twitch.tv/Kaoms_Heart. Along with explainations i will also show what this character has achieved so far.

This here is a relatively new addition to the guide and provides a very good balance between clearspeed and single target damage. The fact it's more or less multimodded means it is even quite cheap to make one. This bow did not replace any of the previous bows however is a really nice addition simply for deeper delving and all-round mapping.

As much as i enjoyed using the legacy Reach of the Council it has unfortunately been dethroned by the explosion bow above. With the current strength of master crafts this is nearly unbeatable. Ofcourse i could fine tune it into removing the multimod but for now this will do just fine.

Simply the #1 clearspeed bow, the hit and run with a Quill Rain is fantastic and the attack animation is roughly twice as short as the one of a Windripper making this the ideal bow for magic finding in my oppinion. Nowadays the map sustain in Path of Exile is so easy that instead of trying to get the most out of every map you rather want to do as many maps as you posibly can per hour. Don't get fooled by the low cost of this bow as it requires some beastly jewels to function propperly because of its "40% less damage" penalty. Damagewise you are looking at roughly 75% of what the Windripper would offer you.

As a veteran Magic Finder a bow like the Windripper can not lack. I mean, if you're looking for the maximum quantity posible this is a must have. Despite the cost of 400+ exa for a double legacy any dedicated magic finder should own one of these. My prefered bow is mostly the Quill Rain however i do use a Windripper occasionally for the Magic Find like feel. There is not much to be said about this bow as it's quite overrated in 2019. If you are looking to make a magic finder i would strongly suggest you to get the Windripper as final item.

Next up, you might have seen this one comming, is the Chin Sol. The Chin Sol is an extremely powerful single target bow which is more or less undefeated versus any deep delve boss. This is what i mainly use it for. Unlike the Reach of the Council this bow offers a very weak Tornado Shot since it does not support the shotgunning that Tornado Shot does and also requires you to stand at point blank. Despite that it will easily outdamage the Reach of the Council at all times if you stand in the bosses face. This bow is not a must have unless you, once again, look to perform well on bosses in delve.
The Rigwald's Quills offer free fork and is therefore the undefeated quiver for zone clearing. Having a chain corruption on this is highly valued as fork and chain work well together. The Rigwald's Quills is not that expensive unless you are looking for corrupted ones. Absolute must have for Magic Finders.
This helm is very hard for me to improve since i need the resistances to fully balance my wise oak. Other than that it is a fantastic helm and it ofcourse has the Tornado Shot enchant.

This helm might seem quite similar, and, well, it is. I use this helm for the occasion where i would play Lightning Arrow. Lightning Arrow offers a very strong cone-shaped clear which is better for directional map such as Lair.

For single target setup i use this helm, it does not give any quantity however instead allows me to do staggering damage even though i am a Magic Find spec. As you see, i don't have a resist roll on this which in theory ruins my wise oak. That's where the next section comes in.
This is my amulet of choice for most of the content i do, as a Magic Finder having the quantity and rarity is quite valuable. This amulet can be obtained from Rayamn's mirror service thread.

This is the amulet switch that goes with the previously posted helm. It may look extremely ghetto but it does offer everything i need and even the master crafts are quite strong in this case.

The Solstice Vigil is the only non rare amulet that is strong enough to keep up with the rares as it offers Shapers Presence. Shapers Presence is a buff that make all effects on you expire 33% slower, yes, that includes headunter buffs and flasks. On top of that it also gives you free Temporal Chains and is therefore a significant choice for delve farming at lower depths.
This is the ring i use the most and offers great Magic Find stats aswel as a great chunk of energy shield. Since i own the original i have a copied version of this in my other ring slot.
This is a very well crafted Aspect of the Spider ring that i use for delving. Aspect of the Spider allows me to slow enemies even further (after using Temporal Chains with Solstice Vigil) and makes enemies more vulnurable to my attacks. This is ofcourse used for lower delve farming aswel.
It needs no introduction, we all know what this is and what it can do. The Headhunter is without any doubt the belt that compliments speedclearing the most. An absolute must have for almost all content apart from bosses.

This belt is my personally crafted Stygian Vise which i made mainly to gain as many flasks as posible vs bosses since the Deadeye could have rough times gaining charges back.
As a CI character, having a heavy energy shield chest is extremely important. As a CI Bower this becomes even more crucial since we don't get any energy shield from our shield slot. The resistances on this chest are as they are to balance my wise oak.

You may occasionally see me use the Cloak of Tawm'r Isley. This chest makes magic (blue) items drop identified making you able to filter for mods on items. This is simply a farming technique i have been messing around with. If there are questions about it i may add a section on how to farm with a Cloak of Tawm'r Isley
These are the only gloves i use as they balance my Wise Oak. As a CI bower you are looking for high energy shield gloves since this is also potentially one of your "big" energy shield items. (These Gloves can be obtained by visiting InAshesTheyShallReap's Mirror service.)
Must like the gloves the same rule applies here, resistances balance my wise oak and the energy shield count is extremely important here aswel. These go hand in hand with the gloves since they give a combined all resistance of +45%. (These boots can be obtained by visiting InAshesTheyShallReap's Mirror service.)
Your bow means absolutely NOTHING if you have bad jewels. Therefore i highly prioritized my jewels and spent many hours getting as close to perfection as posible. Ofcourse they can be better but this is where they currently stand:

This beauty is my precious and gives me most of my defenses, the 30 energy shield gained on hit is absolutely insane when using a quill rain + fork + 2 chains. The Wrath penetration allows me to multiply the damage of my remaining jewels by alot. Recovery rate will help my energy shield leech (gem) and vaal discipline to recover quicker.
A great and relatively cheap option is to use an Unnatural Instinct (placed outside of scion) this gives crit multi, movement speed and attack speed.
Corrupting blood is very important since it is the only dangerous form of bleeding. Prioritize this on your cheapest jewel is posible.
I personally prefer to be immune to silence since this could potentially screw my defensive mechanism's over.
Being immune to Maim is really not that important unless you delve through the Abyssal Depths.
I chose to stick with three accuracy jewels since this will cap my chance to hit at 95%.Two of these are used in my Abyss helm and Stygian Vise since my amulet(which i lose when using damage setup) makes up for the other 400 accuracy

These four next jewels are simply DPS jewels and offer great offenses.

These two jewels are utility jewels, this first one is permanently in my gear and offers me income of Onslaught and Blind. The Phasing jewel is only used in delve and is usually swapped out for one of the damage jewels.
The Wise Oak is most likely one of the strongest flasks in the game when balanced fully it offers amazing offenses and defenses at all time.

As a bower having two additional projectiles is a big deal and a great portion of damage. The Dying Sun can not lack on a bower.

As a Deadeye i need immunity to freezes somewhere, which is why this diamond flask is in my setup. It gives great offenses as it gives me lucky crit and makes me immune to freezes.

The Rotgut is a very underrated flask, it gives slightly less movement speed that what a maxed out Quicksilver gives however with the staggering 7 second duration and charge on crit it makes for a great flask on a Deadeye.
Do i need to say more, Just read what it does...


Lastly i would like to give a shoutout to "InAshesTheyShallReap" for providing some of the BiS items for CI Magic Finding. Link to his thread in the spoiler below.
FlamesThenAshes's Mirror Service Thread

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Solid Build, ready for the next Probation !
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Solid Build, ready for the next Probation !

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Could you please include POB pastebin link and possibly a gem link breakdown (including alternative options considered)?
tomu wrote:
Could you please include POB pastebin link and possibly a gem link breakdown (including alternative options considered)?

Wouldn’t recommend shock is most likely ticked
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