[3.7] Ngamahu's Charged Dash Berserker (Updated 6/8 - Budget, League Starter, 1+ mill dps?)

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3.7 Changes explained and Path of Building!


6/8 Update: Ngamahu's Flame are selling for around 20+ Chaos. Not bad, I'm just getting into maps and will probably just do a few Chaos Recipes and have it soon.

•Was easily clearing T15 maps back in 3.3 with all the drawbacks of Rage. Didn't push it any farther due to time restraints.
•Infused Channeling is more DPS and defense
•Enduring Cry = Instant, spammable, 1.74 cooldown, instant 25% mana and life heal, 30% increased dmg, 10% increased attack speed.
•New Molten Shell/Immortal Call/Steel Skin - need to see which is best
•Apparently boss mechanics will be even more telegraphed, so having a movement skill as our main attack can be very good.

1. Aspect of Carnage: A must take

2. Crave the Slaughter: Rage is now on hit instead of on kill. Lots of attacks per second with CD, so we'll easily get 3+ Rage per second.

3. Rite of Ruin: 5% life degen at full Rage will be easy to manage. Stun immunity should be up almost 100%. 150% increased dmg, 75% inc attack speed and 30% inc movement speed will scale Charge Dash much better than old Rage.

4. Warbringer: So good, it really sucks to take it last. It doesn't generate Rage anymore, which is only nerf. Instant 25% life/mana every 1.74 seconds. We also gain 30% inc damage and 10% attack speed that we didn't get in 3.6.

Looking forward to experimenting with new support gems, auras and especially Berserk skill!

Build Explanation

•Using Ngamahu's Flame axe, our Charged Dash will spew out Molten Burst while we channel to add tons of damage.
•Berserker Ascendancy gives us TONS of attack speed that scales Charged Dash damage,movement speed and quality of life very well.
•SUPER budget: Requires only a 6 socket Ngamahu's and any average rolled 6 link chest. Everything else can be self found rares with average stats and you will be perfectly fine!
•Rage mechanic is very easy to sustain! 50 Rage uptime is almost permanent!

•Super fast mapper and good boss DPS as well as mobility helps against boss mechanics to keep you relatively safe.
•Lots of potential to upgrade. Can go crit instead of RT, can stack added physical damage. Many Unique body armours would make this OP.
•Free insta-heal for 25% life and mana every 1.74 seconds.
•Only 1 map mod you cannot run - Ele Reflect

•You can easily launch yourself into dangerous situations and die (I'll explain how to avoid this in the Playstyle section)
•Can't run run no-leech and reduced recovery maps.


Example Gear

Only required gear is Ngamahu's Flame, but even this is still not needed. I put in the cheapest, easiest to get axe, a Koam's Primacy and still had over 500k DPS.

Best non-budget DPS chest is a 6link Asherend since it gives us a 7th link, free Added Fire damage support.

There are other good non-budget options for chest also:
-LoreWeave: Would allow us to drop Soul of Steel nodes and save 4 points.
-Carcass Jack: May be better for clear with the extra AOE.

The build can work completely fine with all rare gear and any good, cheap 2-handed weapon. Axes are best, but if you get a different weapon, you can spec out of the axe nodes and take nodes that work with your item.

Class and Ascendencies

•Class: Marauder
•Ascendency: Berserker
1st: Aspect of Carnage
2nd: Crave the Slaughter
3rd: Rite of Ruin
4th: Warbringer

Skill Trees

Will update and post skill tree at different levels once Patch notes/more info is released!

Tree at lvl 90: To start I will go straight for Resolute Technique, then grab Iron Grip into Soul of Steel. Travel to Point Blank and pick up whatever you feel like along the way. This tree is honestly really foolproof. As long as you're using a 2 handed weapon, no matter what order you take things you will have a nice balance of life and damage. If your 2-handed weapon is not an Axe, I would hold off on taking the Slaughter node though.

Devotion/Retribution nodes are what I would take during my last few levels.


Skill Tree Leveling Guide (Coming Soon!)
Coming Soon!


Don't forget to upgrade them!

Major: Soul of Solaris - Good against bosses, crits, extra defenses against elemental damage and ailments.

Minor: Soul of Shakari, Gruthkul or Ryslatha - I recommend these in that order.

Skills/Gear Leveling Guide (Work in Progress, check back often!)

A lot of gems we won't be able to get unless we have someone grab them for us or get them in Act 6 after doing Lily Roth's quest. Either way is fine. I'll list them separately in the guide.

1. lvl 1 grab Cleave, Molten Strike of Perforate if you can. Do Bestel's quest and get a Quicksilver Flask. You'll have to get someone to get Infused Channeling for you or wait till Act 6.

-Get ancestral Protector after killing Merveil.

2. Kill Brutus: Get Added Fire Support and Leap Slam after

3. Kill the Weaver: Get 2x Ele dmg with attacks, Melee phys, Rage Support

Gems we can't buy: 2x Conc Effect, Ele Focus, Vicious proj, Ele Focus

4. Open the cave to the Vaal Ruins in Act 2: Get Blood Rage, Herald of Ash and Enduring Cry.

4. Enter Sarn: Get Hatred.

Gems we can't buy: Ele weakness

5. Kill General Grevacious, buy Charged Dash from Clarissa.

Gem Setup: Charged Dash - Elemental Dmg with Attacks - Melee Phys - Rage Support.

I took Aspect of Carnage as my first Ascendency, and later took Crave the Slaughter. In retrospect, The attack speed and movement speed from Rage felt amazing, so if I did it again I'd take Crave and then Aspect.

6. Act 4: Take GMP as your quest reward. Get a Stone Golem, CWDT, Immortal Call

7. Act 6: Do Lily Roth's Quest and buy any gems listed in the guide that you don't already have.

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That´s the dumbest, slowest and most inefficient playstyle i´ve seen since the full afk CWDT auto bomber dried lake farmer.

Definitely deserves a meme.
deimudda69 wrote:
That´s the dumbest, slowest and most inefficient playstyle i´ve seen since the full afk CWDT auto bomber dried lake farmer.

Definitely deserves a meme.

Glad you like it! Keep us updated in 3.7, I'd love to see your progress with this build :)
HC viable?
Yakarma wrote:
HC viable?

I wouldn't recommend it, we slam face first into everything and Berserker just doesn't offer the layers of defense that a lot of other ascedencies offer.
Great build, loved playing it so far.
This is one of the most Janky Lanky builds I've tried out so far in my 6 years of playing this game. It can get pretty scary with good items as well, Delves fast as
with 5.2k life so far from rares and STR stat being high, at lvl 84 only. Going to pick up more jewels because 6% HP and a lot of damage is worth those small life nodes earlier IMO.

• Only 1 map mod you cannot run - Ele Reflect

• Can't run run no-leech and reduced recovery maps.

sry what?

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