[3.6] Low life Righteous Fire Guardian

This is my first attempt at a build guide so hopefully it isn't terrible.... rip

I wanted to try a different approach to RF after playing alot of jugg RF, the way this llrf is done may not be the best way as you can't use movement skills or any other skill apart from cwdt and RF.

Saying that i'm having alot of fun with it and also it's great for getting used to flask management from someone who tends to neglect them.


It is highly recommended that you level this build in a party, if not.... Start with freezing pulse till you can get storm brand.

Use storm brand untill you complete first lab and take time of need ascendary.

After this i switched to rf using solaris lorica boday armour for the chaos damage does not bypass es plus springleaf shield, shapers seed, shavronnes gambit boots and keeping ruby flasks up constantly... you will die alot... ideally you need to wait till you can equip shavronnes wrapping to switch to rf

Current Gear

Please see Passive Tree below for jewels

Passive Tree

Kill em all, you'll need the points

Arakaali and tukohama

Gem links
Check the Current Gear section above for gem links
Last bumped on Jun 14, 2019, 5:35:00 PM
I'm currently level 60 and am wondering how to get my life and ES regen up to the point where i can really use this skill. ATM my ES and life are getting shredded.
what is your total fire resistance with this build?

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