We've just started a huge sale on many Footprints, Portals and Character Effects. These types of cosmetic effects are nice finishing touches for your look, so don't miss your chance to grab them at discounted prices! There are almost a hundred microtransactions available in this sale, including the Dragon Hunter Portal Effect, the Lost Souls Apparition Effect, the Sin and Innocence Footprints Effect and many more. Click here to check out the discounted selection.

This sale will run from the time of this post until May 21, 2019 12:00 AM (EDT) in your local time.

By the way, there is only a week left until the end of the ongoing Twitch Prime promotion! In case you haven't redeemed the Purple Divine Sign, Purple Skull and Lavender Weapon Effect for free yet, be sure to check out this thread to find out more information about this offer.

Thank you for your support! See you next week!
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Footprints in the path of exiles...........
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Happy Hunting Exiles.
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Edit: Do you guys think that the weekend sale maybe lasts too long?
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Purple crystal apparition effect when?


Waitin for new supp pack to restock point /qq
I wanted to buy ice dragon on sale yesterday but well thats my luck -.-
Sale Hype!
ChrnoCrusader wrote:
Waitin for new supp pack to restock point /qq
I wanted to buy ice dragon on sale yesterday but well thats my luck -.-

you could have bought the points to buy the on sale item - then when the packs are released you can upgrade and only pay the difference
If there's ever a nice, simple oval portal that doesn't have any extraneous stuff around it but is still more than a palette swap of the default one, I'd buy it in an instant. Like the Innocence portal without the base/columns/spikes would be absolutely perfect. Or the Sentinel portal without the giant statue. Or the Spirit portal without the random railroad ties floating in the rim. Maybe even the Aspirant portal without the runes or the Challenger portal without the base. Some day . . .
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