[3.6] [Synthesis] [MS] STRONG JUGG Molten Strike, 40/40, all content viable (BLS str hoarder hybrid)

Hi, time has passed since my last MS build was posted in this forum and i am ready to present you another weird and hipster build we invented and tested with my friend. This is Anti-HOWA stat build.

Here is POB link with tree and gear for those who can figure out everyrthing themselves

BLS+Geoffre sanctuary+Shaper's touch

This PoB is lvl99 current character state 5300HP+7900ES

This is my friend's CI respec lvl 98 with 12700 ES and a bit better gear

And some explanations below
1)Pros & Cons

+ Solid mapping speed (not a pro runner but fast enough)
+ Reliable boss killer (easy deathless uber elder, x6HP uber elder, 2 auls done)
+ Starter viable(cheap items)
+ can do all of the content present
+ very tanky (13k effective hp, 6 end charges, energy leech, ES on hit, ES regen, 25% Att block)

-Endgame needs lot of self-crafted self-synthesed items
-Shaper's touch is hard to obtain at very first days of league so you will not be the first to farm shaper probably
-Problems with ele reflect maps and no leech+no regen together(can be rippy)
-Sufers from massive ele damage (like aul with lot of extra ele damage)
-got to buy hundreds of RAGE essences

2)Ascendancy and tree
Juugernaut, cause it has nice defence options and STR-based location


BANDITS = Kill all

You dont need Iron Grip and Avatar of fire if you are not using high PDPS weapon with str scaling

3)Current gear and explanations
Core items

scales STR into massive bonus ES, cheap AF, you can get one fast and corrupt dozens of them in late game
4e for 6l

Alberon Boots are only possible option, cheap like 1-5c

yes, we need shaper gloves asap, cause they give too much ES for STR
can be bought early for 40c

BLS is our starter weapon, cheap af and gives us massive fire damage for STR for 5c
though it is league-specific it is easy and early obtainable

Luxury weapon option

you can find good shaper PDPS weapon scaling str
or synthesise and craft one like mine
it gives alot of mobility to your leap slam and around 12% more DPS than Brutus
2+ APS is important!
(i spent around 12+e for self craft and synthes)


Helmet with MS +2 is an expensive thing, and there are many options how to craft it, but generally you want to get high-lvl Hubris base and then use Scorched fossils(and craft 26 STR +quality) or Essence of RAGE
Base was 11e for me, and craft was tough too


-Big ES
-some resistances
You can synthesise Titanium base with extra %STR or +1 Endu charge or BOTH
Crafting strategy of your choice is to spam rage for big STR and ES roll or Dense fossils + crafted STR+quality


nothing special, you want here

Luxury rings

You can obtain synthesised rings with 6% STR bonus AND Onslaugt/Intimidate, that may be hell expensive, like 15e for each base


I was happy and lucky to find this awesome greatwolf for 12e, but it is not even the best possible option in this slot
You can synthesise an amulet with %str AND %damage for STR, and craft it to have T1 STR+T1 ALLSTAT and multimod after

for basic options just as more str as possible, with life, es, WED etc

starter belt can be simple belt with STR, life, ES, res etc
Luxury option is to synthesise one that scales STR and ES (thats around 2e)

You can actually find some nice elder or corrupted placeholder either


Wildfire is musthave and cheap, you can find corrupted ones with good implicits

x2 Efficient trainings are cheap and give us a lot of bonus STR (plus easy corruptions)

Watcher's eye should have something for Anger
-fire damage

and ES on hit with Discipline
Nice mode %ES from mana costs too much and really 80e for extra 1k ES does not change a thing

Rare Jewels
-Aspd with one-handers/while holding a shield
-Aspd with mace (or sword if you crafted another weapon)
-all stats
-all res/str
those jewels are cheap usually, you have 2 of them to ballance on stat and res and improve dps/mobility

i like instant life flask for rare chaos bursts that sometimes occur form vaal constructs or whoever

Dying Sun has everything you need - projectiles and area

Wise Oak gives you both offence and defence, but followed by resistance-ballancing in gear, dont forget that FIRE has to be bigger and cold/lightning equal. no need to make fire equal cause Dying sun will be like 80% time ON maknig fire still imballanced.

Bottled faith shown itself nice solution

4)Skill Gems(in order of importance)
MS-Ancestral call-Ele damage with attacks-ES leech-Damage on full life-Ele Focus(or conc effect or inc area)
Ancestral call is a first and musthave for mapping and bosses both (hit the ground nearby the boss to make x2 balls hurt him)
DOFL is almos 100% ON
ES leech is insane (healing + thong DPS boost)

Transport setup:
Leap Splam-Fortify-Faster attacks(you can add onslaught or cull)
Reservation setup:
Anger-Discipline-WarBanner-Enlighten (you can use Aspect of spider or AA too)

we use lightning golem (speed), and ancestral protector (boss attack speed+combustion debuff)

CWDT-IC-Wave of conviction (IC is really long even without additive bonus of Inc Duration support, Wave grants us -res debuff on everything for free)
also br+IC buffs your leech rate in panteon

Major choice is Arakaali (less chaos, more leech rate)
Lesser choice is Yugul (less cold damage on uber elder) or Shakari (nice poison protection)

6)Passive skill tree

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not bad, a bit low on the defensive side but it can work.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!

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