[3.6] Ranger Duelist unortodox build - Need help and new eyes on it.

Hi. So, I need to make a few disclaimers, as I see no need for people to repeat what I already know.

1. She cared about being male or female, so shadow was not an option.
2. She wanted to be melee, so bow is not an option.
3. She wanted an assassin kind of playstyle.
4. She did not want the claws.

So with that said. Hi and welcome.

I've been trying to make this dual strike build for my fiancé. So far, survival wise, It's pretty damn good.

Damage wise.. Well, it hits fast and it does okay'ish damage. But it is certainly the lacking part of it and I now seem to struggle with how to get it higher without loosing the survival.

I've been considering turning more of the damage into elemental, perhaps change one of the swords, then increase the elemental damage.

Passive Skill Tree

Direct link to character. For how the sockets are placed.

The idea is for the build to run with three auras by reducing the reserved mana. Hatred-HoA and Poacher's Mark with Blasphemy.
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