[3.6] Pure Chaos Melee Occultist


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I wanted to play something slightly different as my starter for Synthesis. While the build fell off a bit in the endgame, I was rather pleased considering how cheap and how dumb of a concept it was. I just grabbed as much flat +chaos damage as I could and scaled that through minion damage (Spiritual Aid) and attack speed. Dropping Embalmer for Tombfists and swapping Belt of the Deceiver is definitely a possibility, but you'll likely find yourself short on resists. Another issue with the build is the attribute requirements. There isn't much Dex around the pathing, which Charged Dash asks much of, and while Consecrated Path and Cyclone are both possibilities that would solve this issue, neither feels as smooth as Charged Dash does for clear. That said, they'd likely be better at single target, although it probably won't save the build's lackluster bossing. Lastly, the physical mitigation is pretty bad. All and all, it's likely just something to look further into with 3.7 melee reworks.
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