[3.6] 200% Quantity Magic Find Tornado Shot Deadeye + Zerphi's Heart/Cheaper Variations

[3.6] 200% Quantity Magic Find Tornado Shot Deadeye + Zerphi's Heart/Cheaper Variations

I'm writing this build guide so I have a place to direct all the people asking for my tree/items/gem links/swaps/etc. That said, it will probably benefit a lot of people in general so I've gone ahead and included a some variants to the build that one could do to make it slightly cheaper/accessible

I guess we will start with a little description of the build:

The goal of the build is to making the most profit in a given play session that we possibly can. So, the idea is to stack increased item quantity (IIQ), a stat that makes mobs drop more items. This is the basis of magic find in path of exile. Increased item rarity (IIR), for reasons we will not discuss here, is not as useful as increased item quantity in terms of making more currency over time. In order to optimize our profits we also uses gear that makes us move faster. What this enables us to do is quickly clear a map while also getting the benefits of all the IIQ we stack. What we end up with is a higher mob kill count per hour because of movement speed, but also increased drop as a result of the IIQ we stack. You can think about it as more drops because we go fast and even more drops because mobs we kill drop more items. In the end we beat out every other build out there in terms of profit/hr when it comes to mapping.

End-Game Gear (Standard):

Changes to gear for league:
In league you obviously don't have access to legacy quant items so some changes need to be made. A shaped amulet with 10% Quantity and two Ventors Gamble (ideally with 10% Quant and positive resistances) should be used. Sadimas and Goldwyrm are still best in slot items for the build in league, but one could also consider dropping Sadimas for a Tombfist or Rare Gloves w/ an abyssal socket for more damage/life/res. Lastly, if you have not capped your evasion for queen of the forest then using a Jade Flask of Reflexes will help you do so (at the cost of curse immunity).

Tool Tip:

In hideout no buffs.

Passive Tree Overview + Ascendancy:


Gem Links:

I'm really partial to leveling lots of gems so I often don't run a cast when damage taken set up in favor of leveling four enlightens, but I've included a cast when damage taken set up for posterity's sake.

Main Skill (Tornado Shot): Elemental Damage With Attacks + Damage On Full Life + Increased Item Quantity Support + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Mirage Archer + Tornado Shot. If not on standard replace IIQ Support with Increased Critical Strikes Support

Herald Of Ice Setup: Curse On Hit + Assassin's Mark + Herald of Ice + Increased Item Quantity Support + Increased Item Rarity Support + Onslaught. If in league replace IIQ Support with Ice Bite.

Phase Run Setup: Phase Run + Enhance + Increased Duration + Vaal Haste

2L Set Up: Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks / 1L Vaal Grace / 1L Portal

4L Set Up: Cast When Damage Taken (Level that corresponds to 1/3 your EHP) + Immortal Call + Increased Duration Support + Ice OR Lightning Golem


I've made this its own section because Abyss jewels are what make this build deal enough damage to clear content. One should aim for:

Lightning Damage to Bow Attacks, Lightning Damage to Attacks, Cold Damage to Bow Attacks, Cold Damage to Attacks, Critical Strike Multiplier, Attack Speed If You've Dealt A Critical Strike Recently, and Maximum Life. Any combination of 4 of these mods will do. Ideally you would want 3T1 Flat Damage Rolls and Crit Multi.

Get %Increased Evasion Rating While Moving, %Chance to Gain Phasing On Kill, +%all resistances, +attributes, and %Chance to Blind Enemies if you want some quality of life stuff.

POB Paste Bins:

Optimal Tree (Using Gear Shown Above): https://pastebin.com/srvN3A04
This version is what I use when mapping in group.

Lioneye's Fall + Inspired Learning Variant: https://pastebin.com/5WvwiRg6
This variant is cheaper (Omits Headhunter + Unnatural Instinct)

Zerphi's Heart Variant: https://pastebin.com/fcK070A3
If you chose to use this variant note that Vaal Lightning Trap is used to reliably proc Zerphi's as it has 3 charges (60 souls, 20 per cast) and the soul gain prevention duration is negligible since you never run out of charges as you clear. It also makes enemies take increased damage so its somewhat relevant in boss fights. I use this version when I play alone and want to have some fun.

Note that while these trees may be optimized for me, they may not be optimized for you. Add and remove nodes as you see fit to adjust the build to your gear requirements.

I'll update the build with some videos as I go. Feel free to send me a PM in game if you have questions (IGN: CowwzPewPew).

If you are on standard and are looking for legacy quantity bases I offer a service for beastcrafting/duping them here:
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Amazing guide, pretty detailed and there is many options for many playstyles/budget. Recommended

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