[3.6] [SC] Stormburst Trickster CI with The Eternity Shroud WIP 13.5-49 million shaper dps

Hi guys,

welcome to my first build guide / idea. I will be playing this build in the upcoming Flashback Event. Please note that i have not tested this build yet and it's still work in process / only theorycrafted so far.

I would say the mapclear of the build is okay, the boss clear is good and the defense is not that good. You can really get a lot of damage, but you can not do reflect, or no regen maps with this build.

Pleasae leave me your feedback/questions in the comments and have fun with the build :)

Idea of the build

The core item of the build is eternity shroud, because of the "Gain 5% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage per Shaper Item Equipped". Our goal will be to only equip shaper items and convert all our physical damage to lightning, 80% of the lightning damage to cold damage(with 2 call of the brotherhood) and then 50% of the cold damage to fire damage(with cold to fire support).

Normally damage conversion on its own is useless, but all "gain % of elemental damage as extra chaos damage" is calculated for each conversion on its own. So you get 100% extra damage for each element in the conversion row and not just for the final element that you converted the damage to. In our case with 2 shaper items it would be a 10%+10*0.8%+10*0.8*0.5% = 22% more multiplier, because The Eternity Shroud gives 5% per shaper item equipped. This might get changed/nerfed in the future.

In addition to that Stormburst also scales very well with increased duration, because of the way the spell works. With our increased duration investment, we get an additional 130% more multiplier(see: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/ayjak5/math_of_exile_some_calculations_for_the_reworked/ei1gy1s/)

Aside from that we only need to stack some crit multiplier, crit chance, gain % phys as ele dmg, gain % ele as chaos dmg, etc.


For packs just channel for a short time and let the orbs explode. For stronger enemies cast a wave of conviction to apply the curses. For bosses channel all the time at max orbs for the max dps and only stop channeling to dodge/etc. In addition to that you should cast a storm brand from time to time to get onslaught. For bosses you should always place your wither totems.


I have 2 different path of building pastebin links: one with kinda budget gear and the other one with the best gear possible. Both have different passive trees(choose them at the bottom left corner when you are in the tree window) that you can choose from. Download path of building here: https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases . Then you can go to new-Import/Export Build-Import from Pastebin and paste in one of the following urls. There are also some additional notes in the path of building builds under the tab "Notes".

Budget Build

Mirror Tier

Leveling Build Example

kill all, or choose Alira if you want

Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Garukhan


The budget build has a shaper dps of 13.5 million at maximum orbs with 4300 energy shield and 650 energy shield leech.

The mirror tier build has a shaper dps of 49 million at maximum orbs with 6400 energy shield and 950 energy shield leech.

I calculated the damage with https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/b0stt1/storm_burst_dps_calculator/, because the default path of building dps calculator is not working for storm burst.

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update: added wands to the builds for some more damage
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update: optimized some gem links for some more damage and added a leveling build
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