[3.7] 4 alc, 300k on start, poison, tank, Deathless U.Elder [League Starter]

It Molten Strike poison proliferation tank build.

Play style like Molten Jugg, but faster and with infinite flasks.

-3.7 changes

- we loose 30% of dps if we use molten strike (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
- probably more effective will be use Spectral Trow
- now we have Endurance charges generation from tree and 7% extra block chanse


- can all map mods (even no regen + no leach + double reflect)
- can tank all, even Atziris mirrors xD
- extremely budget
- 63%+ Phys. Damage Reduction (without any armor equipped)
- 77%+ Evade Chanse (without any armor equipped)
- 19-41% Block (without any armor equipped)
- Inst. Leach


- cant beat Demi`s mob in HoG (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
- medioca clear speed
- only 1.3mil dps on 4ex budget




-IMPORTANT: not use kaom's roots, cos u will loose core elemental damage defense mechanism - 77%+ evade
Use insted of them rare`s with crafted "can not be chilled"





- Rings + amulet
any sheat from ground, and craft to them "adds chaos damage to attacks"

thets all, u alredy have 400k dps


any bow + agony crawler in 3 link to 60 lvl, easy.

More detiled:
u'r gear is any sheat from ground, i prefare bought any glowes or helm with green + green + any color links at town and run to maps looting only currency, that's enough.
As any ranger grab u'r first weapon - bow (u can keep thet bow to 60 lvl).
Get Caustic Arrow and Pierce gem at lvl 1 in first town.
Run and slay only big packs of white mobs and quest bosses whith Caustic Arrow + Pierce to Act II (it takes an average of 25 minutes).
In Act II get Herald of Agony, Toxic Rain and Lesser Poison.
Put u'r Herald of Agony + Pierce + Any gem for damage in u'r 3 link thet have Green + Green + Any color.

-Endgame upgrades

With this flask we will have perma 39% block chance

Endgame selfcraft weapon push u dps to 1 mil by investment about 25c


some selfcraft belt



- Molten strike + Added chaos + Vile toxins + Multistrike + Ancestral call + Deadly aliments
- Herald of agony + Herald of purity + blind
- Arctic armour
- War banner
- Wither + faster casting + Spel totem + multiple totems
- Whirling blades + Fortify + Faster attacks
- and usual CWDT`s

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Can I make it work without the volkuurs gloves ?
Sharps03144 wrote:
Can I make it work without the volkuurs gloves ?

Yes, sure. But playstale will be more like DOT build.
Without volkuurs - more time you hits enemy = more dps.
With volkuurs - your poison dps will be max posible almost instantly.

P.S. Also Without volkuurs you must get additional 20% poison chance on tree.
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Any video?
afonsosp wrote:
Any video?

My potato toaster die hard in lags when i tried to record videos =(
Visual gameplay exact as a molten jugg but faster and there is no missing mobs when u slay packs cause they all die by poison chain reaction.
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I've tried this build. Here is my POB if you guys want

I did maps tier 10 with this setup quite easily, could porbbaly do 15 and 16 too
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