[3.7] Raider Vaal Double Strike

Hello, guys. It's me again with a new build guide one more time around melee skills.
This time using Vaal Double Strike as my main skill for mapping and bossing.
I know that there are plenty of ascendancies that could work better for this skill (i.e Champion -> 100% hit chance by Taunt/Adrenaline. Juggernaut -> free accuracy/endurance charges/more survivability) but I wanted to make a Raider because of free Frenzy Charges/free Onslaught -> crazy movement speed and attack speed.

This could work on a budget if you go for the Champion/Juggernaut, but I guess it can be budget too for any other ascendancy.

Ok, let's get into the build!


There will be a bunch of videos from T11 to T15. Then before the league ends will be uploading videos against Guardians and Shaper.

T11 Coves Map run
T12 Carcass Map run
Deathless Shaper! :D


Tree remains pretty much the same. Fixed for the current 3.7 updates, so the gear. Links have changed this time. Multistrike is bugged as far as I know besides the changes GGG made on the gem, so it isn't providing the damage that it has to provide currently. So in the end: Vaal Double Strike -> Maim Support -> Added Fire Damage -> Melee Physical Damage -> Fortify -> Ruthless for the single target until we know more in the future patches.
Swap Ruthless/Fortify/Added Fire Damage for Ancestral Call/Multistrike/Melee Splash while mapping.

. Huge single target damage.
. +6K life with not that much of investment.
. Can be waaaay cheaper. With 280 pDPS swords would be enough to take down all the content.
. Free frenzy charges/free Onslaught -> More attack speed/movement speed and chance to evade attacks during the Onslaught effect.
. Even with 6K life sometimes you could feel squishy and you can get one-shotted sometimes (facing big bosses like Guardians or doing crazy map mops).
. Besides you can go cheaper with this build, to get those crazy DPS (like the Fast AF channel dude on YouTube) you'll need to invest heavily on your gear.
. You won't be able to do reflect maps (any reflect will kill you instantly). No leech maps must be rerolled.


For the chest, I just crafted one with life and resistances. You can do it very easily: buy a 6L base ilvl 100 (they are like... 25C), try to put quality on it up to 30% (with Perfect Fossils) and throw some Pristine Fossils on it. You will hit soon the Delve mod life/%# increased max life and some flat life on it. If you hit some resistances, better then. And if you have an open prefix just craft the %# increased max life/%# increased max mana and there you have! A pure life chest.

Links on the chest for mapping:

For bossing you will swap:



For gloves you want Tombfist. I went for the 1 socket version. Even that they don't have the AS roll anymore they are useful enough just for the Intimidate mod. Put it a Murderous Eye Jewel on it and you have free Intimadate on enemies. Obviously 2 sockets > 1 socket. But I didn't make enough currency this league, wasn't that lucky this time xD a good corruption could be the Vulnerability on hit. I guess the best would be the +1 to Frenzy Charges.


On my helmet, I went for some stats, life, and resistances. Nothing crazy. Maybe a better helmet would be that one with life/#% increased max life and the "Nearby Enemies take #% increased Physical Damage" Delve roll.


You can go here for Abyssus for a crazy rump up on your DPS if you want. Just make sure to cap your resistances and get more life somewhere else and take care for the increased damage taken that the helmet applies on its own.

On my boots, I went for pure life and resistances. Crafted just Two-toned boots with Pristine Fossils and it went very well actually xD you want this type of boots, with high life and resistances. I guess the best enchant would be the 10% elemental penetration if you haven't killed recently.
By the way, you can craft even crazier boots this league with the "# to max life/#% increased max life" implicit and then craft even MORE life on boots. But I'm very bad doing that



Here is where you want to invest more heavily. Thanks to Betrayal now you can craft even better weapons than the ones I have. You can craft 500 pDPS sword with some investment. The best swords would be two Jeweled Foils with more than 400 pDPS each one.
You can, if you want, buy some fractured swords with the Attack Speed roll blocked (look for 25-27% increased attack speed) and then throw some Augmentation orbs/Alterations until you hit Flaring/Tempered flat physiscal damage. Regal and if you have a good prefix/suffix then multimod the rest of your mods. And there you have a ~400 pDPS sword with huge attack speed.
Gems in main hand sword:

Gem in off hand sword:


Here you want the highest physical damage roll possible, life and resistances. All in once.
You can also, if you want, craft a shaped ring with some "Curse on hit" roll and put a Mark Of the Elder for more juicy DPS.

For the belt just one with life and resistances:

For jewels that I use on my belt and gloves:

You'll want flat physical damage to attacks/to sword attacks and life. You could craft some resistances if you are lacking some or stats if you need them.

For jewels that I use on my tree:

Search here for Physical Damage, Attack speed with swords, melee damage, melee crit multi and so on. Search for the best stats out there that rise your damage up. Increased max life is a very good roll too.


Anti bleed life flask, Taste Of Hate for the extra physical damage, Lion's Roar for more melee damage, an anti-curse Diamond Flask and Atziri's Promise for more extra damage. Use whatever suits the better for you.

For pantheons use whatever you want. For the Major god I always go for the Brine King to avoid perma stuns, for the Minor I always use Ryslatha, but you can go for any god that you want.
And for the Bandits, choose Alira for some elemental resistances and crit multi. If you can craft a good jewel then go for the 2 passive points.

Way of the Poacher => Avatar of the Slaughter, Rapid Assault => Avatar of the Chase.
If you want more survivability change Rapid Assault/Avatar of the Chase for Quartz Infusion/Avatar of the Veil to proc Phasing. In my case I went full DPS becuase all the Elemental Damage that I get is extra for my current Physical Damage. Remember that we do not convert Phys damage into elemental.

And that's all! I had fun this league again with melee builds. Some are pretty easy to follow and quite cheap to build. Surely the next league will definitely go for another one and hope to make more currency to do some huge content xD see you around!
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nvm dw i fucked up
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Playing this on HC, finished act 10 and started maps, pretty fun so far
How do you think ichimonji's would work for this?
On the standard HC, so some crafts aren't available yet.
KangDangalang wrote:
Playing this on HC, finished act 10 and started maps, pretty fun so far
How do you think ichimonji's would work for this?
On the standard HC, so some crafts aren't available yet.

Sure, Ichimonji is a budget option for the build :) for end game will worth a multi moded sword with the "Hits can't be Evaded" due to the Accuracy rework. But to keep it on the budget side, dual-wielding two Ichimonjis will do the work for quite a bit until you can afford some currency to craft better weapons.

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