[3.6] Explosion Proliferation Self-Curse Occultist | -2.1 Billion DPS LUL

Hi, this is my self-curse winter orb occultist build for 3.6, and is my second level 100 on Synthesis. None of this is budget friendly in the slightest so if you can't afford it don't ask for replacements because almost every single item except for maybe a jewel or two, a ring, and a flask are mandatory for the build to function at all.

You can clear double beyond Elder Underground Sea in about one minute (including the memory) with this build, while face-tanking all the volatiles and bearers that you want or don't feel like dodging, probably my fastest 1-100 character I've played, it only took 3 days solo.

Overview & Videos
The way the build works is cursing yourself with temporal chains and utilizing solstice vigil to have your winter orb, vaal skills, and buffs last for almost an indefinite amount of time.

Using the new synthesized weapon implicit "Enemies you kill explode dealing 3% physical damage" you can scale it tremendously both through your gear and buffs which I will explain in the gear breakdown.

The build is naturally very tanky, sporting 84/84/85 resistances respectively, stun immunity, and 8400+ energy shield unbuffed which easily climbs to over 100K and 200K+ in maps within the first 20 seconds. I got to level 100 without dying a single time past level 96, even while facetanking pretty much everything that would normally instakill any other character like giant packs of bearers, volatiles, shaper balls, and lightning doods. You pretty much can't die unless you go get really unlucky on the first pack of mobs or something or just go afk.

The way the sceptre clears with profane bloom and herald of ice kills beyond mobs before they even register as spawning on the server due to the time the server takes to calculate your damage, they spawn dead pretty much every time so you can just run through the map and clear it at full speed without needing to wait for beyond spawns to trigger. The triple AoE is layered and does not overlap.

The build currently fits 11 auras.

Vaal Discipline + Discipline
Vaal Clarity + Clarity
Vaal Haste
Purity of Lightning
Purity of Fire
Purity of Ice
Herald of Thunder
Herald of Ice

These all give you survivabilty, damage, and AoE clean-up. The tree is crafted to fit all of them in both your action bar as well as reserve.

This type of setup works on nearly any character, here is a deadeye I made earlier in the league actually physically breaking the damage limit on the game

Double Beyond Elder Underground Sea

Delve Depth 440

Had to set the quality low bc the build lags hard when recording, sorry fam, still watchable though

Pros & Cons

* One-shots everything including Abaxoth, infact I haven't even seen him get a flameblast off in the past 300 maps
* Blows up entire packs like 4 screens away from your character randomly

* Fast as FKKKKKKK, you're gonna fail nexus memories because your character is bigger than the screen and you can't see shit while running at 2000% movement speed sometimes
* Slightly "wheelchair" for the beginning of a zone, but you're fine once you kill a single rare mob usually. Other builds of this nature are even more wheelchair
* Can't do endgame bosses like Shaper/Elder/Aul/Mastermind
* Shroudwalker lasts for 60 seconds LUL
* Lags

Path of Building & Skill Tree

Gear & Explanation
Best in slot weapon by far, nothing even comes remotely close to this. We scale the explosion's base damage on this build through a flat cold hatred watcher's eye which gives it around 200 flat cold damage, the hatred aura itself will add more flat cold damage based on the physical damage, which then scales with the %phys headhunter buffs, as well as giving you %more cold damage, which you then double dip by converting it to chaos damage and chance to deal double damage. Basically it does a shit ton of cold, chaos and physical damage which one-shots and chains through packs by itself. Note: The Shaper version of this does NOT work. You MUST use the Implicit synthesised version.

Mandatory enchant, you need 30% temporal chains curse effect for your buffs to last longer.

We're using 10 auras and reserving all of our health so we need shavs, pretty self-explanatory.

Shaper's presence makes your buffs expire slower, including the temp chains itself, up to 50% longer HH/Vaal skills/Winter orb length.

Kaom's roots prevent you from being slowed below base speed, so you NEED them, otherwise you'll be a turtle the entire map

Shackles of the Wretched is what gives you the ability to curse yourself with temporal chains. You MUST socket Herald of Thunder, Curse on Hit, and Temporal Chains inside of these gloves for it to curse you. DO NOT use a curse flask. Elemental Weakness on hit is QOL but not mandatory. You can use Elemental Weakness on gloves and Assassin's Mark on ring, totaling 3 curses even though you can only apply 2 curses at a time. Why? Because once HoT hits something, it'll curse them with temp chains which will apply to you, and then when you hit them, you'll over-write it with your Elemental Weakness + Assassin's Mark curses, if you take Whispers of Doom, you can apply all 3 curses which gives you 8% more non-chaos as chaos from ascendancy, but it's not necessary if you're hurting for skill points.

Pretty self explanatory as well, another staple of the build, it doesn't really work at all without one of these since the entire point is to make the buffs last longer. Corruption not necessary but better than 40 life

Generic rings, one of them needs Assassin's Mark on hit to be able to generate power charges and take advantage of your double curse from ascendancy.

The general flask setup, I wouldn't change any of these around, you could drop the quicksilver if you really want for a Wise Oak or something if you managed to balance the resistances somehow, which shouldn't be too hard. You don't need freeze flask because of Kaom's Roots and you can get a bleed flask if you can't get a Corrupted Blood jewel.

Lets you reserve multiple auras at once your life pool. You could use a rare shield and drop triple purity but I feel like having 84/84/85 elemental resistances is a lot better than having a 400 es shield.

Jewels and Gem Links
Watcher's Eye with %Mana as ES with Clarity and Hatred Flat Cold, other mod is not important, but theoretically the best would be a Phys taken as ele fire/cold/light purity.

Big ES gain from the Melding circle as well as protection against Silence which stops you from casting spells, not mandatory, but good QoL

One inspired learning, you could use 2 but I don't feel like it is necessary at all, the most I would use is 3 if you really want to go hard. I just stick with one. If you don't have corrupted blood corruption somewhere, you need to use a bleed flask which means you can't use Cinderswallow Urn, I really recommend getting it on one of your jewels.

In the scion jewel socket for broken ass stats, it's not necessary but the amount of stats you get from this just exceeds everything else tenfold

Two generic damage and ES jewels

Gem Links
Armor 6L - Winter Orb, Cold to Fire, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Infused Channeling, Concentrated Effect, Ice Bite for generating frenzy charges.

Shield 3L - Purity of Lightning, Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire - These MUST be level 21 for you to get the full benefit of the +2 aura gems from it.

Shackles 3L - Herald of Thunder, Curse On Hit (23 Quality), Temporal Chains Level 4 (If you use level 5 or higher, you'll slow yourself more, and level 1 is the same amount of player slow as level 4, but 4 lasts longer.

2L - Herald of Ice + Blood Magic, preferably in your weapon as this will cause it to trigger before the explosion implicit does due to ordering, but you can put it in your helm if you want.

Fit these somewhere else: Vaal Discipline, Rank 1 Vaal Clarity, Vaal RF, Vaal Haste, Flame Dash, Hatred

Probably FAQ
Can I replace (insert item name here)? No.

Can this kill Shaper/Uber Elder/Aul/Mathil? No.

Is this essentially just a 300 Ex mapping character LUL? Yes, but it's probably the most fun you'll have mapping in PoE

Will add more stuff soon, or answer any questions in the comments
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Updated some minor things

Cobbled together this build in Flashback (no unnatural or decent jewels is pretty scuffed). After making the splode weapon on 2nd attempt I just had to try to make this build. I league started as an elementalist and was going to respec into occultist but turns out you can't change ascendancies.

Oh well, at least Elementalist isn't completely bad either. As you said, the weapon and HH pretty much makes the build, the lag is truly horrendous at times though.

Definitely a blast, 10/10.
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Dervd wrote:

Cobbled together this build in Flashback (no unnatural or decent jewels is pretty scuffed). After making the splode weapon on 2nd attempt I just had to try to make this build. I league started as an elementalist and was going to respec into occultist but turns out you can't change ascendancies.

Oh well, at least Elementalist isn't completely bad either. As you said, the weapon and HH pretty much makes the build, the lag is truly horrendous at times though.

Definitely a blast, 10/10.

Looks slightly scuffed but still doable without HH, I'd probably go with the Coward's Legacy version and drop Shavs, but then you'd have to get Atziri's Reflection, should be kinda cheaper though than HH

Yeah elementalist is much harder to work with than Occultist since you get way less damage on the sceptre explosions, and you lose the massive energy shield bonuses and regen, as well as the curse effect in the tree, definitely would recommend respeccing to occultist for more damage and survivability, and QoL too

You can respec ascendancy by using 5 regrets per ascendancy point (40 total to unspec), then running normal lab again and selecting Occultist

Looks nice, though, glad you had fun with it
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