[3.6] Discharge Mjolner Elementalist - Uber Lab Farmer, Shaper DPS, Big Explosions!

Hello, and welcome to my build guide!

Build Explanation:

This build uses a 6-link Molten Strike setup to proc the Discharge gem in Mjolner, a one handed mace which triggers socketed lightning gems on hit. The build uses all 3 types of charges (power, endurance, & frenzy) and expends them as flat elemental damage.

Path of Building Links:

DPS setup:



This build is not recommended for content such as Uber Elder and Uber Atziri, as the DPS ceiling is far too low. This build excels in Uber Lab, mapping and delving. This build also requires a few expensive uniques, so I do not recommend using it as a league starter.

T16 Minotaur: https://youtu.be/h88SnFbjVMA
Uul-Netol Breachstone: https://youtu.be/oHMUCVUQGTY

More to come!


Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Paragon of Calamity -> Liege of the Primordial

Kill all bandits for 2 extra passives.

Passive Tree:


DPS alternatives:


The main weapon for our build and cannot be replaced. Any corruption implicit is good, the best likely being increased AoE, increased attack speed, onslaught, or fortify. I use onslaught so I don't have to rely on my silver flask being up or use an abyssal jewel.


Any rare helmet will do - armor is the best base for physical damage mitigation. Since Mjolner has such high strength and intelligence requirements, you'll likely need some here. Keep in mind that balancing our resistances for Wise Oak is very important for this build, so try to match them up with resists on the rare gloves. Best enchantment here is Discharge damage, I stuck to Immortal Call duration for more survivability. Other enchantment options include chance for Discharge not to consume charges, chance for Immortal Call not to consume charges, and additional Molten Strike projectiles.

These are some other options for the helmet slot. Starkonja's Head and Devoto's Devotion have huge dexterity mods and attack speed increase, which helps meet our dex requirements for our skill gems. Increased attack speed = more Molten Strike projectiles, which = more life on hit and more charge generation. The 30% chance for Discharge not to consume charges lets us accumulate our charges to maximum stacks before discharging for maximum damage (keep in mind this will lower survivability due to not always gaining life from Kingsguard).


Pretty much the best option for an offhand. Max resistances, spell damage and spell block are all very powerful. However, a rare shield with life and spell damage is also a viable option.

Atziri's Reflection or Mirror also helps us cap our resistances and meet our intelligence requirements, in addition to having a good chunk of evasion.


Core unique for the build and gives us a ton of survivability. Damage corruption implicit is a nice bonus if you can afford it.


Also a core unique. Any corruption implicit is fine, with the best being +1 max frenzies or resistances. However, a clean implicit helps us reach the requirements for Mjolner as well.


The Mark of the Shaper is optional, but if you can manage to chance an elder Romira's Banquet, is a huge DPS increase. Another good option is a shaper rare with life and spell damage or flat elemental damage to spells.

Romira's Banquet is a core unique and gives us all of our power charge generation, since we take Resolute Technique and cannot crit.


Any rare gloves will do, just be sure to have high life and some attack speed. Evasion base is probably the best, but fingerless silks are also a good option. Balance Wise Oak here with the rare helmet. This build is a little dex starved so having some here is a good idea too.

If you can get the stats you need on a pair of gloves with the Elemental Weakness on hit corruption implicit, then you can drop the curse gem in our CWDT links, however that would be very luxury.

Another possibility is to use the unique gloves "Repentance" and swap out our Vitality aura for Purity of Elements to make up for any missing resistances. This would be a DPS alternative and would free up the helmet slot for a unique. Best corruption here is +1 max frenzies or curse enemies with Elemental Weakness on hit.


Core unique for the build and gives us our frenzy charge generation. Look for attack speed or elemental penetration enchant, and if you can get it, an +1 endurance (or frenzy for you PC guys) corruption.


I use a headhunter because I primarily use this character for Uber Lab and mapping. The high strength and dex rolls help tremendously, but a rare shaper belt with cooldown recovery is also very strong. You'll likely need some strength here to help with Mjolner requirements.

A shaper rare belt with at least 14% cooldown recovery will increase the amount of Discharges we can cast per second and greatly increase our possible DPS.


This is my general mapping flask setup. I swap out the silver flask based on map conditions, but it's ultimately up to personal preference.


Weapon: Discharge - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction/Arc/Concentrated Effect

Use Concentrated Effect for bosses. You can also swap Controlled Destruction for Arc while mapping for slightly better clear, but I find that Discharge has decent enough AoE (also Arc got a slight nerf to chain distance).

Helmet: Immortal Call (Lv 9) - Cast When Damage Taken (Lv 7) - Increased Duration - Blood Rage (Lv 11)

Shield: Fortify - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks

Chest: Greater Multiple Projectiles - Multistrike - Life Gain On Hit - Chance to Bleed - Molten Strike - Faster Attacks (6L)

Gloves: Herald of Ash - Herald of Thunder - Herald of Ice - Vitality/Arctic Armour/Purity of Elements

Boots: Elemental Weakness - Lightning Golem - Flame Golem - Cast When Damage Taken


The Golden Rule jewel is a core unique and is required to make the Red Trail boots function properly. Getting a good corruption on here should be fairly cheap.

Use one Wildfire jewel for more projectiles with Molten Strike.

If you are using Vitality, a Watcher's Eye with life recovery rate, life on hit, life regeneration, or life leech are all good options. If you can afford a combination of any of these mods it will significantly improve survivability.

Any rare jewels with life, spell damage/spell damage with a shield, attack speed/attack speed with shield, and any strength/intelligence you need will work. If you are having trouble meeting your attribute requirements, an Emperor's Mastery prismatic jewel can be helpful in that regard.

*Unnatural Instinct/Might of the Meek*
These jewels make for a very strong combo, I fit them in the scion jewel cluster, however they can be expensive. I do recommend these if you want to min/max this build to its full potential.

Let me know if you have any questions. This is my first build guide, so I'll be updating it when I have the time and I would love any suggestions you guys have. Thanks for reading!
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Would love to see some videos of this build in action
Added a couple videos.
Dope build, bro! This is GG

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