[3.9] Endurance Charge Jugg

Per the 3.10 patch notes multistrike has been bugged with molten strike for pantheons know how long and we just found out. Despite the numerical nerfs in the last few leagues. Molten strike should feel much better this league.

Hello! I am Vivan AKA DoctorShiki, and this is my THICC Jugg build. You may be thinking that this has been done to death, and you would be right. But, I found that most super tanky Jugg's tended to either be Lab farmers because they did not have the dps for bosses, or were high dps glass cannons that relied only on the ascendancies for protection. As someone who usually only plays minion builds and with the "melee patch" of 3.7, I wanted to make an unkillable boss killer/map farmer. And, I think I have done just that, and for much cheaper than I thought I would.

Full Disclosure: I was initially inspired to make this build from the several Jugg builds from Engineering Eternity. Check out his Youtube channel. Also, upon reviewing the forums after I made this character, I found a fairly similar build which I will link here if you are interested. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2237244

My other guide(s):
Omni-golem Primordial Chain Elementalist


+ Very good damage
+ Extremely tanky
+ Customizable/Adjustable based on your preferences
+ Very cheap to get started and even endgame gear is not that expensive
+ Smooth to play, no hassle
+ All your charges look like Elder tentacles


- You are somewhat vulnerable before you get your endurance charges up
- Can't calculate damage in Shapers-per-second like some builds
- Total life pool is kind of low due to using mostly uniques
- Difficult to cap resists before endurance charges without very good rares
- Remembering to use your flasks all the time
- Not a lot of room for extra gem links
- Can't equip most gear until level 68

Core Mechanics

The build is the highly overused Molten Strike Juggernaut. The reason is because of the survivability and the synergy with endurance charges. We are aiming for 9-10 endurance charges in this build (depending on boot corruption or not). This is not only a defensive boon, but also the main source of our damage in relation to duel wielding Nebuloch's. These weapons are the core of the build.

With 10 endurances charges, we get between 100-160 flat Global physical damage (applied to both weapons) as well as 80% physical as extra fire damage on top of the duel wielding damage and attack speed bonuses. That makes them go from an approximately 250 dps weapon to endgame, instantly. The defenses that they give per endurance charge is also stupid. It is like having 3 copies of the Unrelenting Juggernaut ascendancy and gives so much armour that you can basically hit the physical mitigation cap of 90% in a Tabula Rasa. It is so good that you can afford to use all your flasks (except a life flask) for dps, not additional defenses.

We scale the damage based on the projectiles from molten strike and use the Point Blank node with Concentrated Effect and Iron Grip passives with Strength scaling for additional damage. We get Avatar of Fire and cover enemies in Ash with a Xoph's Blood, and we get Elemental Overload from our Molten Strike crits. We use a level 1 Cast when Damage Taken setup with Wave of Conviction to keep the negative 25% fire resistance debuff as well as Flammability with Curse on Hit on trash and bosses as well as keep Blood Rage up at all times for attack speed and frenzy charges with Ancestral Protector for additional More attack speed on bosses. This also helps us move faster with Leap Slam since we are using Kaom's Roots instead of the Unstoppable ascendancy. Between Wave of Conviction, Flammability, and Combustion we reduce the enemies fire resist by 88% for maximum damage.


Keep in Mind that the mitigation is likely worse now with the Fortify rework in 3.9

For physical mitigation, we have capped 90% at all times with charges up which is further reduced with the 5% from the Unbreakable Juggernaut ascendancy and another 24% from Fortify with our main link. This gives us 93% physical mitigation meaning we only take 7% of physical damage. Meaning that Blood Rage's physical degen is nothing but a tickle.

For elemental mitigation, we use Purity of Fire, Ice, and Lightning with an enlighten gem for additional resists/max resists. This can be further improved with level 21 gems if you have a +2 to level of socketed aura gems helmet.The threshold to get an extra 1% max res for a purity gem is at level 23. This gives us 82% fire max res, 81% ice and lightning max res. This is also reduced by 5% from Unbreakable and 24% by Fortify, but it is even further reduced by Reduced Elemental Damage Taken from Unrelenting and the 2 Nebuloch's. With 10 endurance charges, this gives us 28% additional reduced elemental damage, giving us a total of 57% reduced elemental damage applied after resists. This gives us 92% effective fire resistance (94% with a Dying Sun Flask up!) and 92% effective ice and lightning resistances (can be up to 94% with your lowest resist with a Wise Oak Flask Up). This can be even further reduced if you use Vaal Impurities of fire/ice/lightning. With these skills up the effective resists are 97%/97%/97% if you also have your flasks up. With all these resists, it makes the degen from 2 Nebuloch's of 400 damage per second per endurance charge very minimal.

For chaos resists, with 10 endurance charges we get at least positive 60% chaos resist from Unrelenting and Nebuloch's (even with 0 chaos resist on gear). Since we are fully life based, this should be fine for essentially all content.

So we take very little damage from all sources of damage. "So what?" you may be asking. Damage is still damage, and you still need a ton of recovery for hard content. Well, don't worry. We have that too.

With 2 Kaom's Way rings and certain nodes on the skill tree, we have 14% life regen per second just from endurance charges. We also have tons of regen from the Unbreakable ascendancy and more from the tree totaling about 20% life regen per second not including Unbreakable. But, given the degen of Blood Rage and the 2 Nebuloch's (even though it is greatly reduced) you would be rightly concerned if that and flasks were all we had. Therefore, we also use leech.

The Offering to the Serpent Gloves basically makes us a Slayer as well. We actually have more base life leech than regen giving us a total of about 40-45%-ish of our total life pool recovery per second (35-40% when the degen is factored in) without Unbreakable or a life flask. And the gloves are very nice because they allow us to continue to leech even when we are moving between attacks, and it also means that damage bonuses to leeching continue between as well.

You may also notice the life gain on hit with the rings as well which can be further enhanced with jewels, or if you are really rich, a watchers eye with life gain on hit with Vitality, but you would have to change out the necklace for one that gives no mana reservation to one of your purity auras in order to fit in Vitality.

So in short, you can afk in lab traps, do very good damage, and face tank virtually anything with your defenses, life regen, life on hit, and life leech.

Gear Stat Priority

Most important is weapons. You want to buy the ones with the highest physical dps you can followed then by physical as extra fire damage. If you find that you are still not tanky enough for whatever your doing, You can replace the offhand with a Saffell's Frame shield. This will give you more max resistances, but you will lose 10% reduced elemental damage. This is a gain of about 1-2% effective max resistances, BUT you will lose more than half of your damage!! Keep that in mind. Also, it may be harder to find this weapon after the atlas changes.

If you can't afford them yet, go with the highest phyiscal dps 1 handed maces that you can. Extra damage as fire, attack speed, and crit would be good bonuses.

Also, the reason our charges look like Elder tentacles is because of a hidden stat on the Nebuloch's.

For the rings life gain on hit> max life> strength. Keep in mind that the rings are upgraded from from Kaom's Sign rings with the prophecy of The King's Path. The stats stay the same and just gain the regen. Meaning you can buy the base rings for cheap and upgrade them yourself.

An alternative would be Thief's Torment ring(s). It takes up both ring slots, but gives you crazy amounts of life and mana on hit as well as resists. I, personally, do not think that on this particular build that it is worth losing 2 endurance charges, but most other Jugg builds probably would be better with it.

Update: It appears that the Unique Gloves may be either extremely rare or impossible to acquire in the current league. I recommend going for good rares with Life/Resist/Attack Speed/Elemental Damage with Attacks or a 2 socket pair of Tombfist's.

For the gloves, increased damage while leeching> attack and cast speed> armor/es. This can be a little more costly than some of the other pieces. If you cannot find one, use a rare with good life and resists and maybe attack speed.

We use Kaom's Roots for boots. Corruption for +1 max endurance charge> Max Life. The trade off is we get tons of life and save from having to get the Unstoppable ascendancy because it has immunity to stun and freeze as well as negates all attack speed debuffs such as temporal chains (but the snare still applies), but we lose 4 gem sockets, all chance to evade, and all boot movement speed. However, we attack so fast that can get around with leap slam just fine. Or if it really bothers you, get a quicksilver flask.

If you are willing to lose a lot of defense, you can take Unstoppable over Unrelenting and go with extremely well rolled rare boots with Life>resists>movement speed. This will give more DPS by allowing more gem links such as Ancestral Protector, but we will lose alot of our max life.

For the amulet, by far the highest dps and highest life option is a Xoph's Blood, but it can be expensive. In case you were wondering, the covered in ash effect give enemies 20% more fire damage taken (multiplier) and 20% reduced movement speed. It also saves you a skill point on Avatar of Fire. As mentioned above, you can replace the amulet for an Aul's Uprising Amulet with Purity of X reserves no mana cost. This lets you fit in Vitality as an aura which by itself is not that great, but when paired with a Watchers Eye that has life gain on hit with Vitality active, turns this build into the tankiest thing possible with instant full life recovery. I prefer the extra damage, as we are already super tough anyways.

If you need a budget option, you can get a rare with life> fire damage/elemental damage with attacks/attack speed> resists or a Carnage Heart for damage while leeching and more max leech.

For the Oil Annointment, go Disciple of the Unyielding for Damage, or Herbalism for life/flask recovery.

For the helm Resists>> life> + levels to socketed Aura Gems. This may seem counter intuitive, but we are dying for Pre-endurance charge elemental resists at this point. There are only of 2-4 pieces of rare gear in this entire build in order to get resists (depending on body armour). We need this because, while it is unlikely, It is possible to get 1 shot before we get our endurance charges active. This chance goes way, way down if we can at least cap our elemental resists with just our gear and auras.

Also, as I have mentioned above if you have level 21 purity of X gems and a +2 socketed aura gems explicit on your helm, you can get an extra 1% max res for each element. This can be very expensive, especially as bad as we need life and resists on this helm.

For a third, even more expensive option. You can try to go for a very well rolled Socketed Gems are supported by Concentrated Effect and Immolate Helm. This will give you a pseudo 6 link for molten strike. If you do this, you can replace your body armour with a Kaom's Heart which will drastically increase your HP, making you a tanking god. BUT, You would probably have to take off the Kaom's Roots, because you wont have enough gem links to make the build functional with the both of them.

Speaking of body armour, I am currently going with an astral plate with high life rolls and some resists. The armour helps with Molten Shell with damage prevenetion but it is greatly increased due to Ascendancies, the flat armour from the Nebuloch's and the physical mitigation from the endurance charges. Life>>resists>armour.

If you have the currency, you can get an elder astral plate with high life, % life, resists, and maybe base critical modifier, but that would be close to mirror tier so most of us probably can't afford that.

Another option would be a Belly of the Beast. It gives more HP than any non-elder astral plate, comes with all res, and give your life flask more recovery to boot. As I mention above, the highest HP option would be a Kaom's Heart with a pseudo six link molten strike helmet.

For belts, Resists> Life>> Elemental Damage with Attacks or flask/recovery effects. The best option would be a Stygian vise for the extra abyss jewel socket or a very well rolled leather belt. Remember, this is our other rare piece, so get as much resists as possible.

For Jewels, you need one Wildfire. The best would be a corrupted one with immunity to corrupted blood. Otherwise, just get a high fire damage roll and use a bleed flask.

For other jewels, you want them all to have high life rolls. If you are still missing base stats/resists or want more life on hit, get it here. You probably also want 1 abyss jewel with Onslaught on kill. If you are not using Kaom's roots, you can get a blind on hit abyss jewel because blind counts as evasion.

Top DPS stats to look for: Flat physical damage to attacks (base/while duel wielding/with 1 handed weapons/maces), flat fire damage, %increased damage, %increased area damage, %increased projectile damage, %increased fire damage, % increased attack speed, % increased Global Physical Damage (Melee Physical Damage does not affect the projectiles except with strength from the Iron Grip Passive).

My Gear

The gem links are slightly out of date.

Gem Links

Awakened gems will likely be better if you can find them as a substitute for any of the support gems below.

Body: Molten Strike > Concentrated effect > Multistrike > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Elemental Focus > Rage/Endurance Charge on Melee Stun(single target) and Ancestral Call (clearing).

We are purely scaling damage to the orbs, not the melee hit. This is further scaled by the Iron Grip, Point Blank, and Avatar of Fire nodes in the skill tree. Multistrike is very good even with the comparative less attack speed, and the damage does not show up accurately in Path of Building dps for the orbs because it doesn't realize the production of the orbs is tied to every "melee strike". When using the Point Blank ascendancy, Concentrated effect is ALWAYS a dps increase. Normally the balls go from a distance between 5-20 from the player in a circle. Concentrated effect does not shrink the size of the actual orb explosion, just the distance of the radius they can travel. This means that it not only increases the overlap of orbs on a target because they are closer together, but it also means that Point Blank will give its full effect to more of the orbs on average. Elemental Damage with Attacks is pretty self-explanatory.

Rage support and Endurance Charge on Melee Stun (especially with 10 endurance charges) are very good. However, it is hard to keep high amounts of Rage up at all times, so I typically use ECoMS for single target. Ancestral Call is no longer good for single target/bosses anymore unless there are lots of adds close to the boss. It is still the single strongest gem for clearing/maps/delve. And you will likely prefer it even on some boss encounters.

In case your interested in your actual dps, here is a link for a molten strike damage calculator. (I am not sure if this is up to date*)

Alternative Fire Main Skills

Tectonic Slam > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Concentrated Effect/Increased Area of Effect > Melee Physical Damage > Elemental Focus > Multistrike/Pulverise

Concentrated Effect and Multistrike for more damage, or Increased Area of Effect and Pulverise for giant AoE memes. This skill is interesting because it has about a 1 in 3 chance to eat an endurance charge to be much more powerful/more damage/larger AoE. However, between the skill tree and the Jugg nodes, we have a 50% chance to generate endurance charge when hit and another 4 over 4 seconds every time we are hit and have chance to get max charges every time we generate a charge. As long as we are in melee range, we should have no trouble keeping max or 1 less than max endurance charges at almost all times. Once again, all of our defenses and most our offenses come from endurance charges, so if we could not maintain 9-10 charges all the time (Usually if you attack speed is too high), we would be a much weaker character. If you try this skill and you cannot maintain mostly max stacks of charges all the time, I don't recommend using it. But, given the recent nerfs to Molten Strike, this could be the new premier skill for the build.

Infernal Blow> Multistrike > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Melee Physical Damage > (Ruthless and Fortify for single target or Ancestral Call and Melee Splash for clearing)

It has decent clear speed due to the explosions. Single target is a bit lack luster, but it provides a more "true melee" experience.

Consecrated Path > Concentrated Effect/Increased Area of Effect > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Melee Physical Damage > Elemental Focus > Rage/Endurance Charge on Stun

Can be used almost like Flicker Strike or a fast movement skill. Change out Concentrated effect for Increased Area of Effect if you want more damage or AoE. The life regen and crit rate the consecrated ground is also nice.

Helm/Gloves: Vaal Impurity of Fire (level 21)> Vaal Impurity of Ice (level 21)> Vaal Impurity of Lightning (level 21)> Enlighten (level 3 or 4).

As I mentioned above, the Vaal Impurity of X gives a cooldown with additional elemental damage reduction that stacks with it from other sources. This is especially good for fights like Uber Elder where you are worried about a certain kind of damage (cold). You can also use them as psuedo-flasks to get rid of status effects. HOWEVER, the short buff of Vaal Impurity of Fire, drastically lowers our damage because it negates our negative fire resistances on the enemies and sets it to 0. Only use this as a defensive emergency cooldown for fire damage. The other 2 do not affect our damage.

Once again, you only need level 21 auras if you have a helm or gloves with +2 to level of socketed aura gems to get the magical level 23 gems for 5% max res compared to 4% max res. But, this can be very expensive and is not mandatory.

While Enlighten level 4 is ideal, it is also expensive. But, it would potentially free up 4 skill tree points if you can get one. I would probably keep it, however, because I like having extra mana for molten strike or leap slam if you do not use blood magic.

*For a DPS alternative, you can use Haste/Vaal Haste, Herald of Fire, or Anger. But keep in mind you will be losing 4-5% max resistances and will be MUCH more vulnerable. You would probably also need a generic Purity of Elements for 1 of your auras just to reach resist cap pre-endurance charge. This would increase clear speed for farming if you are having no trouble surviving.

Weapon: Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1) > Vaal Molten Shell (lvl 10) > Blood and Sand (always in blood stance)

We use level 1 CWDT with Molten Shell so it is up as often as possible while we use the Vaal Version for an "Oh Crap!" button. The damage mitigation is the same at all gem levels, but the damage and added flat armour are the only thing we get out of levels. Since we have so much armour (especially if using an armor Flask like Rumi's), and we are not using it for an offensive skill, this is not that big of issue. Our goal is to get to 50,000 armour (with flasks) so we can get the max effect out of Molten Shell/Vaal Molten Shell. You can swap things around to add an Increased Duration support gem if you wish. Immortal Call is useless for this build despite all the endurance charges because it lowers our damage way too much to lose our endurance charges not to mention making us less tanky.

Blood Stance from Blood and Sand is amazing for Molten Strike. The less Area of Effect is actually a bonus due to the Point Blank node and we get a free 15% more area damage for the Molten Strike Projectiles. Virtually no reason to use Sand Stance.

Helm/Gloves: Wave of Conviction > Curse on Hit > Flammability > Combustion

This is our standard Curse on Hit setup. Flammability works well with Combustion to help the WoC ignite more. WoC (which always lowers fire due to Avatar of Fire on the necklace), Flammability, and Combustion all lower fire resistance by a total of 88% before calculating the skill tree reductions. You do have to manually cast it in this setup, but if you play the other fire skills mentioned above, you can put Fortify in the main link and move things around so you have WoC in the CWDT setup and then use Storm Brand/Orb of storms for your Curse on Hit/Combustion combo. Theoretically, you might be able to find a Corrupted Nebuloch that gives Fortify on hit to save a gem link.

Weapon: Leap Slam > Fortify > Blood Rage (lvl 16-18 probably based on your Dexterity)

Leap Slam is nice because it can go over ledges too. Another option would be Blood Magic for its mobility/utility which you can do if you are willing to lose projectile damage on Molten Strike to put the Forify there instead. Faster Attacks is also a good alternative for getting around faster. Note that Leap Slam and Fortify are the only part of this that needs to be linked.

For alternatives, consider Ancestral Protector for the attack speed (if you somehow have another way to acquire frenzy charge other than blood rage) or consider using Enduring Cry to start getting endurance charges on boss fights that don't start with adds. Vaal Haste (without regular Haste) is also a great dps cooldown option but probably not worth it if you are using Vaal Impurities and Vaal Molten Shell.


Dying Sun is by far our best Flask due to increased projectiles, mainly. You actually want to go with the lowest Area of Effect roll on it due to Point Blank. Wise Oak is great offensively and defensively. Just make sure fire is your highest resist, but if possible, try to get ice and lightning to be the same when overcapped. This will give 2% effective resist to both of them instead of just 1. Cinderswallow is great since it is a great source of life, mana, and damage since we have a 70%-ish chance to ignite between crits, Flammability, and Combustion. And, since it is a veiled item, you can get either 15% of Damage Taken from Hits during Flask Effect Leeched as Life or 3% life regen. Both of which are good. Since we needed an Onslaught flask anyway for the movement speed and attack speed it works out well. Rumi's is always an option if if it is difficult to acquire one.

If you have trouble getting Elemental Overload to Proc, try using a diamond flask.

I recommend a Blood of the Karui for your life flask for emergencies. For the last flask, it should probably be a Sulphur flask with bleed cleanse/resist or Quicksilver with the same depending on your preference.

Skill Tree





Late (with Avatar of Fire from Xoph's Blood):


The tree is vary customizable. If you would prefer more attack speed or leech, go for it. If you can afford good quad jewels with high life rolls and 3 dps/life on hit/resistance stats, it would probably be worth taking out some of the damage nodes for 3 node jewel sockets based on what you need.

Alternative Skill Tree for Tectonic Slam/Consecrated Path:



Go Unflinching first to get the Endurance Charges rolling and to supplement crappy leveling gear.

Next, get Undeniable for massive accuracy, attack speed, and damage bonuses (Can get this one first if you really need it).

Next, get Unbreakable since hopefully by then you will not still be wearing a Tabula Rasa and will have a 5 or 6 link body armour with some armour and life.

Lastly, get Unrelenting to finish out our defenses with endurance charges. Or if you refuse to use Kaom's roots due to the movement speed/lack of gem links, go with Unstoppable.


Soul of Solaris is the best because of the reduced extra damage from crits, reduced elemental damage, and reduced area damage. If you don't have stun immunity of some kind yet, go with Brine King.

For minor, pick based on situation. But, I'm partial to Tukohama and Ralakesh.


Kill All


By far the best helm enchant is +2 projectiles to molten strike, but it is almost impossible to find/afford a helmet like that, especially with the stats that we need on it. So, I recommend running it through lab yourself.

For gloves, it is your choice. All of the damage/non-fire ones will be converted to fire at a rate of 50% due to Avatar of Fire, so physical or fire enchants are probably the best.

For boots, up to your preference. The movement speed and regen/leech ones are pretty good.

Map Mods

Elemental reflect red maps are the worst since we are 100% fire damage, but I've done them (slowly). You can out leech the damage as long as you dont hit Onslaught, Blood Rage, or your dps flasks. The Minor Pantheon Yugul would help with the 25% less reflected damage taken.

Everything else is easy mode. Temp chains doesn't really matter matter since leap slam and can't have attack speed debuffs.

Path of Building


Keep in mind that the projectiles spawn from each melee hit which does not factor into the PoB DPS calculation for the projectile balls when using Multistrike. DPS is much higher than stated per ball because of that.

I also added alternative trees and gem links for Tectonic Slam, Consecrated Path, and Infernal Blow to the PoB. Also, You can use Fortify in the links of those 3 skills without drastically lowering dps like with Multistrike. If you do, you can use either Faster Attacks or Blood Magic with Leap Slam if you want.

Feel free to give me feedback if you tried the build.
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12/11/19 - Updated for 3.9.

6/10/19 - More updates for 3.7 now that PoB is updated.

6/6/19 - Updated for 3.7

5/6/19 - Updated my gear. Updated/improved multiple sections. Added Path of Building section.

5/4/19 - Corrected some of the math and fixed some typos.

5/1/19 - Created.
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Really well done, and thorough! :D
Kwikkill wrote:
Really well done, and thorough! :D

(sorry double post)
Last edited by tecito9000 on May 2, 2019, 9:02:41 PM
I was thinking of using Mind over Matter instead of the auras and Loreweave for max resists, it would cost about the same passive points and free up 4 skill gems...

But then I realized that we need the auras for uncapped resistances prior to endurance charges
Last edited by tecito9000 on May 2, 2019, 9:03:39 PM
tecito9000 wrote:
I was thinking of using Mind over Matter instead of the auras and Loreweave for max resists, it would cost about the same passive points and free up 4 skill gems...

But then I realized that we need the auras for uncapped resistances prior to endurance charges

Sorry, I saw your post at work and didn't have time to respond until now.

So about the loreweave. There is a couple of reasons I didn't use it actually. If it is a pre-nerf one with 80% resist cap in standard it might be worth it, but I still prefer the current loadout for the following reasons:

-Like you said, we have only 2 rares and need to somehow get like 140 to all resist which cant happen unless you sacrifice some other really pivotal gear for the build. We need the resists and the max resists.

-81/80/80 vs. 78/78/78 is still a pretty big reduction if you are trying to be very tanky.

-The low armour on it means you will be very squishy at the beginning of maps and bosses before you get the endurance charge train rolling making you susceptible to unexpected early oneshots.

-It has about 1/3 the max hp on it compared to my current astral and far less than a Belly of the Beast or Kaoms Heart. You may think this is not a big deal if you use MoM, but I only have like 1000 mana currently.

-Related to the above point, we are a leech and regen build, not really a life on hit build. Both of those are directly related to our max actual Life, not effective life with MOM. If you change the build to be a life on hit build and have more global defenses rather than endurance charges so you can use rare gear, this may be better for you actually.

-And lastly, if I had that much mana free to use, I would instead go with either haste/vaal haste, anger, and/or herald of fire for more dps, personally.

Hope this helps.
Yes, it helped a lot, thanks! I'm currently building based on your guide. I have an unused level 91 chieftain that I'll make into a juggernaut for this.

I also had a legacy 80% loreweave, so I was tempted to use it, but ended up getting a relatively affordable 2ex 6link that after some minor crafting became similar to yours, it has less life, less armor and a little more resistance.

I'll make the character public as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Is there a particular reason we're aiming for life primarily on chest and resistance as secondary, but the other way around for belts? I'm guessing those mods are more common and less expensive on those slots?
Doing the tree now, I figured out two ways to get a little extra:

1) Remove two 5% extra life nods from around constitution, and get juggernaut nod for +6% and +4% life respectively (I'm pretty sure those work up to the same total extra life), then we get an additional 28% increased armor and 20% life recovery from flasks.

2) Another thing: From early in the path of skill tree I figured that you value 0.8% life regen per second over 4% maximum life and 12% armor. That struck me as a weird choice but it's your build so you know better (I still don't understand the life or mana on-hit effects for example, I always thought they were useless)

Anyway, later on you have a chance to take Sanctity for +1% life regen per second plus other boosts, and get a 5% maximum life nod along the way. If the life regen is better then we should take Sanctity and remove two extra 5% life nods from around Constitution, otherwise if max life is better we should take the 4% life and 12% armor nod as we start, instead of the 0.8% life regen per second nod.

Or if we want both for some reason, we can take both Sanctity, the one 5% life and the one 4% life + 12% armor, and remove two +5% life nods from around constitution and the one 0.8% life regen from the start, then we end up with: +9% max life, +10% max energy shield (probably useless), +32% increased armor and +10 to strenght and intelligence... With the current setup for those 3 nods all we get is: +10% maximum life, +0.8% life regen per second
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tecito9000 wrote:
Doing the tree now, I figured out two ways to get a little extra:

1) Remove two 5% extra life nods from around constitution, and get juggernaut nod for +6% and +4% life respectively (I'm pretty sure those work up to the same total extra life), then we get an additional 28% increased armor and 20% life recovery from flasks.

2) Another thing: From early in the path of skill tree I figured that you value 0.8% life regen per second over 4% maximum life and 12% armor. That struck me as a weird choice but it's your build so you know better (I still don't understand the life or mana on-hit effects for example, I always thought they were useless)

Anyway, later on you have a chance to take Sanctity for +1% life regen per second plus other boosts, and get a 5% maximum life nod along the way. If the life regen is better then we should take Sanctity and remove two extra 5% life nods from around Constitution, otherwise if max life is better we should take the 4% life and 12% armor nod as we start, instead of the 0.8% life regen per second nod.

Or if we want both for some reason, we can take both Sanctity, the one 5% life and the one 4% life + 12% armor, and remove two +5% life nods from around constitution and the one 0.8% life regen from the start, then we end up with: +9% max life, +10% max energy shield (probably useless), +32% increased armor and +10 to strenght and intelligence... With the current setup for those 3 nods all we get is: +10% maximum life, +0.8% life regen per second

So the reason I went life on body and more resists on the other rares is because the upper limit on the body is so much higher for life but also if you do end up changing to a Belly or Kaom's Heart, you wont be so desperate trying to cap your resists again.

You are right that the skill tree isn't not completely optimized. Part of it, is OCD that I don't like the Constitution life wheel to have missing nodes. But given that this tree has to stretch really far across the tree to hit the notables and a lot of points go into base stat nodes to get there, we are really tight on skill points. I would loved to pick up more close by life nodes and very decent 3-4 node dps clusters. I am also ashamed that there are 2 and 3 node jewel socket nodes that I did not pick up, when they are so good (if you can afford great jewels).

My Priority system is something like this:

Most efficient path to needed notables> Major life nodes > 2 node jewel sockets> Major DPS nodes (fire pen, attack speed, physical as extra X)> Regen~Minor life nodes> minor Dps nodes> armour.

Something like this may be better:


You lose about 2 hundred life but gain a jewel socket and and 1% regen
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