[3.6] Orb of Storms Assasin Crit - Hispster Build - Fast Clear

Hello all EveryDayEngineering here and welcome to my first build attempt. I've been working on this for a few leagues now but looks like the power creep from gear is good enough to make this work and then some.

I've always liked Orb of Storms since it came out and saw some potential in the base skill, along with the fact I enjoy playing a build from the start. Not having to respec at 68.

There's a clause in Orb of Storms that says "using lightning skill while inside the orb's cloud unleashes additional bolts." Currently POB is putting me at 6.08 cast per second. Well if you use Lightning Tendrils and stack cast speed its pretty nuts how fast bosses can melt. Now 1 big boss crit and I'm prob dead, but wasnt made for bossing.

Simple enough build, just run around drop an Orb every pack you see. Flame dash around to the next pack, rinse and repeat.

I probably could drop some DPS nodes for more Life but I don't play HC and enjoy the danger of glass cannon.


The staff right now is BIS that I could find. Roughly 8ex. Honestly you don't need the GG staff to make it work. A +2 lightning staff works just fine as well.

This was my old staff and still worked great.




Orb of Storms - Lightning Pen - Inc Crit Chance - Faster Casting - Added Lightning Dmg - Intensify (Switch to preferred gem for bosses)

Lightning Tendrils - Infused Channeling - Innervate - Blind - Arcane Surge - Energy Leech This could be done differently but I use Blind to help with defenses. I use Energy Leech because while I don't have massive amounts of ES, the low charge means I'm for the most part always leeching a small amount of ES so the buffs there. Could probably be better options but its been working for now.

Flame Dash - Inc Crit - Faster Casting

HoT - HoI - Enlighten - Onslaught (I enjoy having it most of the map as more cast speed means more procs off orb)

Blasphemy - Enlighten - Warlord's Mark (change to what ever curse you want)


Honestly, just attach Orb of Storms to Inc Crit Chance/Added Lightning Damage and use (2)
Then just start dropping them orbs. I recommend sticking with Lightning Tendrils early on as itll help with boss clear.


Took Alira for Multi/Mana/Res, you can take 2 points if you want.


Took Soul of the Bring King for stun immunity, then the last is personal pref.


Unstable Infusion > Deadly Infusion > Opportunistic > Ambush & Assassinate : You can flip the last 2 if you want. Just typical Assassin Crit Spec


Sorry for poor quality, I wanted to get something out instead of waiting for perfect recording and all that.

Delve - Depth 200 : https://youtu.be/mYUfTlw-puI

T13 Corrupted UnID: https://youtu.be/R1DoMUkCKhU

Well if you want to see more of the build in action, you can check it out over at twitch.tv/everydayengineering Thanks!
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