[3.6] Beefriedrice's Guide to just Bane | No Secondary Skill | No Uniques, All Content, League Start

There are a variety of guides to using Bane with a second skill to dps bosses.

I don't understand any of these guides for one reason: my dps with just bane is great, I don't have need for a second skill at all.

Prior to this league I had never even attempted to do Uber Elder myself. With this build not only have I done it, I've done it deathlessly, including on my first attempt. And I'm not a great player.

The build is relatively simple: run around casting bane on things. For bosses do mechanics while you watch them die. Sometimes cast bane a second time.

What makes this build different from other Bane builds:

Just one thing makes this different: the Ascendancy Talent Withering Presence, but that difference is substantial. Other builds instead focus on taking Profane Bloom -> Malediction in order to get around hexproof and get an additional curse.

The thing is hexproof only happens on some maps and NEVER on fights like the Elder, Uber Elder, or Elder guardians. When it shows up on a map you can reroll it if you want to, but you don't have to. Bane has the curse tag but that tag almost entirely only gives benefits from things that affect curses. Hexproof prevents Despair from being applied which halves your dps, but even at half dps you still instant kill most trash, and for most bosses, you just have to play hide and seek a few seconds longer. It's really not a big deal. Malediction gives +1 curse: so what? There are only 3 curses that really help this build. Despair, Enfeeble, and Temporal Chains. We're already running 2 of those 3. We don't NEED a third. By giving these things up we instead get Void Beacon which is amazing and by itself does nearly as much dps as Profane Bloom and Malediction put together. AND then as if that weren't enough we get to also take withering presence which has an amazing dps boost, a massive free shot of chaos resist that makes gearing even easier, and does things path of building doesn't track very well. Namely it automatically applies wither to everything near you... FOR FIFTEEN SECONDS every second.

Wither increases the chaos damage enemies take. Increasing the damage an enemy takes is roughly equivalent to doing MORE damage, it's a multiplier on the final amount of calculated damage for that monster. It also stacks 15 times. Normally you have to apply wither with the skill of the same name or through some other tricky means. And these normal means only last 2 seconds. This makes it very hard to get to 15 stacks of wither.

With this ascendancy node you don't have to do that. It just happens automatically without you doing anything. And because each stack lasts for 15 seconds, its really really easy to get to 15 stacks of wither. So boss fights get easier the longer they go. The only reason we run wither totems is not because we have to, but because they help us get to 15 stacks faster (I also like them for triggering traps and acting as decoys, but that's just bonus). You can easily drop the wither totem if you want room for other gems.

Pros and Cons:

*One click, one kill for nearly all trash and some bosses.
*Fantastic beginner build/ league starter
*One click dps means the screen isn't full of flashy effects
*You can easily focus on learning boss mechanics
*All rare items makes this build very easy to gear, and easy to self craft
*Scales well with your gear, starts strong, gets stronger
*Easy 10-12k ES with 2k Life
*Can be made low life or CI if you want.
*Great with bursty damage
*Enhances party chaos damage without trying.
*Amazing at Labyrinth. Ran 373 chests in one day for end game grinds with this build while barely paying attention.
*Optional Watcher's Eye (Faster Energy Shield Recharge Start with Discipline) good but not required
*Can easily be made into a Trickster for lots of Evasion at a small dps and ES cost.
*Self Cast, Self Targeted
*Runs reflect maps without an issue
*Can focus on mechanics for fights like Uber Elder, making them relatively easy.
*Summons beyond bosses like it was destiny. AoE a group, then next wave runs in and dies in the same spot.

*No non-standard movement speed increases
*Not good with sustaining long periods of damage.
*Self Cast, Self Targeted
*Bad map mods are: No Mana Regen, and maybe hexproof
*Only ok at delving. Very stop and go which can be not good.

Path of Building and Character Links:

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/dnUuNGyD

Current Gear/Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Beefriedrice/characters
Character Name: Beefriedsynthesis

About Bane

Bane is a skill that applies a damage over time effect and also applies any linked curses. Each curse applied increased bane's duration and it's damage significantly.

However it's important to note that the MORE damage effect for each curse is added together for each curse. Level 20 bane does 49% more damage for each curse applied. That means 1 curse is 49% more, 2 curses is 98% more. So 2 curses deal less damage than 1 curse and one support gem. This is why we'll only be applying one curse with bane: Despair.

If you really want to apply additional curses with Bane you can use Vixen's Entrapment to apply those curses, but I find this is unneeded.

Another great thing about Bane is it doesn't "Hit" enemies. That means it ignores proximity shields and other effects that trigger on hit.


The Bane 6 Link:

This is a pretty basic set up for a chaos damage gem. It's worth noting that many spells want a level 4 empower gem to increase their damage. However the damage increase from level 4 empower is roughly a side grade to a Level 20, 20% quality void manipulation gem. Might as well save the exalted and not bother. The only reason you would use an empower gem is if you end up with a staff that you have to/ get to craft +2 to support gems onto, or one with +1 to socketed gems. Then and only then is empower 4 worth getting over void manipulation 20. I happen to have a decent staff that is all +chaos gems so I just don't need it.

Wither Totems

You don't actually need these totems. They just let you get 15 stacks of wither on bosses faster. I also like using them to trigger traps or to get attacked periodically.

Vaal Blight/ Bane

So I can here some of you now saying "but I thought he said there was no secondary dps skill". It's true there isn't. Vaal blight just gives us a burst of increased chaos damage taken debuff that stacks with wither. Blight linked to infused channeling can be used for .6 seconds to give us a buff that does 10% more chaos damage. Great for after you've already put Bane on the boss and are standing in a corner watching them die. Plus while you are channeling Blight you get 8% less Physical and 8% less Chaos damage taken which is sometimes relevant.

Flame Dash

Nothing special here. Just your standard flame dash set up. Make sure you keep Arcane Surge at level 1 so that it triggers every time you cast flame dash, giving you a nice more Spell Damage buff.

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Enfeeble

Again nothing unusual here. Immortal call prevents big bursts of physical damage, and enfeeble makes sure that after you get hit once subsequent hits are less frequent and for less damage.


Vaal Discipline is your safety net. If things go sideways it gives you 4 seconds of great survival. You don't need or want increased duration on it because of the Vile Bastion ascendancy node. Once you start regenerating it will last for 4 seconds no matter what. So extra duration is just increasing the time it has soul gain prevention.

The discipline aura is more ES, and faster recharge.

Malevolence is just a great damage boosting aura.

If you can afford it the one very useful unique for the build needs these two auras: A watcher's eye with faster ES recharge (Discipline) and unaffected by bleeds (Malevolence). The bleed immunity makes it so you can easily reassign your staunching flask to dousing which will save you more often than you might think.


Kill All, +2 passives. Surprise!


Minor=Shakari. Get Immunity to Poison asap.
Major=Lunaris. Maybe Solaris while bossing, I don't bother switching, too lazy.

Gearing Up

My Gear

Gear For Getting Started

What makes this such a beginner friendly and league start friendly build is that we don't care about ANY of our gear being any specific thing. And there are lots of great starter items we can begin with.


For your weapon I like using a staff, but you can easily change that to a wand and shield and put the 6 link in your chest. By using a staff it lets us do +socketed gem level mods, and it lets the chest focus on energy shield mods. But you can build this however you want.

Your ideal staff is going to be something like a Cane of Unraveling.

However I don't recommend getting one. A 6 linked Cane of Unraveling will cost you several exalts, more earlier in a league.

Even though its a good weapon, you can instead buy ANY non-corrupted 6 linked staff with at least item level 55 (the level required to get +2 to socketed Chaos Gems). This will run you 20 to 50 chaos depending on where in the league you are. From there you can fossil craft it easily to get something league starter friendly.

Staff Fossil Crafting Quick and cheap

Aberrant, Corroded, Metallic are what I would use if you only have 3 fossil resonators. If you have access to four socket resonators cheaply Prismatic rounds out the set. What you're looking for is as simple as +2 to socketed Chaos Gems and an open prefix slot. That's it. Craft on +% to non-ailment chaos damage over time multiplier, and you've made a weapon comparable to a 6l Cane of Unraveling drastically cheaper. You can do this by spamming Orbs of Alteration instead if you want and can afford that.

Later when trying to upgrade past this staff you might consider Aetheric Fossils for a chance at +20% more spell damage to socketed gems. But this needs TWO prefixes to roll correctly so it might take more tries.

As an alternative you can also get a shaped staff and try to roll it with socketed gems are supported by level X Arcane surge and +2 to socketed chaos gems, but this will likely be more expensive to craft for yourself.

The best staves will have +70 non-ailment chaos damage multiplier significantly higher than you can craft on yourself.

Really you just want a staff with 3 great prefixes. You suffixes almost don't matter.

Chest, Helm, Boots and Gloves

For your helm and chest get items with the most energy shield you can afford these are where you will get most of what you will have.

You don't need Shavronne's Wrappings. You can easily get to 75% chaos resistance. Your fourth labyrinth run gets you +60% chaos resist and you get a bunch more in your normal tree.

For boots any Two Toned Boots with 30% movement speed and good resists work great.

If you can get good Fingerless gloves go for it, but a pair of elder gloves with non-ailment chaos damage multiplier is your best in slot. Alternately you can get sorcerer's gloves with high energy shield, or if you really want to apply more curses use Vixen's Entrapment.

Dense fossils are great, cheap/ relatively easy to farm and can single handedly craft you the gear you want on a good base.


Rings and Amulet

Your best neck is an elder necklace with Non-ailment chaos damage multiplier, but don't focus on getting that right away.

For your ring and amulet slots you need to focus on whatever you are missing.

These can be acquired on any piece of gear but they are important to get:

1) +5 mana on kill. This is essential for fights where adds spawn rapidly. Because one cast is one kill on trash, this by itself will solve ALL of your mana issues. Until you get it from gear, you should get it from the passive node "Soul Siphon" by the Shadow starting area. You can also find this on gloves if you are lucky, but don't go out of your way for it or it might make them very expensive. Cheaper to find on rings or an amulet.

2) +60 Strength. You need about 60 strength total form your gear. Whatever you don't get on your other slots you'll need to get jewelry.

3) +10 dexterity. Nice and easy to get, if all works out it will be the implicit on your amulet.

4) An open prefix slot for crafting on rings. Craft onto your rings "Faster start of energy shield recharge". Don't waste an exalt on the better version until you have rings you know you are keeping for a long time. The 2 regal version is just fine.

5) Any resists you still need. Use rings and amulets to fill out any still missing resistances.

6) Maximum Energy Shield (and on amulet +% maximum energy shield - which can be crafted on amulets).


For a starter belt Bated breath is great. Later on you can upgrade to a well rolled crystal belt but it has to be pretty strong to pass what bated breath gets you for cheap.


You want the same 2 prefixes on every jewel: %Increased maximum energy shield, and %faster start of energy shield recharge.

For suffixes you want any of the following:
*Increased Attributes
*Increased Resistances
*Non-Ailment Chaos Damage Multiplier
*Spell Damage
*Damage Over Time
*Increased Damage

Any attributes and resistances you manage to get on jewels is that much less you need on your other gear, which makes it easier to get better gear for less cost. Don't underestimate how useful they can be.

If you can afford it your splurge item is:
but this isn't a requirement.


Pretty standard fare. There aren't any really great or required dps flasks, use what you are comfortable with. You'll want a life flask for when you take chaos damage and a quicksilver flask for movement. Your other 3 are up to you. I went with a Jade, a Granite, and a Sulphur, but you could just as easily go with 3 elemental resistance flasks.

All that really matters is that you have a solution to bleeds (A staunching flask) if you don't have a watcher's eye that makes you immune, a solution to freezing (A "heat" flask), possibly 2 because you don't have a ton of life so you are slightly more vulnerable to freezes, an anti curse flask (warding), and I recommend an anti burning flask (dousing) because even small burns prevents your energy shield recharge from starting and that's dangerous.

The Passive Tree

My Tree at 98

You can also see the tree at different levels in the path of building file (Listed again for your convenience: Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/dnUuNGyD)

1) Wicked Ward
2) Vile Bastion
3) Void Beacon
4) Withering Presence

For an explanation of why Void Beacon/ Withering Presence over Profane Bloom/ Malediction see the "What makes this build different" section near the start of the guide.

Explaining my choices

I feel like a couple of these choices need explaining.

Soul Siphon gets you the critically important Mana on Kill until you have it on your gear. Once you have it in your gear you can refund those points.

Blood Siphon gives you 20 strength removing some gear requirements, and gives you life on kill which isn't critical but is certainly convenient when fighting large groups that do chaos damage (like in the temple). It also makes it easy to take Trickery which is solid damage, and more attributes.

The nodes adjacent to Resourcefulness are great for early on when your gear doesn't quite have the resistances you need, but once your gear can cover it those nodes are less useful.

Influence is as good as a damage nodes and 2 energy shield nodes at the cost of 3 nodes while also getting you a little more mana. It's easily sacrificed if you want to move points around.

If you want more area of effect grab Arcane Expanse and the nodes leading up to it.

Cruel Preparation isn't bad either if you need more resistances from your tree.


Don't level counting on energy shield unless you know exactly what you are doing. Even then, why?

The thing is while you are leveling your gear is changing often, and energy shield more than life needs to have the right gear or it isn't very good. Take some extra life nodes, and then when you get to end game and can wear end game quality gear then respec your life nodes into energy shield nodes.

For levels 1 to 24 use freezing pulse with 2 lifesprigs if you can get them. Go straight for a jewel slot and add a first snow if you can get that. There are much better leveling guides out there that will cover this.

Once you hit level 24 you can go straight to Bane. It's good right away and will work straight to end game. Assuming you only have a 4 link you want:
Bane - Despair - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction/ Swift Affliction (depending on colors available). Vixens Entrapment are pretty great for leveling, slap an temporal chains and an enfeeble in there (assuming you have +1 curses already on your passive tree) and bosses are super easy.

Another potentially useful leveling unique is Doedre's Scorn (for the high energy shield and curse duration - bane doesn't hit so it won't increase damage that way)

This is a work in progress, more to come.
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