[3.6] OcculNaut Crawling with Spiders - tanky, medium DPS build for going for 100

This describes the build I am using in 3.6 to attempt to hit level 100 with.

Notable goals:

- as survivable as possible (78+% all resist, most of the time physical immune, 15k+ es with recharge starting in 0.8s, with flasks up 20+k evasion, crazy evade chance from watcher's eye grace mod + additional evade chance in ring, default shield block)

- suitable for medium involvement (I don't particularly have to aim to get poisons flowing with winter orb, although aiming to hit with CwC soulrend helps little as Arakaali spiders come up slightly faster)

- NOT boss killer (although I've done uber elder with it; shaper dps in PoB for my current trash clearing setup is around 1,5M, with a bow, you can easily double or even triple it)

- not insanely slow (quicksilver of adrenaline, clear speed sufficient for non-endgame bosses)

- all map mods (I don't even look at them; flame dash, vigilant strike, and winter orb are all 0 mana given -mana cost somewhere in gear, and we don't care about regen, leech, or any of that stuff.. reflect is non-issue as winter orb is kept at level 1)

Build type options:

- occultist with automatic endurance charges (covered here)

- occultist with manual enduring cry (takes cast every few seconds; I used
this as starter in league)

- scion juggernaut+X (second class depends on preferences; I am thinking of
trying it in flashback)

The first option is what I went for with ever since I saw the synthesis
mods. For that, you need 'gain endurance charge every second if you have
been hit recently' implicit armor. That can be expensive; examples:

Current passive tree:

Level 99, 2 passives from bandits):


Basically when gearing up, go for spiritual aid, and then whatever floats your boat.

For damage, we have use two options:

- Arakaali's fang spiders

- Herald of agony

for general clear, and pure herald of agony crawler for bossing. If damage is to be maximized, go for Celestial Bob crawler style action with herald of agony in a bow, like this:

( with whatever supports you can afford; with this skill tree, that should result in ~3-5M shaper dps which is enough as I turtled my way through uber elder easily enough with it although not deathless as my playing skills are limited )


- despair

- poacher's mark (big bonus for crawler, frenzy charges are OP)

- enfeeble


- Arakaali supports: withering touch, multistrike, minion speed (or damage if bossing, but I don't bother).

- Herald of agony in hat supports: empower if level 4 (otherwise damage on full life, or maim; plenty of options), pierce, minion damage (or possibly also others, depends on how you manage your mana reservation)

- Winter orb (level 1) CwC Soulrend for applying poison; additional supports GMP and poison (and one optional - I use controlled destruction but damage is so minimal it does not really matter anyway)

- CWDT (level 1): spirit offering (level 8), poacher's mark (level 5)

- CWDT (max level): enfeeble, immortal call, golem of your choice (I use
flame golem)

Additional utilities and auras to taste; I use vigilant strike, grace+vaal grace, flame dash and discipline.


As this is a CI build, you really want to have immunity to bleeding (e.g. flask or Apep's supremacy), and additionally ignite, freeze, shock and curse immunity. If not using cyclopean coil, that rules out using ANY unique flasks. I use following setup:

Rest of gear:

Shaper's touch with curse on hit (I use despair, enfeeble works also but I prefer having it in CWDT)

Belt: you want ES% from body armor and then something. Example:

Boots: Sin treks, or more expensive onslaught boots (I have yet to craft
ones, and I doubt I will either). 2% life/mana regen if recently hit is
probably best enchant for the build.


- Watcher's eye with faster ES regen start (or es recovery, es on hit, but they are worse options) and ideally +evade chance with grace if you choose to go with grace like I do.

- Golden rule to double poison application (mandatory if using Apep's supremacy - otherwise 3% max resists won't be up most of the time)

Jewelry: Again, ES% from body armor and then something, examples:


Getting everything listed above is probably .. a lot .. and I didn't even bother linking in watcher's eye options. However, I started league with this, and it is entirely feasible to start with tens of chaos budget; for that you need:

- Arakaali's fang (the most expensive component, ~25c in Synthesis)
- hat with ideally +minion gems or minion damage
- some ES torso with 5+L (plenty of cheap ones)
- cyclopean coil (ideally with 15% incr attrs)
- sin trek
- some few chaos jewelry
- some shield

and you can be already rocking. Probably ES will be slightly lower, but just Arakaali setup with minimalist skill tree gets close to 1M shaper dps, and crawler does some bonus things on top (200-300k) on really low budget too.

Budget bossing option is to get writhing jar and desecrate somewhere to keep spiders up in long fights on bosses. If you run out of them, you probably will have pain if budget crawler does not do enough damage.

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Update: I hit level 100 uneventfully. One RIP in leveling phase from 98 to 100; bloodline(?) mass corpse explosion I did not bother dodging as plenty of volatile explosions etc had failed to kill me, but this one did. I think this is my first and last 100, the grind is simply pointless and not that enjoyable, I did it just to see if it was possible for me (and unsurprisingly enough it was).

(I had to avoid some rippy Delve bosses at 400+ depth to avoid wasting xp, and obviously Uber E was off the table during the grind too.)

Summary of main leveling method:

- ~380 T16 elder maps, 40 of them Wharf, rest Alleyways. Two (and change) sets of Saint's Treasure (4.x ex, woop for 340 Alleyways). ~11M/hour during last level.

- Delved until depth 400+, never got deeper due to playing solo, but kept going deeper until the end. Slightly more exp than T16s, but not much.

- Ignored Nexus after 99.6 after I figured my maps would last, but it turns out 4 sextants + harbringer/beyond/bloodlines + elder/shaper ping pong was enough to sustain Alleyways - I finished the grind at ~40 maps having started it around same number. Before 99.6 I sold ~50 T16 maps though, so Nexus seems to be ~+15% maps or so. Nexus was shit exp due to bad layouts and density for most part (sure, +50% packsize modified open level 83 tiles were nice but they were not that large part of the whole).

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