[3.6] Occultist - Voidfletcher Barrage/Ice shot (2.7-4.1M shaper DPS-8.5 k ES) - UBER ELDER down


This is the 1st build I share. Hope you'll enjoy it.

The idea of this build was to have :

1) Good damage mitigation
2) Energy shield character
3) Bow character with typical ranger skills (barrage / iceshot)

This is at level 92 :

Defenses :

- Immune to chaos damage (CI)
- -25% elemental damage (incandescent heart + CI)
- Cannot be stunned (Occ ascendancy)
- 10% less overall damage taken (Malediction Occ ascendancy)
- 30% physical damage taken as cold damage (taste of hate, to consider with incandescent heart, op)
- 2 curses, including 1 defensive one : enfeeble
- 8.5k ES, with ES leech rate x2 (Ghost reaver)


- From 1.7M barrage (single target) to 3.1M barrage shaper DPS (enemy killed recently, power charges, frenzy charges)
- Voidfletcher AOE damage : With barrage it does 5 voidshot projectile per arrow fired, which is a maximum of 25 voidshots when full charge. Which is approx : 1,5 M Damage when you release 5 void charges. With 1 void charge every 0.5sec, this is 0.6M DPS (not including the OPENING 5 charges burst). I'll consider here around 1M DPS increase from voidfletcher AOE.

TOTAL OF 2.7M to 4.1M shaper DPS.

Few things to know :

- You need 111 strengh for Damage on Full life lvl 20.
- Watcher's eye with % of physical converted to cold is a HUGE DPS increase
- You need accuracy (around 89% would be great, i'm only having 85% here).
- You need movespeed on boots (Quality of Life).
- You need 2 Six-Links (armor and weapon).
- Having an Unset ring allows you to have a lightning golem which is 6% more damage
- Enlighten support gem level 2 is enough, but level 3 brings more QoL.
- Additionnal arrow on Hubris circlet base is cheap ! Got mine for 10 chaos, then crafted it.
- You need 1 abyss jewel with % chance to gain onslaught on kill.
- Arborix and Voidfletcher are both expensive on league start.
- That char was my league starter and it was a pain to get started...

- I used to switch Hatred for Herald of Ice (into the CoH - Assassin's Mark setup) for mapping (because i love the HoI effect).
- You can only use Blood rage during mapping. For boss fights like Uber Atziri, Elder, Uber Elder, Shaper, it's better to not activate blood rage. (only during add spawn phase for elder). (blood rage prevent your ES recharge to procc, which is a bad idea when you play Occultist).

2.7M DPS PoB : https://pastebin.com/CciBPYKN
4.1M DPS PoB : https://pastebin.com/4WwW0v6g

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I have a ton of currency left on HC and want to try this build - can you tell me if you had a lot of currency what you would change? Why not a 900ES+ chest?
I have a ton of currency left on HC and want to try this build - can you tell me if you had a lot of currency what you would change? Why not a 900ES+ chest?

You might want to adapt few things to the build since you plan to try it in HC (which I didn’t play).

With more currency I would :

- Not switch the chest : More ES isn’t worth 25% ele damage mitigation from Incandescent Heart. Or maybe 900+ ES chest and add a crystal belt with % increased ES from chest… To make it worth you have to have around 20% max ES increase in my opinion. Even with this, you won’t leech enough ES to fill your ES fast enough… So to me, 25% ele damage mitigation from chest is better than 25% max ES…

- Aim for higher ES helmet with -9% cold res to enemies and +1 barrage projectile enchant.

- Get a corrupted +1 arrow Voidfletcher (higher damage, but very expensive).

- Get synthesised Onslaught sorcerer boots, with high ES, MS and res would be awesome (higher damage on single target, and better QoL, but very expensive).

- Get Better rings : The best would be a Assassin’s mark lvl 12 curse on hit ring with nearly same affix I have on mine (you need accuracy as well).

- Get Better gloves : Enfeeble curse on hit high ES gloves with attack speed, and the resists you need to get capped.

If you have those 2 curse on hit, you can have a CWDT + Cold snap + ground chill + unbound ailment to make the enemy take increased frost damage (because of chill from cold snap, which is the supported skill here). You need to check if you have enough “skill gem slots” to have everything. If not, you could go for CWDT + cold snap + IC + Ground chill : in that case you don’t have to play with unset ring.

- Get Better Abyss jewels OFC (higher ES, 4th affix) and one with blind instead of onslaught on kill.

- Get a 3 affix Watcher’s eye (with another Hatred mod, or discipline one) : but would be very expensive here.

- There is also room for improvement on my amulet.


Overall my gear isn’t very expensive, and if you have the currency you can get way higher damage / ES

My gear is around (when I bought it) :

- Chest = 5 ex

- Bow = 6ex

- Quiver = 50c

- Helmet = Cost me 30 c (base + craft)

- Gloves = 30 c

- Boots = 1 ex

- Belt = 40 c

- Abyss jewels  = Around 20c each.

- Watcher’s eye = 8 ex

- 21/20 Added cold damage gem = 1ex if you buy it (it’s the best gem in our setup to have 21/20).

Total = 22 ex

Watch out, colors on chest can be a bit boring to get… used 1200 chroma… (when voirici calculator told me 156 average chroma…).

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