[3.6] The Golden Boy: Full MF Consecrated Path Jugg [Extremely cheap, loads of fun] In progress

Welcome to my second guide this league. This one is for you who want to play something super fun, super cheap and surprisingly fast with high IIQ while currency farming. There's been something extremely satisfying to me to be able to jump around and smash stuff while currency farming. I don't claim the build to be unique in any way, but I've had a lot of fun with it so far and thought I'd share it.

+ Really cheap
+ High survivability and mobility
+ Amazingly fun to zoom-zoom around with consecrated path
+ Great clear speed
+ Very customizeable to your liking
+ Easily getting 80% + IIQ
+ Can do all map tiers
+ Stun and frezze immunity

- We might not run as fast as the traditional MF windripper/QoF setups
- Ventor Gamble ring CAN be expensive, depending on how good one you want
- We cannot do ele reflect map mods and for no life/mana leech maps we need to bring a mana flask if you want to do them.

Path of Building

My current lvl 91 tree: https://pastebin.com/2nCNgWUk

1. Unstoppable - Great overall node with movespeed and stun/freeze immunity
2. Undeniable - Our best dps node
3. Unflinching - +1 endurance charges and a great way of generating them
4. Unbreakable - Doubles armour from our chest and gives us extra regen and dmg mitigation
(You can swap this one out with Unyielding if you feel like sacrificing some tankiness with more damage).


Disregard the gems in the linked gear, they are not correct

A few thoughts about the gear:
YES we are running Greeds Embrace armor. We get huge quant from it and don't really care about the reduced movespeed as a benefit from using consecrated path. In an optimal setup I wouldn't run devotos here it was just the one I had laying around with an enchantement for my skill on it. I would prefer a rare helm with high life + resistances. Optimal for me would be to get a good res helm and swap out my stygian for a Bisco's Leash belt or a Perandus Blazon (both for more quant).

I have built my tree around using Voidforge because I like it. You can ofc use other weapons here and alter into dual wielding 450+ pdps foils if you want more damage in the end (although waaaay more expensive). If you go for dual wield remember to remove the two handed nodes from your skill tree and add them to dual wield/generic sword nodes instead.

Shaper amulet/talisman vs Bisco's Collar: I personally prefer the first option here and grab the 10% quant on everything + other stats from the amulet over the 50% quantity Bisco's Collar gives on normal enemies only.

Please note that this guide will keep being updated the next days or so. Home for Easter and limited time to work on this atm (sorry for that). You are very welcome to ask questions meanwhile
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Much thicker and cheaper than windripper?
Much thicker and cheaper than windripper? And which way to first swing the tree?
I would really want to play this build, it looks fun for me. Can you add gem links asap? And say what should I prioritize on tree?

I would really want to play this build, it looks fun for me. Can you add gem links asap? And say what should I prioritize on tree?

Here is my humble review of the build so far. Please keep in mind I tried this build on console, so it is still a bit hard to source some of the items due to the ridiculous pricing on the console market.

The build is incredibly fun. It truly starts to shine around lvl 60-65, when you can utilise the higher level gear. Currently breezing through act 9 with Consecrated Path on a 4 link with Melee Phys+Ele damage with atk+Fortify. Haven't saved enough for Voidforge( the cheapest on that market is 4ex....) So running Terminus Eat with a Vaal double strike for stronger mobs/bosses.

I would say prioritise on taking the upper left path first. Going there, I had no issues with leveling. Left the far left and far right sword nodes for last to take at the begining of mapping.

Endgame plan is to run HoI+Hatred for max cold damage, with a 6link blade flurry for single target. Resists are balanced out with a good rare helm and a good ventor's. Lacking the ring, I am still running with resist rings and boots.

For clearing, just pop Blood rage and start zooming around. If you encounter a tougher enemy, pop Vaal DS with Ancestral Protector. Do not face tank unless you have the leech nodes and possibly % of Phys leeched as life on a piece of jewellery. Will try to update this review when I progress into maps
Hi! I'm really interested to try this build!
The POB shows, that you only have 3.9k life that seems a little low, how is your survival rate?

And you have a lot of free gem slots (potential 6 Link in the weapon) How can this be optimized a bit more?

CP - Inc AOE - Inc Crit - Ele Dmg - Melee Phys - Ruthless (Swap Conc for bosses)
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - (Blood Magic?)
(Vaal) Ancestral Warchief - Ruthless - Melee Phys - Elemental Damage - Conc - Increased Crit
CWDT - Arctic Armor - (What could we put here? Curse?)
Herald of Ice/Ash (Ring)
Purity of Elements
Summon Ice Golem


I've compared the POB to a couple of different CP Builds and came up with this:

We're missing some lightning res right now, but I think with the correct amulet/helmet/belt combination this could work out. We're up to 5k life and are still at 590k dps.

What do you think, could this work? =)
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