[3.6] Need help for divine ire inquisitor build

Hey guys,

I'm using a divine ire inquisitor build, I didn't play poe since long time and I started again few times ago when I saw the new spell divine ire which looks a lot like Kamehameha (dragon ball fan here lol)

I followed this build : https://odealo.com/articles/divine-ire-templar-inquisitor-build

I choosed inquisitor instead of trickster only for aesthetic, to look like Muten Roshi (Kame Sennin). But it looks pretty weaks compared to evasion trickster, this build rely on consecrated ground for elemental resists + hp regenn + elemental pennetration

Anyway, my problem is the lack of tankyness. I just finished the 10 acts and started map, but I got oneshotted so often that I'm about to leave the game again lol.

I got my res capped at 75%, and atm I'm arround 2800hp. I'm still using tabula until I got enough chaos to buy any 6 links body armour, but I'm not a poe no life so it takes times to farm enough chaos, and as I die a lot during map it's a bit difficult to me to farm effectively. I used most of the ones I had during acts to buy tabula, essence worm and goldrim for leveling but now I don't have enough of them to setup my build.

Moreove I'm not lv100 yet so I don't have all the passives nods, so I am in a vicious circle where I can't farm properly to get stuff and xp and I don't have enough stuff to farm map without dying all the times.

So I'm here to see if you can give me some advices for me to get out of this situation before I stop the game again, you can see my caracter in my profile page its name is 'GohanUltime'

Btw I saw lot of ppl using immortal call with cast when dmg taken but as it needs power charge and I don't understand exactly how it works I use molten shield instead.

Thanks for answers and hf
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invest in getting more life/es, and if you need a guide:

for ref I have like 10.6k effective life and am extremely tank, usually its lag spikes or heavily buffed mobs thatll kill me(IE like a 6 damage mods map)

also for future reference, near the top of every class is a list of build guides, I recommend clicking it :)

if you have some chaos, look for items with at least T2/T3 life, ES and 1 resist minimum, goldrim is a good leveling item but you will want to get rid of it fairly quickly, you can get some solid items for very cheap because the rolls are a a couple tiers to low

and regarding immortal call, when its cast with CWDT it helps save you from spike damages, much better than molten shell

**** most importantly, get rid of that controlled destruction in your chest, its making it impossible/near impossible for you to crit ****
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ty for answer, and yeah on this game fps drop are cancer. I have a decent pc where I can play all the recent games but I got shitty fps drop on poe, and I don't talk about the disconnection when changing area. This game is so bad optimized

and about controled destruction it removes only few crit chance for lot of dmg, in the guide I follow the guy is using it so I think it's worth. With inquisitor you penetrate resists with no-crit so it's still good I think ?

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