iiq not working standard

have a high ammount of iiq and do not notice any more drops than without any iiq on gear. I turned loot filter off for a more accurate comparison. Would be nice to get someone to look into this and post some sort of statement on this. Spent several hundred hours on this character and the whole build seems to be a waste.
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I get such big piles of loot with no iiq, I don’t know how you could possiby tell that you’re not getting more.
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well first i noticed i wasn't getting any extra currency and main determinant of drops seemed to be map iiq. I thought it was probably just rng and that things will get better. After several hundred maps though without any improvement I had to wonder if my iiq was working at all. So I tested without iiq and with iiq and there seemed to be no difference. I did some research and supposedly my screen would be spammed with a lot more items if i took out the loot filter as a test. Still no more items than with the iiq. Its possible i'm just a fool. But having tried mf builds in the past with much better results I don't think so.
could anyone from GGG make a statement on this? Can anyone fix this? Feels pointless to play now.

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