[3.6] #1 Molten Strike DPS in Synthesis - All around melee build for boss/map/delve

Hello! So a few people urged me to make a quick forum post detailing my char.
It's my take on a regular Paradoxica build that utilizes some of the new uniques that were released with 3.6.

This is not a cheap build and u should not league start it

Change the Tombfist to a double socket one Xd I vaaled all my gear as I kinda quit the league and they poofed

Gear Explaination
So you want as much Abyssal sockets as u can get as they're ur main damage source together with double Circle of Fear. This means you want to use either a Lightpoacher or a Hale Negator with 2 Abyssal Sockets.

***Warning*** Hale Negator requires alot of Intelligence.
Enchant is up to you, I opt to get a generic Blood Rage one as I change between all the Sword skills daily.

Paradoxica with Ele Pen + AS, get high AS roll over pen if u cant afford the best possible one.

Lycosidae cus getting Accuracy on this build is impossible. +1 gems corruption is nice for ur herald but not needed at all.

Boots you can choose between Onslaught boots or Bubonic Trails. Ofc Onslaught is better but more expensive.

Watcher eye jewel you want cold pen or flat cold if you can't afford double hatred. The extra crit isn't THAT massive.
Im not smart enough to link my jewels but you want 2x Might of the Meek and Unnatural Instinct for the insane stats u get. Look at my POB for placement of the jewels

Rare Jewels with Attack speed, cold dmg, critmulti and life. Make sure u have 1 jewel with Fire damage for the %dmg from Yoke of Suffering. (a jew with chance to poison will also give u % dmg from Yoke but I cant be asked to get one)
I recommend getting as much attack speed as u can as the weapon is slow AF

2x Circle of Fear with Buff Effect and Cold % Damage. They're stupid strong in both singletarget and clear speed. The implicit is up to u, I got int cus I had inc crit in link before i got crit watcher eye and needed int.

Belt or boots are only places to get aspect of cat, boots r prob best place in terms of dps.

Yoke of Suffering for shock on bosses and some nice % inc dmg

Gear Alternatives
If you don't want to spend as much as I have you can opt to play Slayer/Raider and change chest to Shroud of the Lightless. You could also use Inpulsa for better clearspeed.
If you can't afford a double hatred watcher eye I highly recommend using inc crit in link.

Farrul's = Slayer/Inquis or Jugg. You alrdy deal so much dmg that chosing Jugg isn't a bad idea. Allthough I would say Inquis is better when paired with the new flask Bottled Faith. So much dmg and immune to all ailments.
Meme alternative is Slayer/pathfinder for more attack speed. Attack speed is FUN

Shroud/Inpulsa = Slayer/Raider

Skill alternatives
Basicly any sword skill is usable. I highly recommend playing with Wild Strike in maps tho.

If u wanna boss (its fucking stupid good btw) go Blade Flurry or Molten Strike.
With my gear you can charge up to max stage on Blade Flurry and insta phase both elder and shaper as they spawn.

gem links

** Molten Strike, Conc, Multistrike, Ancestral Call, added Cold and WED

** Wild Strike, Multistrike, Ancestral Call, added cold, WED and Damage on full life

** Blade Flurry, Conc, added cold, WED, Damage on Full Life, Hypothermia

** Shattering Steel, Fork, GMP, add cold, Wed, damage on full life

** Frost Blades, Multistrike, Ancestral Call, added cold, WED and Damage on full life

POB: https://pastebin.com/t1xmZw9r

if u have any questions feel free to pm me ingame or post here

Srry for the scuffed "guide"

deathless uelder 2min

Shaper set Blade Flurry (i fucked up first phase and released before he spawned)

pit of the chimera Wild Strike (sry about the music)

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Hey there! Want to try this build. Did smth about 50 ex will be enough for this?
e1saad wrote:
Hey there! Want to try this build. Did smth about 50 ex will be enough for this?

you should be able to buy all my gear with 50ex other than Onslaught boots and top rolls on everything like sword, watcher eye etc. which obviously isnt needed. Rare jewels dnt cost that much either, most of mine were under 60c =)

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