[3.6] Crit (Un)Purifying Flame Trickster - Chaos Conversion for Casuals


This build came to me as i was seeing someone else doing for min-maxing fire damage, but then i noticed how easy it is to convert the damage of this skill due to it being a physical damage spell to begin with... and also i played a lot of other builds this league so i am whipping this class with some of the new skills GGG introduced this patch. As of today 04/12 i did all guardians and shaper without a hitch. Doing a lot of synthesis before going for uber elder. Niko don’t like my bowling and i am stuck in depth 200 still.

Video section
T15 Plateau Twinned quick demonstration of build
25s Hydra kill with onslaught and xtra projectiles - even throwing myself at the room's traps
Elder Primordial Blocks rush
More videos to come if i get the time


1-Easy and cheap to convert and amplify damage types to your taste, but you can also go balls-to-the-walls with it
2-This spell has HUGE AoE and it kinda pierces like Freezing pulse
3-Maximum use of all of the Trickster’s ascendancy
4-Easy to level
5-Smooth Gameplay but not as boring as many others
6-EB+MOM starring 7k to 8k eHP get over 5k life with a tabula!


1-Not a “lazy build”
2-You need warlord’s mark somewhere
3-You constantly need to pay attention if you are leeching or not
4-This builds only really ramps up if your gems are over level 18
5-Need to be careful against atziri, aim only the blast on her split phase
6-Not tested for HC (my connection sucks, betrayal risk, yadda yadda)

What this Build CAN do:
-Clear maps efficiently, fire and forget with 3.5mi DPS with initial hit or at least 2mi dps with the blast!
-Get another Effective million DPS with wither totems!
-Play the game without the need of flasking all the time
-Strategically approach bosses and end them in seconds
-Run most of the map mods including no-regen and phys reflection
-Can do all masters’ missions

What this build CANNOT do:
-AFK or getting distracted on bosses = death
-Mods like Hexproof, no leech and elemental reflection must be re-rolled
-Mods like less regen/recharge, hexwarded can be done but are very annoying
-keep tanking DOT damage = quick death

Idea of the build and considerations
As a trickster, you use most of the pathing inside the tree to get the most of Crit, Life, Cast speed and Area increase/damage, topping with some jewels and energy leeching. Since the Purifying flame has 140% of added damage effectiveness we can easily ramp up the damage while double or triple converting your damage.
My final choice after some testing is phys -> lightning and fire and phys and elemental -> chaos but you can also use herald of ice instead of purity if you prefer to shatter mobs
To get everything done i chose to avoid any of the big expensive items like unnatural instinct, but if you happen to get one just respec the points of the “Force Shaper” zone to get a little more crit multi and AoE but it is not mandatory at all.
For the skill i am using the intensify gem since the area is so big the influence of full buff don’t impact as much as Conc effect but in the downside of you constant winding up the intensity, i tried unleash with the build but having a higher cast speed with Spell Echo is too much allure to ignore.
Finally it is recommended to have a zealotry eye with the AS buff since it saves a lot of problems you could have with items and sockets

Now that all this is out of the way let’s start the juicy bits, exile:


Nothing spectacular here since i designed it to be affordable (by my standards)

Gear choices

Weapon - a wand or dagger with stat-sticking mods. A Wand may be better but a dagger will be cheaper overall, penetration and area damage are secondary. Try to get the chaos mods.

Off-hand: We use shields due to the new mod that gets you a lot of chaos damage, prioritize as much life here as you can

Belt- Vise hands-down. Life and resistances, since i got a extra life from flask i am using a seething flask

Gloves - a glove with life, res and the incursion mod that add damage to burning enemies

Boots- Movement speed, life and resistances

Amulet - either a shaper with extra lightning (cheaper) or elder with non-chaos to chaos (more damage) get life and some attributes here if you need, crit multi is nice here too

Rings - the BIS is the circle of anguish with buff effect AND a warlord’s mark ring, do whatever you can here, call of brotherhood? not worth it

Helmet - Eber’s unification for extra chaos and void gaze to act like a curse OR a rare ES helmet crafted with fossils to get the chaos debuff if you think you need more life

Chest - for this slot the BIS is a shaped EVA/ES with +1 Active gems AND spells crit if you get the money for that since you probably will multimod with life and whatnot. If you want the damage only you can also use the Skin of the loyal/lords. For a more affordable and balanced experience you may use Carcass Jack. Couldn’t test it with Garb of the ephemeral or Glimpse of the eternal

Jewels - Watcher’s eye with zealotry AS buff is a must-have, hypnotic jewels with life, cast speed and physical damage to spells for non-abyssal jewels go for extra area damage, crit multi and global phys dmg

Flasks - one or two life flasks, Atiziri’s promise, diamond and/or quicksilver, for the last slot either cinderswallow urn with critical mod or wise oak (penetration is meh for this build)


I will post in order of preference of acquisition with the approximate prices that i bought them
1-Shaped dagger - 50c
2-Shield - 60c
3-Elder ring with warlord’s mark - i rolled it after 400 alts but they can be bought around 50c
4-Gloves - 70c
5-Boots - 35c
6-Belt - i dropped and rolled that - prices around 10c
7-Amulet - chaos spammed it - but i found another very close for 20c
8-Circle of anguish - 15c
9-Watcher’s eye with AS buff - 1.5ex
10-6L carcass - 3.3ex that’s right! You don’t need to prioritize your budget to your chest if you don’t want it
11-I created/dropped all of them except for the cinderswallow - 30c
12-Other jewels - dirty cheap all of them won’t cost more than 30c
13- Level 21 Purifying Flame gem - 70c optional for a smoother endgame experience

Total budget = 8 to 10 exalted orbs -> cheaper than a 6L inpulsa in the beginning of a league

Gem Setup

Main 6L
Purifying Flame + Spell Echo/Unleash + Intensify/IAoE/Conc Eff. + Energy Leech + Physical to Lightning + Inc. Crit Strikes Chance
No brainer here for a shadow build, adjust the skill to your taste

Mana reservation - 3 sockets
Zealotry, Herald of Purity/Ice, Herald of Ash
If you are using Eber’s unification put a increased duration and inc. AoE on it don’t need to link the sockets

Utility 1 - 3L or 2L
CWDT+Immortal call+ Wave of Conviction (optional)

Utility 2 - 3L
Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Blood Magic (for emergency escapes)

Utility 3 - 3L/4L
Vaal Clarity + Vaal Discipline + Increased Duration
Spell Totem + Multi totems + Wither+Inc. Duration

Utility 4 - 4L
Orb of Storms + Culling strike + Blind + PCoC -> For bosses or hard monsters

PoB, Tree, Leveling tips etc

PoB with Leveling Trees: https://pastebin.com/0NbqzVPZ
For the final tree the last points are dedicated to jewels and Arcane Swiftness
If you tinker a little with this build you can reach more than 8mi dps with GG gear

Bandits - Alira
Pantheon - Major Lunaris or Arakaali, Minor shakari for poison immunity
Ascendancy Order - Ghost Dance, Escape Artist, Harness the Void and Swift killer
Enchantments - Added lightning or cast speed for boots, anything for gloves and FP damage or wither duration for the helmet. This build is not centered on enchantments rejoice!

For leveling if you don’t have a tabula use a 4L Ashrend and try to get 2 blue sockets then put onslaught and arcane surge and make your way to finish the game, use a cwdt/blasphemy setup with the warlord’s mark till you get your elder ring or avoid using EB+MOM to reserve all your mana till then, use a wand with high spell damage and crit or tempestuous steel/ princess for converting
The most dangerous time for this build is when you are starting mapping since your gems aren’t high level enough and you may struggle with gear. Always keep tabs on your mana/ES and avoid being damaged by DOT (ignite, caustic etc) and dash inside shielded mobs as fast as you can.
Till you get your damage in higher levels i recommend using vaal clarity and/or discipline to sustain your ES with EB, when comfortable enough swap to a totem wither setup.
I think this cover most of it.

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For now i am done with editing the post and for now i will try to make the format better
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Pretty amazing build, i just "finished" it, I think it would be worth mentioning that this is a glasscannon build. You can deal a massive damage, but you can't take like 2 hard hits, because of Immortal cooldown.

My Gear to this build:

Edit: Im still looking for another ring to replace my two-stone ring.
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Maikurosofuto wrote:
Pretty amazing build, i just "finished" it, I think it would be worth mentioning that this is a glasscannon build. You can deal a massive damage, but you can't take like 2 hard hits, because of Immortal cooldown.

My Gear to this build:

Edit: Im still looking for another ring to replace my two-stone ring.

hey thanks for using my build
but yeah this build isnt made to tank mobs but since this builds has so much cast speed you can get out of the way with the flame dash most of the incoming damage
also when you get your skill to max lvl you get more tankier since you leech a lot more of damage making it less glassy
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I will try this for flashback

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