[3.6] DJEnzyme's Ill-Advised Poison Dispenser Assassin | Siege Ballista | 100+ Poison Stacks


DJEnzyme's Ill-Advised Poison Dispenser Assassin

If you thought my last build was the height of mediocrity, let me tell you right now that it only goes downhill from here. However, if you want to put your sanity, reputation, and currency on the line for the sake of an untested build, more power to you. But for those daring few, within these BBCoded halls lies a build with no less than a m*tric assload of poison stacks, effective HP on both you and your totems that's so low it probably violates multiple OSHA regulations, and enough Dexterity to choke multiple horses at the same time. Just please don't come crying to me when you can't clear your double corrupted, 8 line, Shaper-influenced map with this.


If you decide to run this, any feedback would be greatly appreciated for how I can improve this build.

Please note that this is purely a theorycraft joke build and I honestly don't advise running it, but let me know how it goes if you do.


- Why did you make this?

Actually, I didn't decide to make this at all. Chris Wilson himself descended from the Holy Land of Auckland, New Zealand on his golden chariot of Exalted Orbs and Mirrors of Kalandra to grant me a mere glimpse of his divine knowledge, all for the purpose of making this build.

- Is this a league starter build?

I wouldn't even call this a league build.

- What's your favorite mid-century German sans-serif typeface?




+ I'm not even sure it's possible to get a more off-meta joke build.
+ Absurd numbers of poison stacks. (About 140 stacks, if my math is right.)
+ Lots of things to manage after totems go up.
+ High crit rate.
+ Even more totem than that other dude's shitty build.


- Evasion based.
- Requires a specific Elder modifier to hit the highest Dexterity threshold.
- The final threshold (1200 Dex) is very hard to gear for.
- Need to maintain good uptime on multiple skills to make the most of the build.



There isn't any, but I'll get around to running it when I can.



Iron Commander
Iron Commander is the cornerstone of this whole build. Without it, the whole thing just doesn't function. Abusing the Unique Mods that give # to # Physical Damage to Attacks per 25 Dexterity and 1 additional Siege Ballista per 200 Dexterity is what lets this build scale into endgame at all. However, because of these thresholds, you need to take careful planning into ensuring that a small gain in DPS doesn't cost you a whole turret, which more often than not, will end up in an overall loss of DPS.

Wildwrap and Black Sun Crest
Both Wildwrap and Black Sun Crest serve essentially the same purpose in the build, which is to give more Dexterity than almost any other piece of equipment in the game. Wildwrap offers the additional benefit of 1% increased Damage per 15 Dexterity, which tends to put it at a higher priority than Black Sun Crest, but by the time you're nearing level 100 (somehow), that total 30% increased Dexterity will be too good to pass up.

Careful Planning
This jewel offers less Dexterity overall than Wildwrap and Black Sun Crest, but if it's put in the right spot on the Passive Tree, it'll end up giving you 90 flat Dexterity for the cost of only 2 skill points.



Uniques work a little bit differently than it would in some other builds, but regardless, there's still a few that might be worth picking up here and there, as long as you don't lose a turret over it. Theoretically, you can get 1400+ Dexterity out of this build using a lot of Dexterity explicit and implicit mods, a good Wildwrap and Black Sun Crest, and an Elder belt modifier I'll mention at the end of the guide. However, if you still can't quite reach it, I'd definitely recommend replacing whatever rare quiver you're using with Skirmish for the extra Ballista.

Optional uniques I recommend:

- Coralito's Signature
- Atziri's Promise
- Circle of Nostalgia
- The Embalmer
- Ming's Heart
- Skirmish
- Drillneck



For the most part, you're going to be building for Dexterity, Poison and Ailment Damage, Evasion Rating, Life, and Criticals. Perfect Agony will be a good pickup once your Poison Damage and Criticals are reasonably high, but make sure your damage isn't going to suffer for taking it. If you need survivability, try going for nodes like Survivalist, Revenge of the Hunted, or Thick Skin. Other than that, some good goals are things like getting Phase Acrobatics, or capping your passive Chance to Poison on HIt.

Bandits: Kill 'em. Nothing is worth the 2 passive points.

Pantheon: Solaris and Ryslatha are my go-to.

Ascendancies: Noxious Strike -> Toxic Delivery -> Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion

PoB Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/SyV11mXh



Main Damage 6L (Top Armor/Bow)

Siege Ballista - Deadly Ailments - Vile Toxins - Swift Affliction - Unbound Ailments - Added Chaos Damage

This is your main damage setup, and what you need to prioritize most for DPS. I've done the math, and no, Multiple Totems Support is not a damage increase, nor does it allow your character to benefit more from Noxious Strikes. However, you do summon your Ballista faster, and the DPS loss is fairly marginal, so there's that.

Utility & Debuff 6L (Top Armor/Bow)

Wither - Faster Casting - Cast while Channeling - Infused Channeling - Ethereal Knives - Culling Strike

This is actually a much more important part of this build than you might think. Granted, Ethereal Knives can be swapped for a lot of other spells if you think it might be a little too close ranged, as long as hits fast and in a big area. But the main purpose of this is for the Culling Strike, which will synergize with the Toxic Delivery Ascendancy to form the backbone of your survivability, and to apply Poison stacks yourself, for the Noxious Strikes Ascendancy.


Orb of Storms - Faster Casting - Power Charge on Critical - Culling Strike

Serving relatively the same purpose as the above 6L, Orb of Storms sacrifices the trait of being literally free damage while you channel Wither to act as your main source of Power Charge income. It also has the benefit of being yet another source of Poisons applied by you, which adds up to a roughly 85% increased Poison Duration. It can also cull for you.

Despair - Malevolence - Herald of Agony - Vaal Haste

In case you didn't have enough debuffs and resources to manage, have one more! In all honesty though, Despair is a good amount of free damage, and well worth having to stop your onslaught of Withers and Ethereal Knives for. Out of the two reservation buffs, Herald of Agony barely edges out over Malevolence, if only due to Circle of Nostalgia and the fact that it gets you to that sweet 100% Chance to Poison. However, if you REALLY need more survivability, you could also opt for Enfeeble instead of Despair, or Grace instead of Malevolence.

Summon Lightning Golem - Flame Dash - Faster Casting

It's your usual utility skill setup. Not too much special about it, it's just gonna be some extra damage and your main source of movement. It also offers an extra skill gem slot, if you want to socket in Portal, Vaal Portal, or something else.



Since I haven't run this build yet, I didn't feel like it was right to give a whole explanation of a gameplan I have no experience with, so instead you're getting some good modifiers that are gonna be worth investing some currency into. Probably. Most of these are going to be Shaper or Elder modifiers, rather than just me telling you things like "cap resists" and "get movement speed boots".

- #% Increased Attributes Elder Belt Suffix and Elder Amulet Suffix
- 1% Increased Damage per 15 Dexterity Shaper Amulet Prefix
- #% increased Damage with Poison Elder Glove Suffix

Other than these, just continue to focus on the usual kind of gearing that one might do, taking extra care to see if it's possible to push more Dexterity into your build whenever it starts to close in on one of those crucial 200 Dexterity thresholds.


<< Other Things >>

This build is definitely more of a Work-in-Progress than my other build, and I'm also fairly new to building for Evasion as a whole, so any tips on how I could change my passives and modifier focus to improve overall survivability would be much appreciated. In the future, I'm definitely going to be releasing more of my weird theorycrafted builds, so look forward to that.

Again, if you decide to run this, any feedback would be greatly appreciated for how I can improve this build. If I'm online, you can message Chjongy in-game, otherwise just leave your questions here in the thread, or in my PM's.

I'll add an FAQ when I feel like it's necessary, but for now just feel free to reply with any questions you might have.
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I enjoy the amount of effort you've taken to make the guide more appealing with colours and borders, Makes for an easy reading experience and easy to follow guide.

All It's missing is videos to showcase the build in action.

PS: So, This is a theory crafted build?
Last edited by MikuruKitsune on Apr 10, 2019, 10:23:08 AM
MikuruKitsune wrote:
I enjoy the amount of effort you've taken to make the guide more appealing with colours and borders, Makes for an easy reading experience and easy to follow guide.

All It's missing is videos to showcase the build in action.

PS: So, This is a theory crafted build?

Yeah, for now it's only theorycrafted, but once a get a little bit more currency on my current build I might take a stab at putting it together as a proof of concept.
im dying to see if this memebuild will work lmk if you ever make a video, im too broke to try it
xkellettx wrote:
im dying to see if this memebuild will work lmk if you ever make a video, im too broke to try it

Thanks man! I'm actually working on building up the currency to try it out rn, but I still think the defenses are gonna need a little bit more refinement before I give this a legit shot.

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