[3.8 - Nnoitra] Low Life Spectre | All Content Done Easy | Deathless Uber Elder| BIG DPS + VIDEO

3.7 Updates -> No visible changes for now.
3.8 Updates -> "now raise monsters based on the level of the gem,gaining +1 per gem level above 20." so.. gem lv 25 = spectre lv 85 (this is really nice) .

Pros & Cons
High Damage Output
High Survivability
Fast Playstyle

Summoner Playstyle
Positioning is key and can be annoying at times
Gem Slot Starved - mostly standard for Summoners

Show case videos

Shaper Deathless:
8 mods Corrupt Phoenix:
8 mods Corrupt Minotaur:
8 mods Corrupt Hydra + syndicate:

Kill All for 2 Passive Points

Suggestion Gear



#Priority is "40+ Energy shield", followed by "#% Increased minion damage" and "Minions deal # to # fire damage". Blind on hit, Taunt chance and Hinder mods can also be good.

Animate Guardian Gear


If u want your AG more "tank" try put him in +3 helm like this

Empower support in 4° link is great too.

Kingmaker -> Any life chest -> Leer Cast -> Southbound -> Victario's Flight

The mandatory here is Kingmaker axe, but if u want more survivability, look for items with % max life and % life regen thats the best option for AG

Chest : Raise spectre -> Combustion -> Minion Damage -> Concentrated Effect -> Spell Echo -> Greater Multiple Projectiles
in bosses swap GMP for Slower Projectiles OR if u have a white socket, swap for controlled destruction

Gloves: Ball Lightning -> Curse on hit -> Flammability -> Temporal Chains

Boots: Vaal Discipline; Haste -> Generosity;

Helmet: Animate Guardian -> Minion Life -> Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance -> Meat shield

Weapon 1: Flesh Offering; Flame Dash; Convocation

Shield: Zealotry -> Anger -> Generosity

Any free slot: Flame golem -> Feeding frenzy -> GMP -> minion damage

u can use zombies/skeletons in any 4L too, Raise zombie -> Meat shield or (feeding frenzy) -> Death mark -> minion damage

Path of Building


Passive tree



1°-> Mindless Aggression 2°-> Unnatural Strength 3°-> Bone Barrier 4°->Plague Bringer

For leveling use Tabula rasa and two lifesprigs with an SRS setup. Praxis is great too.

Off topic


Physical Immortal Zombies:LINK

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Looks good ima have to try this out.
Hey, what an awesome tutorial I'm going to join, very good
Hey, what an awesome tutorial I'm going to join, very good

any question ask me!
Hi, for the Shavronne's it is better 6blue or 5blue+1green? (Controlled Destruction or GMP?) or maybe some other gems?
Ewela34 wrote:
Hi, for the Shavronne's it is better 6blue or 5blue+1green? (Controlled Destruction or GMP?) or maybe some other gems?

5B+1G is better because u need GMP for maps, u can swap GMP for slow projs in bosses
Thanks for this build.
hello, just tried the build with 8k ES my spectres actually does agood dps summoned in monster level 80 zone but they get oneshot in t 10+ maps by normal monsters, any idea what i am missing here ?
all my gems are +20/21q20
What level are Your Spectres? be sure to open the highest possible for You map and resummon Your Spectres... In the league U can go as high as 86lvl in Nexus, and in standard Shaper's Realm 84lvl.
The level of the spectre adapts according to the level of the gem i think. Not ilvl of solar guard.

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