[3.6] Spread the AIDS LL High Budget ED Trickster Guide

This is a high budget low-life Essence Drain Trickster build, its high budget come from just one item that allows us to be lowlife even though we will have 5k+ HP+ and 2k+ ES


Core of the build

This belt allows us to be cursed with Vulnerability, making us take a lot more physical damage, but also allows us to be counted as lowlife. With Pain Attunement, we get 35% more spell damage while still having a shitload of HP and ES.

This item allows use to be immune to curses, so any map mod with any curse would be a cakewalk for us. Say byebye to Temp Chains! With the belt above, this shield counteracts its vulnerability debuff, allowing us to be lowlife without any drawbacks.

Pros :
- Probably the highest ED DPS a non-bow Trickster can get
- Able to run every map mod
- High avoidance (66% evade chance, 62% spell dodge, 10% projectile avoidance)
- Curse Immunity
- Flat damage reduction (13-14% from arctic armour, 4% from golem, 8% from ascendancy)
- Clear entire memory blocks with a few ED / Contagion clicks (Especially open layout ones like Mesa or Beach)
- Indoor maps not a problem for us as ED / Contagion spreads around walls

- Expensive (Core item is expensive and along with chaos hype this league, NACDOT items are expensive)
- Can’t instagib shaper
- No burst dps (ramp up time on single target)
- Perma-vulnerability icon on your head, might ruin some MTX D:


- Despair Aura with increased 40% curse effectiveness (70% with helm enchant)
- Blight to help our single target + wither stack application
- Vaal Blight for those really THICC bosses
- Vaal Blight for those pesky “Allies cannot die” mod yellows


- Temp Chains Aura with 40-70% increased curse effectiveness
- With helm enchant, that means that white and blue mobs are 66% SLOWER
- yellow and unique mobs are 23% slower
- 14% physical and fire DR from Arctic Armour
- 9% global DR with ascendancy
- Stun immunity from ascendancy
- Innate high evasion and spell dodge
- 2k ES recovered on hit with flasks, 1250 ES without

Other gear


Why The Vertex? High ES which converts to more Evasion via Escape Artist Ascendancy. Free +1 to socketed gem levels which we will put our L21 Blight setup in here, giving it bigdick DPS.
Try to get a high ES roll
Suitable enchants are :
Temporal chains effectiveness
Despair effectiveness (very expensive this league due to Soulrend hype)
Essence Drain damage.


Why The Perfect Form? Free 30% Spell Dodge + Free Arctic Armour. Its high evasion roll also let us get some ES via Escape Artist.


Rare gloves would do here. Try to get a high life roll if possible with as much resists as possible.
Non-ailment Chaos Damage over time multiplier is also possible here but they are expensive this league.


Rare boots with as much life as possible. Must get 30% movement speed here. If you have money you can get a spelldodge roll here also.
Atziri's Step will do fine if you can manage to cap your resists.
Enchantments would either be the spell dodge one, movement speed or regen one, either is fine


Rare rings with as much life, evasion, energy shield and resists as possible.
Note that one of them will be an Unset Ring with optional +2 to socketed gems so that we can stuff Malevolence aura in here. +2 prefix gives us 1% more DOT damage on Malevolence


Multimodded wand with innate NACDOT prefix
Multimods would be: (itself is a suffix)
1. Chaos damage + Chaos skill duration(Prefix)
2. Increased Damage over time (prefix)
3. Arcane surge on kill with cast speed (suffix)
4. Whatever suffix you want, for me I put trigger socketed spell whenever I cast a skill


This amulet gives us a free Temp Chains aura and increased buff duration after killing rares or uniques.
If you can't spare the exalts, going for a Chaos Impresence is fine also. Its just changing buff duration for flat damage reduction.


Gives us low life status. Try to get a good implicit via corruption as the default implicit of 20 ES is kinda bad.


Curse immunity prevents us from getting rekt via the belt. Try to snag as a high curse effectiveness and All-res roll here.

Gem Links

All gems are assumed to be 20/20 unless said otherwise
With increasing order of importance,

Your 6L Bigdick DPS in your chest
Essence Drain (Try to get 21/20) > Efficacy > Controlled Destruction > Void Manipulation > Rapid Decay > Empower (Try to get level 4)

Your aids spreader in your gloves/boots
Contagion > Inc. AOE > Intensify > Faster Casting

Your supplementary single target Damage in your helm
Vaal Blight (21/0 or 20) > Efficacy > Controlled Destruction > Infused Channelling

Your Blasphemy Auras in your gloves/boots

Blasphemy > Temporal Chains > Despair > Arctic Armour

Malevolence in Unset Ring

Weapon with cast socketed spell when using skill
Cast when damage taken (Level 1) > Immortal Call (Level 3) > Summon Chaos Golem (Max level)
IC will work as normal with CWDT, ignoring weapon suffix. The suffix lets us have our golem up permanently

Shield with movement skills
Flame Dash (Quality doesn't matter) > Faster Casting > Arcane Surge (Level 8)


should look something like this.
Don't get double curse cluster till you get your curse amulet.

2 Spreading Rot Jewels, one near flask cluster at Witch Area, other one near the Pain Attunement node.
1 Intuitive Leap to the right of Shadow starting area.
1 free jewel slot to the bottom of Shadow starting area (Stuff your Watcher's Eye with NACDOT here)

Patient Reaper > Ghost Dance > Escape Artist > Prolonged Pain


Life flask with Bleed Removal, try to get as much life recovered as possible.

Jade Flask with more evasion rolls.

More dodge and ignore unit collision + No more frozen/chilled.

Even more zoom zoom.

POB Link for those experienced
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Don't think this is more damage than +4 levels multimodded bow? Costs less than the shield
Shankhook wrote:
Don't think this is more damage than +4 levels multimodded bow? Costs less than the shield

How do you get +4 on multimod?
+2 support on crafted suffix
+1 prefix
Im guessing delve mods that +1 to str/dex/int gems?

around 18-20ex for +4
Nah its +1 synthesis implicit. Costs about 8ex to buy. Octavian had a vid on how to make for around 5ex tho iirc.

Then 10 ex for multimod
Shankhook wrote:
Nah its +1 synthesis implicit. Costs about 8ex to buy. Octavian had a vid on how to make for around 5ex tho iirc.

Then 10 ex for multimod

Thats almost as much as the shield then
look at any of the top damage ED tricksters on POE Ninja, look at the DoT numbers on their PoB and look at the weapons they are using
Shankhook wrote:
look at any of the top damage ED tricksters on POE Ninja, look at the DoT numbers on their PoB and look at the weapons they are using

Yes most of the highest are bow users
Got one guy at 1.1m using shield
Im at 324k (baddie) since my empower is level 2 and my wither is within a jewel so I don't have that debuff on poe.ninja

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