[3.6] Aridhol's Archer Autosummoner - Fight like you're not a summoner!

As someone who's made a ridiculous amount of builds but never bothered making a guide for any (because, frankly, they aren't usually that great..) - forgive me in advance for what is likely to be crappy formatting for this guide! I'll update it with better formatting as I go!

To the content!

Have you wanted to make a summoner build, but don't really enjoy the passive feeling that playing one often brings? Do you want to have your pets kick butt for you, while still being a competent fighter yourself?

If so, this ridiculous hodge podge of a build might interest you!

+ Active play style
+ Easy life/mana leech (physical attack damage)
+ No need to self cast any spells, just attack! (except Vaal Skeles)

- Uses a lot of very specific uniques
- Isn't ever going to be the absolute highest tier damage
- Might need to swap some gems around in higher tier maps - WIP

The basic premise -

This build's primary single target damage comes from Herald of Purity minions that are cheap (or even free!) and strong as heck due to the new Circle of Guilt ring

You get some extra supplementary damage from Asenath's Chant autosummoning your skeletons (you do have to self cast Vaal Skeletons - they make bosses die pretty much instantly)

Ignore the enchant! I'm fishing for +1 Sentinel of Purity minion

You get solid damage scaling from your bow, Crimson Storm, and if you grab a 'trigger socketed spell on skill use' variant, you can include autocasting Desecrate and Flesh offering! We're attacking with Rain of Arrows to trigger impales for our minions to do extra damage (via Master of Metal). Accuracy can be ignored, because Champion taunt also!

The new Maloney's Mechanism quiver gives you incredibly easy access to a little extra damage and free curse on hit, and more impale stacks!

To round it out, you use the Yriel's Fostering chest (Rhoa) to give you another strong minion 6L (shares sockets with your HoP) that also has an intimidate aura!

In short, enemies will be permanently maimed, bleeding, impaled, intimidated, taunted (enemies can't evade for your allies / party members if you play with a group) and cursed with vulnerability!

I'll add more info (and some video links potentially) later, just thought I'd get this started!
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