[3.6] Crit Low-life Divine Ire Inquisitor (Uber Elder Down)

So this is the first build guide I've ever created so please let me know of any improvements that you notice can be made!


The build revolves around getting as many auras as possible to buff the damage of our Divine Ire in multiple ways. We therefore run low-life so we can use both our mana and life so give us as many auras as possible. This comes with the downside that the build is not budget friendly and certain uniques are required.

The build has solid clear speed and great boss damage being able to clear all content except Hall of Grandmasters. I've killed both Shaper and Uber Elder with relative ease.

Map Modifiers

The build can run a range of modifiers without much trouble. Due to our Watcher's Eye that converts Physical to Lightning while affected by Wrath, we do not need to be concerned about physical reflect.

The modifiers to be careful of are Elemental Reflect and No/Less Regen. Elemental reflect is not possible to run as you will just one shot yourself. Reduced regen is tough, most of our survivability comes from our Energy Shield regen, so without it we become quite squishy. However, this does not mean that reduced regen maps cannot be run, just that they will be tougher.

Current Gear

Gear Explanation


For our helmet, I used single chaotic resonators with a dense fossil to craft a high ES helmet. Any additional res's are just a bonus.
If you are looking to enchant your helmet too, 40% Divine Ire Damage is solid and the "Divine Ire Damages 2 additional nearby Enemies when gaining stages" can also be used. Beam width is okay but by far the worst enchant.

I purchased my gloves near the start of the league and looked for the Fingerless Silk Glove base as it has good ES and gives the implicit spell damage which is not rolled over by enchants any more. Look for 150+ ES and extra res's are always nice.

For boots I opted for Sin Trek. This may not have been the best option due to the dexterity requirement of the boots but they also gave me some extra dex too for helping with leveling any green gems. Look for a well rolled pair of Sin Trek with as much ES and Dexterity that you can afford.
An alternative is high ES Sorcerer boots with 30% movement speed, high ES and any resistances.

Body Armour

Shavronne's Wrappings is essential for the build and cannot be replaced. If you can't afford to 6-link, a 5-link works well and you can use the extra socket for a Clarity aura for mana sustain.

Jewelry and Belt

The Presence of Chayula amulet is once again essential for the build. Stun prevention is needed due to our low-life and the extra chaos res and life converted to ES is nice

I used good rare rings with at least 45 max ES. The other stats for the rings depend on you're other gear. If you have opted for Sin Trek, high dexterity on at least one ring will be necessary. Some strength here is also good. Get as many resistances as possible as our other gear lacks resisitances.

For the belt, Bated Breath is a solid option. The amount of pure ES and ES recharge rate is great for our build and intelligence and increased damage are always good.

Weapon and Shield

Cerberus Limb was used as the sceptre as I already had it and it worked quite well (Luckily for me). The elemental damage implicit, spell damaage and cast speed are all nice and the unique explicits provide some small defences. For the highest DPS you would be best crafting a rare sceptre but I wouldn't say it is very efficient unless you have bottomless pockets of exalts.

Prism Guardian is the third mandatory unique. It is needed so that we can reserve Hatred, Wrath and Zealotry with our HP for a huge DPS boost. The +Socketed Aura Gems, Dexterity and 36% all elemental resistances are also all amazing, meaning this is the best shield by far.


Taste of Hate and Atziri's Promise are great DPS flasks that give extra damage. Atziri's Promise is dirt cheap and should be picked up immediately and with the introduction of the Taste of Hate divination card, the price for it has dropped making it a worthwhile purchase.

I also used three magic flasks: Diamond for Crit, Silver for Onslaught and Quicksilver for speediness. If possible, try and roll the flasks as close to what I have as possible using alterations and bestiary crafitng. The flask rolls are very important and you can also quality them before rolling for a decent amount of flask duration.


A Watcher's Eye is amazing as for most builds. The good part about using so many auras is that we have a good range of choice for our Watcher's Eye.
Wrath conversion on the Watcher's Eye is very good and allows us to replace our Physical to Lightning support with another gem for more DPS.
The second (and third, if you have moolah) mods are dependent on what you can get and what you are willing to pay for.
Any of the discipline mods (Except spell block) are great but can be pricey.
Wrath lighting damage, phys as extra lightning and penetration mods are all great.
And any Hatred mods are good too.
With the recent addition of the Zealotry Aura we also got some new Watcher's Eye options. "Consecrated Ground you create while affected by Zealotry causes enemies to take (8-10)% increased Damage" is a great mod and "Gain Arcane Surge for 4 seconds when you create Consecrated Ground while affected by Zealotry" can allow us to take away our arcane surge gem and replace it with clarity.
I opted for Zealotry gives cast speed as it was relatively cheap and I bagged a Wrath Conversion/Zealotry cast speed for 1.8ex.

The rare jewels should have flat ES, some sort of critical strike multiplier and another mod. Other good mods include: Dexterity, lightning damage to spells and cast speed.



If you are running a 5 link, remove Conc. Effect/Controlled destruction and run Clarity in the lone socket.
A level 21 Divine Ire provides some nice extra DPS. Get as high level and quality as possible on each gem.


Herlads provide nice clear speed and discipline gives solid energy shield. Enlighten is necessary for the reduced mana reservation.

This is our power charge generator. It isn't often needed when clearing packs but is placed on tougher enemies for a good damage boost.

Flame dash with faster casting for movement speed and blood rage to provide a source of frenzy charges and give bonus cast speed. Arcane surge can be proc'd from either of these and provides a boost to damage and cast speed.

These are socketed in prism guardian to put us on low life. (Not necessary to link)

With Zealot's Oath, the life regeneration from stone golem applies to our energy shield which is nice as linked with CwDT removes the need for casting it. Cast when damage taken and immortal call help mitigate physical damage.

Passive Tree

Path of Exile Tree





The ascendancy order I followed was this:
Sanctuary, Pious Path, Righteous Providence and finally Inevitable Judgement.

With the new consecrated ground nodes, I wanted to try these first so I opted for them. Early on, the 200 ES regen is really nice from Pious Path too.


It is easy to forget pantheon powers and and disregard them in builds however, the pantheon powers I use provide a solid regeneration buff that can help in tough situations.

For Minor, I used Soul of Tukohama as we will be standing a lot whilst channeling.

For Major, I use Soul of Arakaali with the Queen of the Great tangle upgrade using a Divine Vessel. The upgrade to this pantheon makes it so that when we have blood rage active and our immortal call proc's, preventing damage from our Blood rage, the regen buff activates and we get 50% increased ES recovery.

The regen is really nice and can sometimes save you, it doesn't take too long to setup either so I would strongly recommend it!


Bandits is a simple choice. Our damage strongly revolves around crits so Alira is necessary.

Thanks for reading the guide! As mentioned this is my first (Of many?) guides, so any improvements that you can think of, let me know!

If videos showing off different content (Guardians, Shaper, Uber Elder and etc.) are requested, then I can work on producing some of those too!

Good luck and PM me in-game or on the forums if you have any questions!
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Hey, thanks for the guide ^^

Can you update the Gem part with all the links? Ty
BilalDelValle wrote:
Hey, thanks for the guide ^^

Can you update the Gem part with all the links? Ty

Hi, all links should be available under the "Gems" section. The "6-link/5-link" section is for your main Divine Ire setup and the section "4-links/3-links" has all the other utility gem setups in it.
Why are you running controlled destruction and increased crit?
bluemanvan wrote:
Why are you running controlled destruction and increased crit?

Controlled Destruction is one of the biggest DPS boosts we can have, However, it lowers the crit chance by a fair bit. Hence we use Critical Strikes to bring it back up.

If you feel like you are critically striking enough, you can exchange the Critical Strikes for an Elemental Focus instead. However, with the skill being a single large burst and not multiple attacks, a large critical strike chance is needed to ensure the beam crits.
Am I stupid or do you have a lot of useless attack damage leech on this spellcaster build?
KakLadder wrote:
Am I stupid or do you have a lot of useless attack damage leech on this spellcaster build?

I'm not quite sure where you are seeing this attack damage leech? If you could please point out specific places in the build (Tree, Gear, Gems?) where you think there is useless leech then I could try and see what is going on

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