[3.6] Four Heralds Winter Orb (all content)

Hello guys.
I was bored of playing oter people's build so I created my own version of winter orb that maximises pros of elementalist ascendancy. I pretty much minmaxed it, but it was also very fun and easy to play without expensive gear. Killed shaper and red elder with tabula and other items worth around 1ex all in the first week of the league, and further with more expensive gear uber atziri and uber elder.


-Around 6k HP
-Very fast clear
-Can clear all content
-Pretty good single target dps
-Works well with cheap gear
-A lot of ways for improvement
-Great for delving


-Pretty expensive to minmax
-Can get laggy
-Can get oneshotted by certain enemies
-Not really a lab farmer

Video showcase of T16 Pheonix run

My current gear

Gear breakdown


Body armour

Wait what, no Inpulsa? Yes, no Inpulsa. We don't need it. Our clear speed is already huge and Inpulsa gives us almost nothing except clear speed. And The Eternity Shroud gives us huge dps boost due to us using A LOT of shaper base items.
I would highly reccomend investing in this.

Ofcourse you can use Inpulsa, but then your dps will be much lower. And what is the point in buying more expensive item that is worse in this case?

And ofcourse Tabula Rasa will be our best friend untill we get more currency


Standard statsticks. They are nerfed, but still great.

For budget version i would reccomend an incursion rare wand/mace with spall damage and additional damage to spells with Esh's Mirror on offhand

Rare shaper base helmet with HP and resistances.
Enchant for winter orb is very welcome, but also expensive.


Mark of the shaper will be our best friend. It gives us a huge damage boost combined with an elder base ring. Volatile anomaly helps, but it is not the main reason.

Second ring MUST be elder unset ring, prefferably the one with Warlord's Mark on hit if you can afford this. If not just take a dps ring with HP and some resistances if needed.


Solstice vigil give us dps, HP, free temp chains and what is the most important - Shaper's Presence. It allows us to stay on flask buffs longer and lets our Winter Orb stages stay active longer.

If you can't afford this look for a dps amulet with HP and some resistance if needed.


We are getting to the point where we need to get our resistances from. We will use shaper base boots with movement speed, resistances and HP. The easiest way to acquire those is fossil crafting. 3 sockets resonator with Prismatic fossil, Pristine fossil and Shuddering fossil used on item level 85 shaper base will give you great boots.


Here you have 2 options.
-You can take item level 85 shaper gloves and fossil craft resistances and HP on them(or just buy them)
-You can use gloves from the incursion with Increased damage with hits against chilled enemies mod (but they are pretty expensive if you want high res and hp)


Fossil crafted stygian vise. You will look for resistances, HP, increased elemental damage and increased cold damage. Such a belt is expensive, so fossil crafting is better option. You just use 3 sockets resonator with Prismatic fossil, Pristine fossil and Frigid fossil. You can also use 4 sockets resonator and add aetheric fossil. Increased damage craft is also very appreciated.


-HP flask with instant recovery
-Quicksilver flask
-Atziri's Promise
-Dying Sun
-Your own choice

Make sure to have a flask with Removes Bleeding mod and Removes burning mod (shaper's presence lenghtens the duration of debuffs on you also)


Abyss jewels with added damage to spells and flat HP

Anatomical knowledge (placement showed in tree) - nice HP buff

The blue dream/nightmare (placement showed in tree) - it is our power charge generator. Upgraded to the blue nightmare gives us a chance to black spell damage which is really helpful.

Corrupted blood can't be inflicted on you corruption is very appreciated

Gems and links

Winter Orb - our main dps

Frost Bomb - debuffs enemies and lowers their cold resistance. Use it on bosses.

Flame Dash - our movement skill and Arcane Surge generator.

Vaal Rightous Fire - boosts our DPS, use only vaal skill.

Summon Lightning Golem - just a golem with cast speed, it is good to have one

Phase Run - movement speed boost

Temporal chains - free aura from solstice vigil, why not use it?

Herald of Ice - added cold damage and shattering on kill

Herald of Purity - added phys damage and sentinels that tank some damage for you

Herald of Thunder - added lightning damage

Herald of Ash - added fire damage and overkill burn damage

6l - Winter Orb, Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction, Infused Channelling, Added Cold Damage, Greater Multiple Projectiles

3l - Frost Bomb, Bone Chill, Unbound Ailments

3l - Immortal Call lvl5, Cast when Damaga Taken lvl 3, Herald of Thunder

4l - Vaal Rightous Fire, Summon Lightning Golem, Increased Duration, Phase Run

1l (ring) - Herald of Purity

4l - Herald of Ice, Ice Bite, Temporal Chains(if you don't have ring with Warlord's mark on hit, than put Warlord's Mark level 1 here), Blasphemy(if you don't have ring with Warlord's mark on hit, than put Curse on Hit here)

3l + 1l Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Arcane Surge lvl 8, NOT LINKED Herad of Ash


Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin


It is your own choice, but I like those:

Soul of Lunaris


Kill all of them

PoB link

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how can you have 2 Curses? you have no vaal and no jewel for it

and the mana reserve how you handle this 4 herald + blasphemy ?
Last edited by Blueshock1995 on Apr 6, 2019, 7:23:22 AM
One curse works as an aura, so it doesn't count. And this aura doesn't reserve mana cuz of solstice vigil mod. I can use 4 heralds thanks to elementalist ascendancy.
Love the build so far, one issue I have run into though and I'm wondering how/if you have fix for it.

When Delving I'm getting hit with a lot of Frozen and Chill damage, on my previous character I handled this with Dream Fragments and even though there is a Elder version of the ring, it doesn't have a socket. Nor does it have Warlord's Mark. Which sucks!

What do you do to keep from getting chilled and frozen in Delve?
Thanks for taking the time to put together a guide!

I've been wondering about Herald of Ash myself, but what's the point of it when we don't deal physical or fire damage?
Is there a benefit to having Herald of Ash without physical damage or having cold to fire gem?

In the case of Herald of Purity again with no physical damage would it be better to use Herald of Agony instead?

How do you manage mana with so many 4 heralds?
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Curses applied via Blasphemy still apply towards the curse limit, so whenever monsters are cursed by temporal chains, killing them won't give you life/mana from leech from Warlord's Mark since that's also a curse. Leeching works if enemies killed are far away and since they are not affected by temp chains due to being out of Blasphemy's radius.

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