[3.6] Ignite Fireball Trickster (featuring Lvl. 30 Fireball) - ALL CONTENT

As many are in the Bane/Soulrend/Chaos DoT meta, I'm trying to make Ignite great. So Vaal Fireball has always been a terrific clear skill but the 3.6 buffs have given it a very respectable single target damage so that you can now easily do end game content with it. The problem with Shadow/Trickster builds are that it does lack defenses but I feel I've worked hard on this build so that with some luxury items (roughly 15ex cost total) we have this side covered.


-Tier 1 mapping speed (you'll get to Maps very quickly with a Tabula)
-Tier 2 or 3 single target which is okay for Uber Elder (~700k DoT DPS in my luxury setup, need about 400-500k+ dps for Uber Elder).
-Cinderswallow flask makes the game look very nice visually
-Easy levelling
-About 8k EHP in my higher gear setup through 5.5k+ life, 2k+ MoM Mana, Phase Acro

-T16+ content requires some investment
-It's a DoT build, so you'll require patience for single target.
-Almost no recovery options when a boss whacks a good chunk of your MoM/Life (basically only flasks as last resort)

FWIW this Bow is very key if you want to effortlessly go through the end game content.

It is NOT hard to craft and if you are smart with sniping equipment on trade then you can get it for less than what it should be worth. Even then, the +1 implicate is over-kill, the minimum you'd want is a +1 (or +2 fire gems) and the ability to multimod and add +2 level support gems. The key to crafting this is using "Prefixes cannot be modified" and having two prefixes (+1/+2s) on the rare and then using a scour.

Otherwise in the below POB section, I have budget options that I used to take to clear all T16 guardians and Shaper (this was my league starter).

If this build gains popularity I'll add more to this section but for now you can look at my character which is public or the Path of Building as follows:


High end gear: https://pastebin.com/VPb5ngB0
Budget gear: https://pastebin.com/7t9WU7QF

We use elemental equilibrium so make sure your lighting/cold based skill doesn't have fire damage attached to it.
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Your uber elder link is kinda broken its missing a ? inbetween the watch and v
In case you still read the thread (just found it via google):

Any hints on how to level this as a league starter?
hey bro ascendancy and bandit rewards? and maybe build? xdplzzzzzzz

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