[3.6] Vel's 3 Button CI Ball Lightning - Uber Elder


I've loved Path of Exile for years and played tons of characters, Ball lightning is one of my absolute favourites. It creates a projectile that pulses quickly, hitting everything in its reach. Since it auto pierces and has big AOE, one cast clears multiple packs as we run along with it. This combined with the fact that we automate almost everything makes for an easy and fun playstyle.

+ Easily kills all endgame bosses
+ Super relaxed 3 button playstyle
+ ES on hit + BL is fantastic
+ Using a staff means cheaper jewels
+ Tons of flexibility with uniques

- We must get STR and DEX on gear
- Mana hungry while gearing out
- CI is more expensive
- Ele reflect/Thorns hurts
- Need mana flask for no regen

Uber Elder down on Synthesis, video coming soon.

Please feel free to ask questions here or on my Stream.

1.0 Build

Occultist gives us everything we need. We get power charge generation, stun immunity, AOE, spell damage, regen and uninterrupted ES recharge if began recently.

Profane bloom is perfect since we path near the double curse cluster anyway. You can run Malediction instead of Forbidden Power, just need to get some way of generating power charges on single target bosses.

Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion > Forbidden Power > Profane Bloom

Alira is the best option.

If you can make up for the loss of 45 resist, taking the 2 points is possible but will make gearing harder / more expensive.

Lunaris and Gruthkul together give us 13% reduced physical damage taken, a bunch of other defensive bonuses, and movespeed.

I swap to Solaris for big bosses.

2.0 Gear

Pledge of Hands

Spell echo is one of the best ways to scale BL damage. This is because balls created in the same cast cannot shotgun, while echoed casts can. We also love the mana and tons of spell damage is great. The best part is they sell for nothing, you can buy a 155 spell power for 3c on synthesis right now.

Remember you will need 113 STR to equip this.

Aul's Uprising

Free Wrath, ES and crit.

Watchers Eye

Ball lightning is very strong with ES gain on hit so get that ASAP. Anything else is bonus, although a clarity mod is quite helpful.


Global crit multi
Crit multi with lightning skills
Adds # to # lightning damage to spells
Cast speed while wielding a staff
Spell damage while wielding a staff

Flat ES
Increased ES


Helm - Additional Projectile. We dont really need more damage, and this gives us a big clearspeed boost with no downside.

Boots - 10% penetration if you havnt killed recently. Very strong for high hp one target fights.

Gloves - Commandment of the Tempest / Commandment of Thunder

You will need 113 STR to equip pledge of hands, and OPTIONALLY 111 DEX to use Slower Projectiles. You can take the +30 node for each, or totally ignore DEX.

3.0 Links
Ball Lightning
Arcane Surge
Lightning Pen
Added Lightning
Increased Critical Strikes
Controlled Destruction
/Slower Projectiles

I wear a second staff to quickly swap to slower projectiles for bosses. This is optional, and not really needed until late game.

CWDT - lvl 1
Ball Lightning - lvl 4
Curse on Hit
Herald of Thunder

CWDT - lvl 20
Lightning Golem
Vaal Discipline

Flame Dash
Faster Casting

CWDT - lvl 7
Immortal Call - lvl 9
Wave of Conviction - lvl 11
Increased Duration

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Leveling this right now, excited to play BL again lets see how it goes.
i have a question on the equipment, the best equipment for the build is the one on the POB, or the one in the post?, because i just bought a super perfect Circle of regret and i'm scared i might regret my decision (get it?, yeah terrible joke), still kinda worried because if it's not used anymore i just wasted 3 ex for not asking in advance hahaha :(

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