[3.6] Ethereal knives Inquisitor (crazy clear, actually good boss dps)

Hi, just wanted to share the build concept since suprisingly there is no build guide for this character and this is quite powerful option to try out. I will try to cover most important topics related to it, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Path Of Bulding

- very fast with offscreen clear
- solid sustain with regen/leech
- almost 2mil shaper dps per knife
- takes great advantage of inevitable judgement and damage conversion

- despite decent life pool weak damage avoidance when it comes to dmg spikes
- requires active playstyle (not fall asleep kind of build)

My gear overview

General gear overview

Lightpoacher is a great option, since the spirit burst synergises with our tree and items. Other than that, rare helmet with life/resists will work fine too. EK projectile speed or dmg enchant is useful, but not compulsory

Weapons: Basically one-handed shaped weapons with as many gain extras as you can get, spell dmg, spell crit, cast speed and crit multi are also good mods. If you really want to, you can also use some shield for extra life, but honestly the dmg boost weapons can provide is really significant

Body armour : There is a large flexibility here. As long as it is a 6-link, you can think of many body armours that would work. Personally, I went for shaped chest with spell crit (other potentially great mods are level 1 arcane surge or +1 active skill gems)

Gloves: For the most part, hrimburn is the best option. If you will have a look at my gloves they clearly beat them by far, but they may be difficult to craft if you don't have much currency

Boots : Rare boots with life/movement speed/resistances. A good enchant is a big bonus.

Belt : Stygian vise with life/ele/phys dmg/resists

Rings : One of them with warlords mark, any other stats like life/dmg/resists
The other you can mainly use to fill resists, get more life and some dmg if you can too

Amulet: Shaped amulet with gain extra, life, crit multi

Flasks: Up to personal preference, obviously instant life flask, diamond flask and atziri flask are useful. Otherwise any utility flask you may find solid or you can also use taste of hate for some extra damage

Sanctuary->Pious Path->Righteous Providence->Inevitable Judgement


Ethereal Knives+ controlled destruction+ physical to lightning + arcane surge+spell echo+chain/slower projectiles
Hatred+Zealotry/Herald of Ash+Enlighten
Vaal rf
Flame dash+faster casting

Admittedly, EK is not the best levelling skill, so you can always level with something like storm brand/firestorm/freezing pulse, however I levelled as EK and it was not a bad experience at all. Just make sure to get some levelling uniques like lifesprigs, wanderlust, tabula, lochtonial, goldrim. Darkness enthroned is a great belt since you can equip some low lvl abyss jewels and power your way through early acts. In terms of tree at the beginning head towards spiritual aid grabbing all good templar nodes in the meantime, afterwards move to the right side of the tree and shadow areas. Generally speaking, avoid taking crit nodes until you get to maps.

General tips
Movement skill is up to your preference, I chose flame dash since it is good for moving through decay. Vaal rf is always great for some dmg burst. If you are looking for a good watcher use hatred crit ( the reason why I use hatred+zealotry+clarity is because I have great watcher for that, but otherwise you can drop zealotry and use herald of ash. We have some good mana regen, but spamming EK may leave you out of mana so clarity recover mana when you use a skill is great QoL as well. For high end bosses, swap chain with slower projectiles
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have video? make all content ?
I do not record any content, but as far as endgame is concerned, I did shaper deathless with this character, as well as farmed guardians. I didnt have opportunity to farm uber elder, but it's doable, just keep in mind there are better(tankier) characters than this one for doing it, but they will not have nearly as good clear on maps. The only endgame boss I would really not recommend is uber atziri, but this is because we can easily die to her reflect :)
Got up to lvl 75 , pretty strong build overall , just how much life do you have ? Sometimes i'm getting oneshoted :)
which pantheons do you use ?
Tamesstylest wrote:
Got up to lvl 75 , pretty strong build overall , just how much life do you have ? Sometimes i'm getting oneshoted :)

Indeed in early maps until you get good gear and life nodes you may be squishy. For me, I managed to get 6,2k life and 1k es. You should be good with over 5k assuming you will not try to facetank some t16 bosses ;)
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Arrensen wrote:
which pantheons do you use ?

As for major, I use brine for some help with stuns. In terms of minor there is a bunch of flexibility, you can for example use tukohama or shakari, and also maybe ryslatha if you need flask charges for lab.

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