[3.6] Jugg-o-mancer - summoner juggernaut - over 60 minions [league starter] [Clear endgame easy]

Hello, This is my first semi-build guide

WARNING: This build is in no way fully done - expect changes!
Love playing off-meta builds and this is my first self-made one that works out some what decently!
I have cleared T12-14 with this
please don't be discouraged from this being a meme build

Now for some
Pros and cons

Good life - rn im at 4.7k life (can be upgraded)

Very budget

Can face-tank most things in endgame
without endurance charges i am at 68% damage reduction
With 5 charges (current max) I'm at 90% damage reduction reduction

611 strength which means 3 tanky zombie boys
Fairly good dmg from at least 24 minions

Buget build - as of now I've spent less then 1 ex on this build making it very affordable as a league starter or just a build to mess around with.


Playstyle isn't for everyone

less than average clear speed - a bit slow but also upgradeable with enough currency

The character we will be talking about is my synthesis league char:

Youtube video where I try explaining a bit

I do lag a bit tho so if you can live with that, as well as the fact im a nervous wreck:
Working on a new video as the lag in the current version is insane - bear with me


Gearing with this build:

In this build we make use of:

The baron https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Baron - this is used as it gives 50% of our strenght to our zombies as well as giving them more resistance. It also boosts our zombies life as well as giving +2 to any minion gem socketed within. If you are able to get your strength to a 1000 it'll also give you 2% of the zombies dmg in life leeched making this a best in slot item

This is abit tricky being that you could either craft one with extra minion dmg or use Mon'tregul's Grasp https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Mon%27tregul%27s_Grasp.

With Mon's Grasp your zombies will become actual tanks, never dying + more in resistance for your zombies but this comes at a price, allowing you to summon a reduced number of zombies - this being a 50% reduction - Yikes

If you choose to craft a weapon you would be able to have 7 zombies out if you choose to follow my skill tree, however the zombies you summon won't be as tanky.

So choose wisely

These two Uniques are needed - the others aren't and are just in here because they grant you more strength with in turn gives you more zombies from wearing the baron - but anything can be worn in other slots as long as they have a high strength roll.

Meginord's Vise (for added armour and strength)

Alberon's Warpath ( % increase for strength - movement speed and +1 skeleton for our vaal skeletons - as well as armour)

Right now I am using a Doryani's Invitation for a boost in strenght + 30++% to all resistances

Our rings are used to max out our res as the items we wear in other slots don't do much for our res

Same as the ring - If you can craft on to them - craft dex as the pathing of the skill tree wont be kind to us as far as dex goes!

Body armour + Off-hand:

Super tanky - just go this whatever has the most armour - I've managed to find somewhat decent items with around 1.5k armour (shield and body armor) for no more than 20c per piece - this however isn't a big deal as you can work your way up from whatever you find while lvling or in end-game maps


We have at least 3-4 jewel sockets at lvl 88 in these you socket:

2 x violent dead as this reduces the amount of time between your zombies slams as well as buffing all of your minions damage output by 15%~

2 x any rare jewel that grants increased damage, life, strength or any bonus attributes for you and or minions

Juggernaut - this provides us with a huge bonus to our defense and is just over all pretty cool

I chose asend in this order:
Unbreakable - 2% life regen - reduced damage taken - 2x body armour + a bit extra life regen per hit
Unflinching - more endurance charges given - 30% chance to get one if hit which we will be getting a lot
Unrelenting - bonus sustain + physical damage reduction

Uber is a bit free for the choosing, either going
Undeniable - accuracy making sure we hit and 30% damage if we crit
Unyielding - damage per endurance charge + AOE per endurance charge

Skill tree:


Gems + leveling

leveling was super easy just using Raise Dead as well as Vaal Summon skeletons
You should always keep Raise Zombies in your helm; the baron as it has +2 levels to socketed minion skills.

As soon as you hit level 28 you should be able to equip Dominating Blow which will summon sentinals for a few seconds after you kill enemies. This is our own main source of damage throughout the game + end-game - I have placed this skill in my body armour as the rest of my other minion setups e.i skeletons, spectre, holy relic and stone golem are all with in my 4 linked items, more on that below

Gem links

Helmet: b-r-r-r
Raise Zombie
Melee Physical Damage
Multi Strike

Body Armour: b-b-r-r-r-r/b (can be run on a 4l)
Dominating Blow
Multi Strike
Minion Damage
Melee Splash
5l:Melee physical damage
6L: either Item Rarity or Fortify

Gloves: b-b-g-r
Flesh offering
Faster attacks
Leap slam/Shield charge

Main hand weapon: b-b-b/b-b-r
Vaal summon Skeletons
Summon Phantasm on kill
Item Rarity / Fortify or multistrike

Shield: b-r-r
Herald of Purity

Boots: b-b-b-r
Minion Life support
Summon holy relic
Summon Spectre
Summon Stone Golem

Like I said this is my first build guide so i might have left something out idk. But do let me know if there are any questions and I'll try to answer them!
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Could you add a video of it? sounds interesting
Currently working on a build showcase video! Keep an eye out for updates

Edit: Video and gif are now up!
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Thanks for sharing, looks fun, probably my 3.7 starter :D
I can vouch for the jugg baron zombie build. It's super fun. I focused on life regen and 6 linked the zombies in the chest, then used soulwrest. The soulwrest life regen and phantasm clearspeed makes a nice combo.

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